7 Best Selling Jewelry Boxes for Women in 2022

A beautiful jewelry box is an organizer & secure storage case for women. It is the ultimate jewelry storage solution where you can keep all precious gems.

We know how important and meaningful it can be a diamond ring or necklace in a women's life. So we have conducted in-depth research to make the list of Best Jewelry Box, which will protect the glamorous of your valuable jewels.

Choices vary from person to person. So we go over various sizes, materials, and designs. Still, if it makes you confused, check the editor's recommended top jewelry boxes at a glance.

Best Overall
Glenor Co Earring Organizer - Classic 50 Section...
Best Value
Kendal Huge Jewelry Box Jewelry Case with 6 Tier 5...
Best Budget
Stock Your Home Mens Valet Tray, Men's Jewelry Box,...
Product Name
Glenor Co Earring Organizer - Classic 50 Section...
Kendal Huge Jewelry Box Jewelry Case with 6 Tier 5...
Stock Your Home Mens Valet Tray, Men's Jewelry Box,...
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Overall
Glenor Co Earring Organizer - Classic 50 Section...
Product Name
Glenor Co Earring Organizer - Classic 50 Section...
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
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Best Value
Kendal Huge Jewelry Box Jewelry Case with 6 Tier 5...
Product Name
Kendal Huge Jewelry Box Jewelry Case with 6 Tier 5...
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Check Price
Best Budget
Stock Your Home Mens Valet Tray, Men's Jewelry Box,...
Product Name
Stock Your Home Mens Valet Tray, Men's Jewelry Box,...
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Amazon Prime
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10 Best Jewelry Boxes Reviews

From then to now, people are making or launching many types of jewelry boxes in the market.  Let's see detailed reviews of a few amazing jewelry boxes.

Jewelry Box

1. Overall Best Jewelry Box for Earrings - Glenor Co Classic 50 Slot

Gelnor Co box is eye captivating and well organized to hold any types of small jewelry. It has 50 slots to hold earrings. The slots/ compartment has different sizes.

Overall dimensions are 8 ½ Inches x 8 ½ Inches x 3½ Inches, perfect for keeping two to three pairs of smaller earrings.

Moreover, this classic box has come with an earrings organizer with a large mirror. So, if anyone wants to use it only for earrings, it will efficiently serve this purpose. The ultimate jewelry box one can ever wish to be tangled free with one's pair of earrings.

You can open and close this box quickly with its magnetic snaps. As the box has so many separate small partitions, no earring can entangle with each other.

Glenor Co Earring Organizer - Classic 50 Section...

It is a leathery, smooth box. The innermost part of it is velvety. The large mirror that is attached to it gives it an elegant look.

Wooden Jewelry Box
no. 1 Recommended Jewelry Box for Women
Overall Best Jewelry Box

It offers an elegant gift box and a blank card. This exclusive offer makes it an unusual and presentable gift. You can give this jewelry organizer to your mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, or any other friend/ special women in your life.


1. It comes with 50 compartments,

2. The design of it is very eye captivating and unique,

3. Leathery and velvety portion of it protects against scratch.


1. The compartments are too small for the medium-sized ornaments.

2. Rowling Leather- Another Top-rated Jewelry Box

This beautiful jewelry box from Rowling is made of pure leather. It is more of a travel case than a jewelry box as it is huge in size. It has a standard size compartment and comes in 5 removable drawers.

Moreover, it is designed with five hooks on both sides. These hooks are quietly appropriate for the long shaped jewelry like necklaces, bracelet, long rings, and more long type jewelry.

Kendal Huge Jewelry Box Jewelry Case with 6 Tier 5...

The Rowling box has a jewelry key locker. It gives its owner full security. It has five slides of the drawer where the first drawer is dividing into two separate drawers.

The later has four equal size compartments, and the last one has only one compartment. It also comes with a large mirror and a twin fold-out side partition. You will get 2 swings out cabinets, 8 necklace hooks, 2 storage ledges with it. Altogether, a good deal for the jewelry lover.


1. It is lockable with key,

2. This box comes with various types of drawers,

3. It is a perfect material for a trip,

4. This is a perfect combo for all types of jewelry.


1. We did not find any cons.

3. Kendal Extra-large Jewelry Box

Our third suggested product is from Kendal. This Kendal Huge leather jewelry boxes such an adorable and the cutest box. It comes with five compartments. It is a large box to get a lot of space to keep a lot of jewelry in one place. The drawers are removable. So you can separate those 5 drawers easily at any time.

The top lid of it comes with a large attractive mirror with a necklace compartment.

Black Leather Jewelry Box Travel Case and Lock

It has additional two swings cabinets with many necklace hooks. The first section of the box has three different ring sections and a large necklace space.

The first three compartments have some sorts where rings can keep easily.

The second drawer has twelve equal-sized compartments, where drawer three has four, and the four have one compartment. You will get 2 removable earrings holders with it. You can keep up to 30 earrings on it.


1. It is design con-temporarily,

2. It is very delicately make,

3. Its handles are very easy to open,

4. The box is very attractive in looking.


1. Sometimes the divider comes out.

4. Stock Jewelry Box with Compartments, Specially for Men

The Sock Your Home Jewelry Box made especially for men. This box has an extensive jewelry holder and display case. It is the best organizer for man’s jewelry like watches, sunglasses, earphone, key ring, and many more.

Both men and women can use it. But it is a perfect gift idea for stylish men — the most prominent part of its elegant outlook.

Stock Your Home Mens Valet Tray, Men's Jewelry Box,...

This box looks like a briefcase that comes with a drawer, which has six different slots. It has approximately ten different slots where anything like cell phone, cufflinks, keys, and watches can keep without any hazards.

It is more a protector than a box. The all-important need of a man can be kept within it. This classic jewelry box has a charismatic black velvety look. Therefore, an excellent time-saver box saves a man from getting lost in search of a thing.


1. It is a great time saver piece,

2. The box has a versatile organizer,

3. The elegant look of it can drive one crazy,

4. It is the level of stylish looking that can increase a man’s fashion to some degree.


1. It has no lock system.

5. KLOUD City Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

This KLOUD city box is a two-layer organize lint jewelry box. However, it has been organized as a secure box system. You know well that some jewelry is minimal and delicate that they need extra care. In that case, this small jewelry box can keep all jewelry in good order by its different slots.

KLOUD City Two-Layer Jewelry Box Organizer Display...

As it is a two-layered box, many things can be organized perfectly in it. The upper part of its have many small partitions, and the lower part has some big slots. It has almost twenty-seven compartments for the necklace, bracelet, rings, and earrings.

This original box has eight necklace hooks. It is a very usable product for the one who wants to keep all sorts of jewelry in one place.


1. It has several different slots,

2. This real product can store all piece of jewelry without creating damage,

3. The organizer comes with two different layers, which are removable,

 4. The box has a very eye-catching and elegant design that can be a good choice for a gift,

 5. It is an excellent product for traveling.


1. The fabric of the box may need a little bit of attention.

6. SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Drawers for Women

This SONGMICS box is a mini travel case for the jewelry lover. This box has a lock system that protects one’s jewelry from stealing. It will be a just of one calls it a black beauty of the realm of jewelry. Its attractive design and excellent workmanship make it a highly qualified jewelry box.

It is an all in one product where all sorts of jewelry can keep perfectly. It has a top compartment attached to the lead and two different removable layers. Moreover, this box has also two side doors.

SONGMICS Jewelry Storage Box 3 Layers, Jewelry...

It has two drawers, two side doors for necklaces and much more storage for small jewelry piece such as finger ring, earrings, etc. It is such a great product that can save time with a great extent.

Therefore, as on its facility, we can say that this box is a great companion for one’s upcoming trip. One can store all makeup accessories in this case in a simple way.


1. Very elegant and stylish in look,

2. A box that can store any type of jewelry is a great way,

3. It has a security lock system.


1. Fairly enough, the cons are not that strong to mention.

7. Vlando Wooden Jewelry Box Organizer

Vlando is a prestigious brand, and this wooden jewelry box is a remarkable product of them. It is a medium-size box. The box is making with synthetic leather and velvet lining.

The lid of the box contains a large mesmerizing mirror. You can also say this box is a treasure hunter as it has many secret compartments. The upper level has four ring slots and some small compartments.

Vlando Jewelry Box for Women Girls, 2 Layer Travel...

By lifting the upper lid, one can find a secret place where many jewelry compartments can found. This phenomenal product is a great thing to keep in one’s collection.

It has 4 ring holder slots. Furthermore, it has 4 small compartments and 1 large closing box compartment. You can store all type of jewelry in the wooden jewelry organizer. If you love wooden box, then it is one of the best jewelry boxes for sure.


1. It designed with mesmerizing beauty,

2. The design of it is very authentic,

3. Many different types of slot are attach to it,

4. Any type of jewelry can fit into it.


1. The lock system of it is not up to the quality.

8. Homde 2 In 1 Large Leather Jewelry Box

This box is a large-size and premium jewelry box. Therefore, it is attached to a small jewelry case suite for a small trip. It has so many compartments where the bottom of it doesn’t take much space but provide more space for keeping jewelry.

As it has various compartments, the user can arrange one’s jewelry by following the need of the owner. It has five drawers where drawer 1 included many ring roll and small slots for arranging earrings. It has two side compartments contains almost 22 hooks.

Homde 2 in 1 Huge Jewelry Box/Organizer/Case Faux...

The slot of drawer 2 comes with a big space where the user can keep necklaces, watches, and many more. In drawer three, one can store bracelet, chain, etc. drawer four can use for storing sunglasses, watches.

Moreover, the last drawer usually uses for keeping a mini travel box or the box of the accessories. Altogether, you should have checked this top-rated jewelry box before purchase anyone.


1. It is attach to a small case for traveling,

2. Large capacity,

3. The interior of is user-friendly,

4. Its two side compartments are a great advantage for storing long jewelry,

5. Very durable.


1. We did not find any con for this item.

9. Enchanmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box with Necklace Hooks

Enchanmints Ballerina is a quality musical jewelry box. It looks like a fairy tale world. This long and tall box is an appropriate treasure box for earring, bracelet, sachet, etc. It has four different drawers. The pictorial design of it is so dreamy that one may dive into the realm of a dream world by looking into it.

Enchantmints Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box for Girls...

It has a music box that plays a swan lake. In it there depicted many ballerina figurine stories. It has a mirror on the top. Besides, it is attached to a gold clasp on the lid. The whole look of it is an excellent source of pleasure for the young.


1. The songs that play in it are very musical and ear soothing,

2. The look of it is beyond any description,

3. It is a great product for keeping things.


1. We did not find any con for this item.

10. Vlando Modern Jewelry Box – A Vintage for Women

Vlando Jewelry Box Organizer for Girls Women, Large...

Vlando is such a perfect box to keep jewelry safe. It has many hooks that make it easy for the user to hang different jewelry. You don’t need to worry about tangling jewelry if you have this box at home.

It has a removal drawer system with several ring slots. Although it is a medium-sized box, you will able to keep even large jewelry in this box. It contains a big mirror, thirteen earring hangers, eight earring holders, three drawers, and three compartments.

You will be able to keep any jewelry easily into it with a great relax.


1. A perfect piece for all type of jewelry,

2. Jewelry can tangle free in it,

3. Very durable in design,

4. Besides jewelry, makeup-all can be set into it.


1. We did not find any con for this item.

Step By Step Jewelry Box Buying Guide

A buying guide serves as an instructor that makes one well informed about the product he is going to buy. Before buying something, it is very essential to know whether the product quality, type serves the requirements of the buyer.

In this case, the buying guide plays a great role. Therefore, things one should know before buying the best jewelry box is given here.

Jewelry Box Buying Guide

1. Know the Top Jewelry Boxes Brand and Requirements

Before to buy a box, it is highly need that one must get aware about the top brands of the following product. Besides, you should cross check between your requirements and the product offers.

Sometimes, a costly jewelry box only can be a decorative showpiece in a house. Because one doesn’t need a high standard jewelry box to keep minimum type of jewelry’s on it.

2. Is the Box Secure or Not?

People want to keep their valuable ornaments in a safe place and that’s why the jewelry boxes are essential elements. So undoubtedly a quality jewelry box should have secured for valuable metals. If you travel frequently then the security is more important issue for you.

A well secure box must have quality lock system. Whenever you feel safe after keep your precious metal on a box then it is perfect for your personal use.

3. The Interior of Box is Important

Not every box comes in the same design. Some have little large partition; on the other hand, some have a much small partition. Some come with side hooks, and some have only a couple of drawer.

As a jewelry lover, you would like gorgeous design. So check the interior of a jewelry organizer before purchase it.

4. The Exterior of a Jewelry Box

The durability often depends on the exterior of a box. Some jewelry boxes are fragile, and some well build. Therefore, before buying a box, one must need to check the exterior wisely.

Whenever we researched and made the list of best jewelry boxes, we have considered this issue. So that we hope you will found our list helpful.

5. The Storage of a Jewelry Box

Before buying a box, one must know the storage system of a jewelry organizer. You will not buy a box every day. If you cannot keep all your precious ornaments on it then it is value less. At least select a product than can keep your precious metals.

Best Jewelry Box Brands

Many jewelry making company are launching a jewelry box nowadays. Nevertheless, not all match the expectation of a buyer. Among many jewelry brands, only some are reaching to the peak of success by their enchanting beauty and quality.

We have listed few quality jewelry boxes brands in bellow:

  • Kloud City,
  • Songmics,
  • Kendal,
  • Seya Modern,
  • Valdler,
  • McKenna,
  • Enchinments ballerina etc.


1. Why Use a Jewelry Box?

Ans: A jewelry box usually used to organize jewelry perfectly. As precious jewelry metals are tiny item, they need proper care. If one piece of the earring is lost, the whole pair is useless.

In a jewelry box, you can keep all type of jewelry. It also prevents them from tangling. Altogether, it is essential to keep ornaments safe.

2. What is the Best Jewelry Organizer?

Ans: The best jewelry organizer is such a type of jewelry box where there are slots according to the requirements. There are hooks attached to the box to keep long-chain/ necklace. Besides, it should be a separate ring holder, earring slot, necklace hook, etc.

These partitions will help you to organize jewelry smartly. It should have robust security lock system too. All features together can make a box the best jewelry organizer.

3. How Should a Jewelry Box Be?

Ans: A box should be charming in look as it is use for the precious metal. It should be secure to make its owner tension-free. A quality organizer should have many slots, hook system, and mirror.

Actually it varies user to user. Moreover, it depends a lot on the requirement of its owner. Nevertheless, one can keep in mind the mentioned things for general purpose.

4. How Do You Store Stud Earring?

Ans: There are many methods to store stud jewelry. You can get the mini plastic drawer to store stud jewelries.

Besides, plastic ice-cubes are also can be used to store jewelry. There is also a plastic pill organizer found in the market. One can pin all the piece of jewelries in it so that they are not lost.

Best-Seller Item

SaleBestseller No. 1
SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Lid, 3-Layer Jewelry...
  • [Storage, 3 Layers] Keep all your jewelry organized in this jewelry box—small pieces of...
  • [Clear Glass Lid] The see-through glass lid of this jewelry organizer allows you to see...
  • [Chic & Durable] Elegant white and gold colors, shiny metal handles, soft velvet lining,...

Last update on 2023-09-13

Final Word

Therefore, we can pack up the thought by saying that as jewelry is a very precious thing, they also demand precious care. To keep all the jewelry secure, we can find many different boxes in the market. The whole article is about the 10 best jewelry boxes.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in buying a jewelry box, you may apply the knowledge before buying it. Furthermore, if you have to know anything, feel free to comment below.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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