How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning work? Uses of Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic technology is actually mechanical vibrations use to determine the structural integrity of materials. It is one of the advance technology in the cleaning industry. In practical we regularly apply this technology to clean many household items. Furthermore, ultrasonic waves are applicable in detection of discontinuities, determination of elastic constants, thickness measurements, study of metallurgy, bond evaluation, cracking detection etc. Lets see some basic thins about ultrasonic cleaners before know how does ultrasonic cleaning work actually.

Why is Ultrasonic Cleaning So Efficient and Effective?

You will always get an effective result within quickest time using ultrasonic power. What happens when you apply this power over a dirty object? We know there are millions of bubbles produce when action is on and constantly creates a tiny pressure wave near the dirty objects. The cavitation, spot and other stains from the particular dirty object should be remove by those powerful vacuum action.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

In the terms of ultrasonic cleaning, you can remove the dirt particle completely from a variety of object. Objects are immersed in a tank with liquid and washed by high frequency sound waves. Sound waves create a powerful scrubbing brush action. This fluid cleans all surfaces of the cleaning object included germs, spot, grains etc.

What is actually ultrasonic energy? Ultrasonic energy generates from the rapid formation and collapse of the small bubbles in the liquid is widely called cavitation. A huge burst of energy creates millions of bubbles and the bubbles increase in size until they burst against the surface of the cleaning object. This procedure causes the rapid formation and collapse of small bubbles in the liquid known as cavitation. A huge rupture of energy creates bubbles that rapidly increase in size until they burst against the surface of your cleaning object.

Ultrasonic cleaning applications

It is very effective cleaning method and use to clean different kinds of object using high frequency pressure waves. Nowadays ultrasonic cleaning technology applying on metals, plastics, glass, rubber, ceramics etc. The ultrasonic device are also use for specific cleaning purpose of a factory, hospital and many other businesses. For example, surgical instruments, optical parts, machined parts, small gears, bearings, carburetors etc.
But most commonly we use apply ultrasonic technology in our daily life to clean our jewelry, eye glass, watches, denture items, carburetors, vinyl recorder machine etc.

Let’s see some basic appliance on these items:

Benefits of ultrasonic cleaning

1. Reliable: In the terms of quality cleaning, ultrasonic devices are the reliable name. It doesn’t have many rotating parts to wear out like other systems. This helps to run an ultrasonic device reliably for a long time. That’s why applying filed of this technology is spreading fast.

2. Remove Mold and Bacteria: Ultrasonic cleaners are efficient to remove almost all kinds of fungus and bacteria from an endless variety of devices. For this reason, ultrasonic cleaners are using in food preparation, processing and also in the medical community. You can clean oil, wax, shavings, grease, soot, carbon, clay, dust, oxidation, parting compound etc. from the surface of a part.

3. Easy to maintenance: It is comfortable to control an ultrasonic device. A large number of cleaning procedure is easy to maintain by only one operator. It is one of the biggest reason for its popularity.

4. Save Time: The ultrasonic device works very fast. An ultrasonic device generates up to 40000 sound waves per second, these waves turn into action in the quickest time. It is almost faster-cleaning technology than other types of cleaners.

5. Low power consumption: Ultrasonic devices consume low electricity during its cleaning time. It requires only a small motor to filter the solutions so it can complete its workout consuming low power.

6. Environmentally Friendly: The ultrasonic cleaning procedure is fully environment-friendly. It cleans using sound waves and doesn't need external cleaning solution. Though you may need to use cleaning solution for better performance or detergent to making your cleaning process more powerful. Moreover, there are lots of natural cleaning solution are available which work excellent with an ultrasonic device. So this is 100% environment-friendly scrubbing procedure.

7. Wide Range of size: Ultrasonic cleaning devices come in many sizes. Some devices are made for home use or some for industrial. So it is easy for consumers to have a device according to his demand and budgets.

8. High performance: The overall performance of ultrasonic device is really incomparable. Sometimes you can clean many items using one device. Maximum devices are portable so you can carry it from one place to another.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Uses

What can we clan with ultrasonic technology in our daily life? Lots of things, no? Yes. Actually, it is easy to clean many things in our daily life. We are describing some important applying filed of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in below:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner:
Jewelry is one of the most important parts of our fashion life. It is sensitive too. So whenever we need to clean it, we have to consider many things. Even we take professional jewelry cleaning service especially for our precious metal as diamond, gold etc. jewelry. But with an ultrasonic device, it is very easy to clean at your home. The ultrasonic device on the jewelry cleaning field has lots of popularity and it is widely using for many years.

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Ultrasonic Record Cleaner:
The vinyl recorder has a traditional appeal even in this modern age. Though face the problem when need to clean our vinyl recorder. But ultrasonic technology gives us an easy solution. There are lots of ultrasonic cleaning device in the market and by using one of these, we can easily clean our recorder. It is very powerful and effective.

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Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaner:
The carburetor is another important device and we can clean it using the ultrasonic device. You will be satisfied to hear, there is a specific ultrasonic carburetor cleaner on the market. You can clean it at your home as professional cleaners do.

Eyeglass Cleaner:
You don't need to get anxious when a spot occurs on your eyeglass. If you have an ultrasonic cleaner, it is very easy to clean any kinds of a spot from eyeglasses.

Denture Items:
Another very sensitive items where we use ultrasonic cleaner is denture items. Yes, the ultrasonic device makes it simple. You don't need to follow traditional cleaning system to clean any denture items. Moreover, it is more safe and effective in the term of removing germs. For these reasons, using the ultrasonic device in the dental clinic is increasing day by day.

Gun and Gun Accessories:
Are you a professional hunter? Do you need to clean your gun and accessories regularly? It is the hassle to follow traditional cleaning procedure. Have you used the ultrasonic device ever? Take my word, if you use ultrasonic gun cleaner, you will be amazed be see its performance. You don't need to take professional gun cleaning service anymore if you have a personal ultrasonic machine are your home.

You can easily clean your CD/ DVD using an ultrasonic device. If you have any other device as ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or record cleaner, you may use that device to clean CD/ DVD.

Different kinds of machine parts:
Ultrasonic device is not only using as the home using mini devices. Using this latest technology, different kinds of machine parts are cleaning on the industrial sector. As it is cheap and consume low electricity, it is getting popular day by day.

These are not the final list at all, the ultrasonic device is using on many more items. Here we only listed little filed among all. You can clean many household items as watches, coins, keys, silverware, metal badges, watchbands, shaver heads, razor blades, combs, valves, toothbrushes, nozzles etc. and many more household items.

Limitations/ Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is using in different kinds of industry. One of the major using purposes of it is for removing flux residue from soldered circuit boards. But it has some risk. Sometimes using ultrasonic technology can be the reason of damaging of it. Moreover, gyroscopes, microphones, accelerators etc. can be destroyed due to high-intensity vibrations. So it is the matter of awareness to use ultrasonic technology in sensitive devices.

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