How Long Does It Take to Resize A Ring?

Ring resizing is a process of altering it to fit on the fingers appropriately. A wedding ring needs to resize commonly.

You may need to resize a ring for a different purpose. It commonly happens when your fiance wants to surprise you. He may not pick the right size ring, so resizing it will be the solution. Another reason can be gaining or losing weight. Or if anyone wants, by resizing the ring, S/He can wear it on another finger.

Whatever the reason, the main topic is, How long does it take to resize a ring? How much should it cost? Or What is the process to do it?

Let's have details on these topics.

What Is the Process of Ring Resizing?

There are a few methods to resize your ring. You may want to make your ring smaller, may wish to increase the radius of the ring. Depending on your demands, jewelers will decide how to proceed.

Method 1: Stretching the Ring

A jeweler follows one of two ways to make your ring larger. He can add extra metal to the band or stretch the shank of the ring.

If the jeweler decides to cut add extra metal to enlarge the band, first, he needs to cut the shank of the ring to make space for adding extra metal like gold. Then to add extra metal, the jeweler will use the solder to create a metal bridge to hold the ring together.

Method 2: Shrinking the Ring

There's only one universal way to shrink your ring smaller. A jeweler usually cuts off the shank of the ring. Then, solder to fuse the ring back together. Although it sounds easy, your ring has a colored stone or made of platinum; it'll take a lot of emphasis and time to put the ring back together.

How Long Does It Take to Get A Ring Resized?

The short answer is your Ring Can be Fixed Within 3 Days; it'll take a week maximum if your ring needs a considerable amount of delicate work. Actually, how long will it take depends on a few things.

We've to consider the following things:

a. The metal in which your ring is made of,

b. What is your demand, downsize, or upsize?

c. How much you want to increase or decrease the size of the ring?

d. Does the ring have delicate stone settings?

Maybe you have a gold ring without stone; a jeweler can quickly fix it within a few hours. If the metal is silver instead of gold, he might need a little bit of time, as silver is a considerably harder metal than gold.

If your ring has a colored stone, the jeweler will have to extra careful, avoiding heat exposure on the stone. That will cost more time. At the same time, resizing the platinum ring with colored stone is more complicated. As platinum requires more heat exposure to melt, but more heat exposure will damage the glowing stone.

So, soldering with a laser can be a solution instead of soldering with flame.

Some people may discourage you from resizing stainless steel rings because you'll need a lot of heat exposure to melt stainless steel. But with the right tools like high powered laser welders, jewelers can resize your stainless-steel ring too.

The Cost of Ring Resizing

Your jeweler won't charge you the same for every ring resizing. Your ring resizing cost can vary depending on a few factors.

a. Size Difference:

Upsizing a ring cost comparatively more than downsizing a ring. Because in downsizing, you don't need to add anything. But you have to add metal to upsize a ring. And depending on that type of metal, the cost will vary.

Also, the scale of how many sizes you want to change will determine the value.

b. Types of Metals:

If your ring is made of platinum or stainless steel, your jeweler will probably charge you more. Because these metals are hard to resize, as these metals require more labor, time, and types of equipment to resize, the overall cost can be higher than other metals.

c. Design & Stone Setting:

If you ring an intricate or complex design, the jeweler may need to spend more time to resize your carefully. Sometimes stones are set in such a way that they may get loosened during resizing.

In that case, it will take more time, which increases the cost to resize your ring.

Alternatives to Resizing Your Ring

The ring can change its size with the change of seasons. One season you find a fitting ring in your finger; the next season, it can slip away. In that case, you can skip ring resizing. A Plastic Ring Resizer can be a temporary solution in that case.

Also, you may own a delicate ring that you don't want to risk resizing. Then, use a ring guard to reduce the size of your delicate ring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ring Resizing

1. Where to Get Your Ring Resized?

Answer: If you are already a customer of a jeweler, you should take your ring to him. But if you don't know, ask friends or family to refer anyone.

Searching online is an easy solution. But check service provider reviews, existing customer ratings.

2. What if You Don't Have Time to Resize?

Answer: Before going to an important event, you may find out your ring isn't fitting in your finger. Your jeweler can't resize your ring in a few minutes. But he can do some readjustment so it can fit into your finger.

Jewelers might use a ring guard what is actually a temporary solution. It will reduce the size of your ring. If you have enough time, you should resize your ring specially the precious one.

3. How Much Can A Jeweler Change on Ring Size?

Answer: Usually, your jeweler can resize your ring up to two sizes. You shouldn't try to change the size of the ring further than that because your ring may not be able to handle that stress.

Final Word

People wear rings for many reasons. You could wear it just as a fashionwear. You may always need to wear one if you're married. Whatever rings are delicate possessions, treat your rings with care. Clean it properly, keep rings in the safe place.

You can apply Best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution to clean precious rings, it is safe and effective.

We hope this discussion will help you to figure out how you should proceed to resize your ring. Also, this article should make it clear when you should take your ring to a trusted jeweler and how long should you wait to get it back.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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