9 Best Jewelers Loupe Reviews

Loupe is not just transparent magnifying glass. A good quality Loupe for jewelry can have up to three lenses. Whatever, we described all information about Loupe briefly in this article. Also, we reviewed Best Selling and Trending 5 Best Jewelers Loupe in bellow.

Note: You may know there are different types of Loupe made for different kinds of work. A single loupe can use for multiple works too. But as a jewelry blog, we will mostly cover the topic of jeweler’s Loupe. But these Loupes are also usable to inspect different items. We recite this information step by step.

We hope the guideline will help you to clear any question about jewelers Loupe. You also can comment on your question below. We will answer shortly.

Top 3 Jewelers Loupe Comparison Chart

Best Overall
BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier 21mm...
BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Attached Deluxe...
Best High-End
Nikon 10x Jewelry Triplet Loupe Jeweler Pocket Round...
BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier 21mm...
BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Attached Deluxe...
Nikon 10x Jewelry Triplet Loupe Jeweler Pocket Round...
Customer Rating
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Overall
BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier 21mm...
BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier 21mm...
Customer Rating
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
More Information
BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Attached Deluxe...
BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Attached Deluxe...
Customer Rating
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
More Information
Best High-End
Nikon 10x Jewelry Triplet Loupe Jeweler Pocket Round...
Nikon 10x Jewelry Triplet Loupe Jeweler Pocket Round...
Customer Rating
Prime Benefits
More Information

Last update on 2023-09-10

What is a Jewelers Loupe?

A Jewelers Loupe is a specialized magnification tool. Usually, it is one kind of hand lenses, and we use it to inspect different types of jewelry stones. We can see its extensive use during the diamond certification process.

The Loupe can be handheld items or folding magnification device. It can come with one or three lenses. The focused aim is to having Loupe is to view the targeted tiny object multiple times. With the several lenses, you can see the small objective up to 10X magnification.

Current Best Seller Item

Bestseller No. 1
JARLINK 2 Pack Jewelers Loupe, 30X 60X 90X Illuminated...
2,409 Reviews
JARLINK 2 Pack Jewelers Loupe, 30X 60X 90X Illuminated...
  • What You Get: The package contains 2 different styles of jewelry magnifiers, one with 3...
  • 30X 60X 90X Jewelry Magnifier: With a built-in LED light and UV black light lens, the...
  • 30X 60X Jewelry Loupe: It has 2 lens loupes: primary lens: 30x22mm, supplementary lens:...

Last update on 2023-09-18

9 Best Jewelers Loupe Reviews

Let’s see the top five jewelers loupe reviews in 2022. We conduct in-depth research and make this list.

Do you check our recommended top three products? Here we are also describing them from our point of view. Check the buying guide too. It will help you to make the best decision. 

1. BelOMO Loupe Review - 10x Triplet

The BelOMO, 10x Triplet Loupe attracts our complete attention with its sound magnification quality and performance. It is reliable too. That's why it gets the first position in our recommended product list. You will see more authoritative loupe in the market. They are also on our list. But it is low priced comparing them but enriched in the feature.

BelOMO Jewelers Loupe 10x Triplet Magnifier 21mm...

Generally, it uses to inspect jewelry, coins, rocks, etc. But is it only famous in the jewelry industry? Not at all. It is using in macro photography, entomologists, philatelists, rock hounds, geologist work.

The BelOMO 10x Triplet is a folding system kit. It has 21mm magnifier optical glass which one comes with an anti-reflection coating system. It ensures a brighter and clears view. The powerful Triplet Loupe can cover .67", which is an undoubtedly a large area.


1. It is true triplet loupe,

2. You can use it for multiple works,

3. It is reliable.


1. We didn't find any difficulty with this product. We will update our review if we see some issue.

2. Nikon 10x Jewelry Triplet Loupe

Nikon is a famous brand. We know Nikon as most popular camera brand. But they are also optical product manufacturer. Their 10X magnifier tool is a great tool. It is small and easy to carry on hand. It is specially made for jewelers. This tool is easy to use and very lightweight. It is only 0.032 ounce in weight.

The Nikon 10X loupe protects the optic inside the case. Overall it is a great product. If you have to work with valuable stone, then it will be an excellent tool for you.


1. It is very lightweight,

2. Durable and long-lasting,

3. If you do sensitive work with jewelry stone, the Nikon 10X will be a great option.


1. Price is a little bit high,

2. It is constructed with a plastic body.

3. BelOMO Jeweler's Magnifier with Attached Deluxe BelOMO Logo

BelOMO is a famous brand. They have multiple quality products. It is the 2nd product from them, and it takes 3rd place in our best product list. It is also a low priced product. But we didn't see any compromise with the feature. Like the previous product, this one is fully coated with anti-reflective optics too. Moreover, it has three lenses bonded into one called triplet loupe.

It has a double layer (emboss with BelOMO logo) nylon lanyard. That's why there is very little chance to get a fake item of this model. The magnification quality is 10Xand it is enough for professional jewelers. Its durable frame and lens barrel easily prevent its interference from reflected light. Moreover, swing out loupe design look after the lens and keep it safe when you use or carry it.


1. It is fully coated with anti-reflective optics,

2. The fines interference can keep it safe from reflected light,

3. Swing out design protects its lens.


1. One people reported about the flashlight quality; maybe it can be an issue.

4. Jewelry Loupe 10x, 200MM Lens – Professional Grade

The 10x achromatic Aplanatic is the newest model of the Schneider Loup, which is manufactured by Germany. It features a 10x 20mm diameter achromatic aplanatic triplet. And the triplet comes from the highest quality materials.

So, undoubtedly, you will get a clear vision through the loupe.

If you're in the jewelry profession, then this is the loupe that you will desire for! That's because the loupe's 20mm lenses will provide you a deep focus on the jewelry objects.

However, the jeweler's loupe also features the carry case and neck strap. So, you will get the maximum-security option for Schneider's loupe.


1. Gives crisp, clear, and sharp views

2. Made of the fine quality optical glass

3. Features an entirely new lenses system

4. A fragile and lightweight glass

5. Quite simple design


1. No imperfection yet

5. Zeiss Optics D40 10x Aplanatic Achromatic Professional Jewelers Loupe

Zeiss Optics is a familiar name in outdoor equipment producing industry. Besides, they are also in the magnifier industry. Optics D40 10X is an excellent jewelry loupe and it is popular to jewelers. Although it is a little bit expensive, no chance to get an unclear image of desire objects. In this perception, Z00006 Zeisis D40 is our best choice as a high-end device. If you have a budget, it will be one of the best options.

It will great for diamond cutting and gemologist dealing for its real 10X magnifying power, triplet lens, and exceptional ability to inspect gemstones. The Zeisis D40 loupes dimension is 12.2 x 5.6 x 4.9 inches, and its weight is only 1 pound.


1. Perfectly provide a clear image,

2. All type of latest features,

3. Powerful but small device.


1. It is costly comparably other jewelers loupe.

6. JARLINK 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe

Do you need a loupe only for work with jewelry? Then we have a recommendation for you. It is JARLINK Illuminated eye loupe, an exceptionally low-priced one.

JARLINK Eye Loupe designed for precious stones, any other types of jewelry, coins, watches, antiques, etc. You can use it for photo industry too. It comes with two lenses. One lens is 30X22mm it called primary lens. The supplementary lens is 60X12mm. You can use any lens by switching sides.

Although it is cheap, you will not feel problem to observe an object. It shines perfect and gives the right amount and angle of light. Aluminum and plastic housing structure make it durable too. Altogether, it is a very great product at a low budget.


1. Very Low-Priced,

2. It has all types of features to work in a Jewelry shop,

3. Two different types of lens.


1. It seems to me the light on it is almost too bright. That's why you may confuse sometime what you are observing.

7. Triplet Jeweler's Loupe with Dual White & UV Light

If you want to improve your detailed viewing of the documents, gems, cards, etc., consider the SE triplet led loupe. It is a compact, lightweight loupe which is featured with the Dual white and UV light.

With ultraviolet light, the loupe can detect the fluorescence of the gemstone, diamonds, minerals, etc. This product even can examine heat-treated stones. You can easily separate the diamonds and non-diamonds with the bright and ultraviolet light of the loop.

Frankly, most of the loupe hides the original color of the products. But the SE triplet loupe shows you the true color of the product with its color corrected lens.

However, the loupe is very lightweight and features a leather pouch and a small loop. The leather pouch protects the lens of the loupe from external factors. At the same time, you can attach the small loop with the neck or keychain.


1. Features the modern style

2. Well-built and compact eye loupe

3. Two variable color option to choose from (white and black)

4. Ensure shadow-free lighting


1. Needs to improve for higher magnificent

2. The batteries are not long-lasting.

8. Magnifying Glass for Diamonds with 10x 20x 30x Lenses & a 40x Jewelers Loupe

Are you a professional gold dealer who is looking for a magnifying loupe? If so, the jewelry magnifying glass can be one of the better options for you.

At a reasonable price, the magnifying loupe features a bright and quality lens. The bright lens gives a clear distortion for examining any small object through the magnifying loupe.

However, the loupe comprises the 10x 20x 30x 40x magnifying glass. Possibly, that's why it is the perfect choice for the lab and office.

This magnifying loupe is a scratch-resistant product with a lightweight feature. The lightweight nature makes the product perfectly fit to carry on your backpack, purse, and pocket.

Furthermore, there is another 40x quality loupe that comes with the product. The 40x quality magnifying glass is suitable for coin testing, jewelry testing, eye testing, and so on.


1. Great set for the price

2. Scratch-resistant product

3. LED lighting enhances viewing

4. Suitable for hobbyist and professionals

5. Small and lightweight


1. The UV lights need to upgrade

9. Another Great Package for Jewelers- a 3x Magnifying Glass, light Plus 45x Magnifying Glass Loupe, & a Pocket Magnifier Coin

The three-loupe bundle comes with three separate magnifying glasses and quality batteries. All of the magnifying loupes are a good choice for professional works as well as hobbies.

The first magnifying loupe features a premium quality lens, which is resistant to scratches. Also, it is a handheld magnifying loupe with bright light. So, overall, it is a suitable loupe for the professionals and hobbyists, notably the coin holders.

The second magnifying loupe comprises a 10x 20x 30x lens with light. These features undoubtedly make the loupe the right choice for lab works, coins, currency, gems, jewelry, etc.

Now come to the magnifying loupe three. The loupe is featured with a 40x quality magnifying lens with light. A magnifying lens is a good option for the watchmaker, coin magnifier, jewelry maker, etc.


1. Clear glass provides good magnifying

2. The good quality lens works magnificently

3. Variety of size

4. A magnifying glass with batteries


1. Batteries should be upgraded

2. Lenses might be a bit smaller than expectations.

Jewelers Loupe Reviews

Why Is a Loupe Important for Jewelers?

Jewelers know how much a loupe important for them. It is very crucial at the time determining the carat measurement of valuable stones.

Is it the only goal? Not at all.

It has a very important role in determining the stone color, clarity, and for cutting work.

If a jeweler has not a Loupe, he has to do this type of work with the open eyes. Generally, we see, the trained jewelers do it. But will you accept these types of activity for heavy metal?

Of course not.

Who has not used a Loupe, do these types of work with open eyes. In these occasions, the jeweler's loupe is the only way to go.

How Many Types of Jewelry Loupe?

Loupe is used in a lot of industries. We see a different type of loupe used in printer manufacturing items, watchmaking industry, surgeons, modeling, art historians, jewelry making, etc.

That’s why it is always popular and essential items. But considering the working purpose, there are different types of loupe available.

Whenever you want to use loupe in jewelry items, you will see multiple options too. As an example, we can include the name of the monocular and handheld objects. But the most famous is the magnification loupe.

Depending on magnification power, the most standard items are 10X and 30X magnification loupe.

Take a Note

You should select the most suitable items according to your working purpose. We recommend you to check our product review part in details.

In our suggested item, we include different items considering different demand. Whatever your application, we hope you will find the most popular product for you in a short time.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best Jewelry Loupe?

It is time to select the best jewelers loupe. Although we have listed the best selling products, you need to know what is the point you should check before purchase one for you. Don’t need to be panic; we are describing the details one by one.

1. The Loupe Size and Magnification Capacity

At first, you have to check the lens size and its magnification capacity. The higher magnification means the smaller size of the lens. Lower magnification is perfect for viewing a large area.

That’s why jewelers need more upper magnification glass because gemstones are small in size. The ideal size of a loupe is 10X to 20X.

2. Price and Quality Is Always Important

We know the price depends on quality. You already know how much you have to pay for a quality loupe. Now if you want to get a checklist to measure the quality, you should consider some feature. At 1st point, we already describe the essential feature. You must have to consider the lens size and magnification quality. Other features are describing in bellow.

3. Focal Length/ Distance of Jewelers Eyepiece

Focal distance is the distance between the lens and the viewing object. If you purchase a lens with higher magnification, the focal lens will be shorter. So focal distance should be less as much as possible as loupe needs to quite close to the item during examine time.

4. Field of View of Diamond Magnifier

Field of view depends on the lens diameter. It is a scope of how much you can view through the loupe lens. Field of view also depends on the diameter of the lens of the loupes. If you want a low field of view, you need high magnification power. Simply it means the higher the magnification power, the smaller the field of view.

5. Depth of Field of Quality Jewelers Loupe Is High

The depths of field declare how far it moves away from the jewelry (Object) and keep maintaining focus. If you select a loupe with lower magnification power, then the depth of field will be shorter.

6. Consider Ratings and Customer Feedback

Whenever you select a brand new product, there is no option to view this. In this case, check every detail, compare product price, view brand reputation, etc. But if you select an existing product, you should check what the other customer feedback about the product.

See their ratings. It will help you to take an unbiased decision to have an excellent loupe for jewelry, coins, and other small items.

Different Type Uses of Jeweler's Magnifying Loupes

A loupe is a short form of a magnifying glass. So naturally, it has many uses. They are used in different types of industries as in Jewelers and gemologists, watchmaking industry, geology, printing, electronics, tattooing, sharpening, etc. But logically here we are describing the uses of jewelry loupe.

Jewelers use a loupe to examining the valuable stone most. For example, it is easy to examine diamonds with a Loupe. With a 30X or 10X loupe can faultlessly help jewelers to determine the stone size.

It is very requisite items to understand jewelry hallmarks. You know well how important is hallmarks in a piece of valuable jewelry. Jewelry loupe is so much popular to detect spots, discoloration, and tiny crack on stones.


1. What is the Best Jewelers Loupe to Buy?

A: It is not wise to say it very accurately. Everyone has different using perspective and necessity. Your choice will depend on your requirement. Over and above, we listed our 10 favorite products considering lots of various issues.

2. What Is The Ideal Loupe For Coins?

In general, a feature Jewelers Loupe is perfect for inspecting coins and other things. So you can have anyone from our suggested list. But if you mostly want to have one is specially featured for the coin, we have a suggestion.

It is none other than Coin Collectors, a feature 30x Professional Magnifying Eye Loupe.

Coin Collectors Professional Magnifying Eye Loupe 30x...

3. What Does A Jeweler Use To Look At Diamonds?

A: A professional jewelers always use a handheld loupe to investigate/ inspect a precious metal. Diamond is one of the most valuable stones in the worlds. In this point, he may have lots of option from a ton of quality loupe.

If you like to view how do inspect jewelry, check the following video:

4. What is the Best 10x loupe?

A: Do you really want to have a 10X loupe? Please check our first suggested loupe. It is the possible best 10x loupe among all. Not only that, but BelOMO is also one of the best loupes. You can perform any relevant work with it.

5. How Much Does A Jeweler’s Loupe Cost?

A: Jewelry loupe is not high priced. You can get a loupe between $30 and $100. But you may have spent more than $50 to get a quality product.

Wrapping It Up

If you are professional in your work, the 10X loupe will be the sensible option. Here we have given the reviews of the five best jewelers loupe. We are confident that you will find your desired product on the list. So select whatever you like. But you have to use it properly.

Moreover, you can extend its life duration by taking proper care. If you need to know anything related to this topic, inform us of the exact question. We will reply to you soon.

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Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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