10 Best Jewelry Safe in 2022

Every piece of jewelry tells in-depth about your personality. Therefore, it is more than essential to keep these in a secure place. Whenever you have the Best Jewelry Safe, your favorite pieces of jewelry are secure at your home.

No other place is safer than a quality jewelry safe box for home. So you might be wondering how and why!

Well, the most common threats to jewelry are thief, fire, and flood, etc. As a jewelry owner, you are indeed looking for a lockable box to protect your most valuable belongings. Jewelry safe is what you need most in this case.

Overall Best
Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe with...
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Paragon Lock & Safe - 7725 Superior Wall Safe 7725 Flat...
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Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe with...
Paragon Lock & Safe - 7725 Superior Wall Safe 7725 Flat...
Paragon Lock & Safe
Material Type
Product Dimensions
14.2 x 13 x 13 inches
4 x 16 x 22 inches
Item Weight
32.9 pounds
37.0 pounds
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Amazon Prime
27,431 Reviews
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Overall Best
Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe with...
Product Name
Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe with...
Material Type
Product Dimensions
14.2 x 13 x 13 inches
Item Weight
32.9 pounds
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
27,431 Reviews
Check Latest Price
Also Good
Paragon Lock & Safe - 7725 Superior Wall Safe 7725 Flat...
Product Name
Paragon Lock & Safe - 7725 Superior Wall Safe 7725 Flat...
Paragon Lock & Safe
Material Type
Product Dimensions
4 x 16 x 22 inches
Item Weight
37.0 pounds
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
5,827 Reviews
Check Latest Price

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What Is Jewelry Safe?

Jewelry Safe is basically a hollow cuboid or cylinder with a door in one opened face. Through a slit opening, you can drop your jewelry inside without opening it. Some kit includes a time-delay combination to frustrate thieves.

Also, it is heavy for thieves to run off with your valuable items.

Apart from jewelry, you may want to keep cash, relevant documents, and so on.

Jewelry safe box is itself too complicated, so choosing the Best Jewelry Safe can be a tough job. Luckily, you don’t have to panic a lot as we’ll guide you with our top picks. So, make sure to check our guide, affordable jewelry safe reviews & finally the list of our top picks.

You may use a Secure Jewelry Box instead of safes. Although these are also an excellent option to keep your valuable ornaments, it doesn't serve the same purpose. Security is the key difference between these items.

List of the 10 Best Selling Jewelry Safe

Today we compiled our top choice among all quality jewelry safes available in the market. Here we gathered safes with different price ranges and features.

Please take your time to read the article before making any further decisions.

Let's Move On:-

1. Overall Best Jewelry Safe Jewelry, Cash & Other Valuables

With a laser-cut casing, the biometric fingerprint safe is reliable to secure all your valuables. Its hinges are tamper-proof so even if it is hit by something with a lot of force, it remains intact. With optical sensor technology, detecting fingerprint is quick, and it opens without any delays.

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You can authorize various fingerprints from different people, and it accepts up to 30 fingerprints. As per space concern, the safety box size 13.8 x 11 x 9.9 inches, so it is sufficient enough to keep your jewelry without lacking the space. Its impressive design makes it stand out.

It is Overall Best Jewelry Safes from Our Preference.


1. Can record up to 32 fingerprints for your family and friends

2. Impressive design that makes it look nice

3. You can keep lots of things including money, gun, and jewelry

4. Very tough so it doesn't acquire dents even when it is hit


1. Very small for large quantities

2. It's white so it might be identified by unwanted people

2. Amazon Fireproof Safe 36SAM

With a size of 1.2 cubic square, it is an ideal safe for the essential documents and another form of valuables. Black in color, which means even noticing it is not easy at many homes. The heavy-duty carbon steel construction makes it one of the most robust safes around.

It doesn't acquire dents and weak points even when a hard object hits it.

Amazon Basics Steel Home Security Electronic Safe with...

Waterproof, damage-proof, and it doesn't catch fire easily, so you enjoy complete document protection.

Mounting holes have been drilled already, so all you need to do is to make sure you fix using the bolts. Bolt fixation takes little time, so it is touch, stable, and secure.


1. It's black, so it's hardly identifiable

2. Scratch and dent-resistant so it remains in good form

3. The carbon steel is robust for security

4. Comes with drilled mounting holes for perfect installation


1. It's small, so you cannot keep a lot of stuff inside

2. The keypad takes time to work

3. Paragon Lock and Safe - Electronic Wall Safe for Jewelry

A very flat design that can fit on the wall and appear like it's the wall itself. With a soft keypad on its surface, getting access to the precious items becomes easy. Pre-drilled holes are available, so all you need to do is drill your walls so that you fix the safe on the wall.

Paragon Lock & Safe - 7725 Superior Wall Safe 7725 Flat...

With its black color, it is not easily indefinable so you can be sure that the safety of your jewelry is guaranteed. Input your password, and the door shall pop open, giving you access to the contents in your safe.

Inside the safe, you have three compartments where you can arrange your items for easy access. It's one of the best small jewelry safes for home you can install in your home.

It is also great fireproof safe too that you can install in your home.


1. Pre-drilled holes for easy installation

2. Excellent design that fits on your walls

3. The black color that cannot easily be identified

4. Compartment inside for perfect keeping of items


1. You may require to break your wall to fix it

2. It is so thin for large or long items

4. Amazon-Basics Security Lock Box- One of the Best Home Safe for Jewelry

Amazon-Basics security safe is one of the top-selling products in the market. Even after the significantly low price, it offers uncompromising quality and best protection. This 0.5 cubic-foot safe features a removable shelf that you can remove to use entire storage easily.

It comes with steel construction to ensure solid reliability and durability. The safe also features carpeted floors that protect your jewelry against scratches and damages. Its concealed hinges make it pry-resistant.

Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe and Lock Box with...

The safe features an electronic look that is easy to operate, and it also provides re-programmable digital access. In case of emergency or power off, you may want to use emergency override keys. So, don't panic, even if you forget the password. It comes with mounting hardware to mount the safe in the wall, floor, or shelf.

Just note that the safe is not waterproof or fireproof. Still, Amazon-Basics is one of the rugged and great ways to protect possession against burglars. The feedback from users states the real worth of this safe.


1. Adjustable inner shelf

2. Protect against scratches

3. Easy to mount

4. Versatile

5. Affordable price


1. Not waterproof and fireproof

5. SentrySafe X105 Fireproof Jewelry Safe for Home

The first fire-resistant security safe is brought to you by SentrySafe. It comes with tons of features that set it apart from others. This steel-made safe comes with a carpeted interior that is perfect for jewelry protection. Its interior shelf is removable for utilizing the entire 0.98 cubic-ft space.

Unlike other safes, it includes power cord access. You can recharge your valuable electronic gadgets from the cords. The best part is that you can insert your digital security combination into it. This feature gives you enhanced protection against burglary.

SentrySafe Security Safe with Digital Keypad Lock,...

SentrySafe X105 Security Safe is also includes concealed hinges that assure the door cannot be pried open. Along with digital lock, it features two live locking bolts. You can tie your safe to any fixed objects using the tethering cable back of the safes.

It has rechargeable batteries. So, don’t worry about the lifespan of the safe. The safe is entirely fire-resistant as well. All in all, you’ll get the complete security infrastructure for your jewelry.


1. Enhanced security

2. Fire-resistant

3. Portable

4. Easy access to the digital lock

5. Compact yet durable


1. The size seems small

6. Affordable Jewelry Safe with Electronic Steel & Keypad

In case you are looking for an easy to access safe, the Stalwart digital safe is what you need. The locking mechanism is perfect for all aged users. You may want to make a customizable pass-code to ensure added security.

The safe is equipped with an LED-lit keypad that is programmable with master and guest codes. The code can be 3 to 8 digit long. Besides, it has a turn knob and two manual override keys.

Digital Safe - Electronic Steel Safe with Keypad and...

So, you don't have to bother about forgetting the pass-code or getting locked. This steel safe is carpeted to keep your assets protected against damages. Its automatic lock ensures the safe is locked all the time.

If anyone tries to open the safe, it will make an alarm for 20 seconds for one attempt. Also, for three attempts, the alarm will sound for 5 minutes. The safe is compact in size and lightweight, as well. You can easily carry the safe during travel. Altogether, a great personal safe for home.


1. Easy access

2. Easy to operate

3. Compact and portable

4. Advanced alarm alert

5. Cost-effective


1. Not meant for high security

7. Viking Safes - VS-20BLX Biometric Safe for Jewelry

While a safe has enough space with advanced security, it becomes one of the best jewelry safes. Luckily, Viking security safe is a similar type of safe. With the robust military look and versatile size, it becomes the perfect choice for home and commercial use.

This highly secure bio-metric safe only unlocks with registered fingerprints or PIN code. It is made of steel with a 2 mm thick body and a 5 mm thick door. The safe body has a seamless laser cut that is entirely pry-resistant.

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric Safe...

Its locking mechanism offers easy access, and it can save up to 32 fingerprints. The safe has non-volatile memory that means it takes fingerprints even without power. The carpeted interior has a built-in LED light to get you to access in the dark.

Moreover, it has one removable shelf inside to organize your jewelry. The door of the safe is too broad. With 20mm long sturdy deadbolts, it offers superior security. Overall, it's a must-have for home, office, and bedroom safe.


1. Versatile size

2. Seamless and robust design

3. High security

4. Easy setup

5. Built-in LED lights


1. No fire and water resistance

8. SereneLife Safe and Lock Box for Jewelry & Other Valuables

Serenelife safe is another sturdy and durable option in the list. Though the safe is small in dimension, it offers the highest-quality security. This compact safe is easy to mount in the wall or floor or behind any safe place.

This reliable safe is made of reinforced steel alloy along with corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish. It makes the safe a perfect place to store your jewelry. The body is 2mm thick, and the 3mm door has dual security locking bolts.

Digital Safe & Lock Box - Safety Box for Cabinets,...

Besides, the safe features a digital touch screen control pad that offers added security. Along with electronic lock, it has a mechanical override. No burglars will be able to access your things.

The electronic pad is battery operated. It comes with a LED indicator for low battery alert. If you forget the passcode or battery in down, you may want to use manual override keys. Indeed, it’s a great safe to protect your assets.


1. Solid steel construction

2. The dual security locking mechanism

3. Easy access

4. Advanced sensor technology

5. Ease of installation

6. Affordable


1. Not fireproof or waterproof

2. Small size

9. Honeywell Safes & Door Locks

Our last jewelry safe in the list is entirely different than others. Honeywell safe comes with a whitish sleek design. It is perfect for color loving peoples. Let’s not just tell about the color; it is also one of the robust safe you may get.

This compact safe comes with mounting hardware to mount it inside of the shelf, cabinet, or desk. It features a 0.17 cubic feet storage capacity, which is good enough for your jewelry.

Honeywell Safes & Door Locks 5005 Steel Security Safe...

The exterior of the safe has a powder coat finish that keeps it scratch-resistant. It also has a carpeted floor interior to protect your belongings from damages. Also, the safe includes two live steel locking bolts to boost security.

You may want to customize your entry code through the programmable digital lock. The safe also includes tempering alerts to protect your jewelry from unwanted users. Lastly, it ensures fire and water resistance even at an affordable price.


1. Good for small items

2. Solid construction

3. Fire-resistant and water-resistant

4. Scratch-resistant

5. Programmable locks


1. Too small but worth it for the price

1. Less stable

10. Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Jewelry Security Safe Box

It will be a low-priced but perfect home safe jewelry. With an electronic tech for easy regulation, this safe guarantees full protection of your valuables. Just know your pattern and type it on the keypad so that you get access to your commodities. Besides the keypad, there is an emergency key that you can use to get access to your items inside.

Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe Box...

If you forgot the pattern somehow, you could use the key to gain access to the valuables inside. Corrosion, stains, and fires are not things you should worry about because the robustness of this box is at another level.


1. Reinforced steel for maximum robustness and security

2. Stain and corrosion-resistant so it lasts longer than you expect

3. Inside space is sufficient

4. You can use the keypad or the lock key to access your things


1. The key can easily be misplaced

2. If you have plenty of things, this safe is small

Jewelry Safes Buying Guide

What to Look for before Buying Best Jewelry Safe?

While shopping for the best jewelry safes, the first thing you do is search on the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with lots of misleading and messy options. That doesn’t satisfy your needs for the right safes.

So, there come many considerations that should be addressed to make sure you get the best. Missing any of them may guide you to make the wrong decision.

Make sure you know and consider all the following factors:

1. Types of Jewelry Safes

To start, you'll need to determine the type of protection you need. The market has different kinds of jewelry safes, including the wall, floor, and besides.

Which one is the best?

Well, it depends on the place you are going to keep it.

Know different types of jewelry safes and decide which one you need:

a. Wall Safes

If you are a lack of space and you have a small floor plan, a wall safe is the best option for you. You can hide it behind doors or decorations and any other place in the wall.

To place it securely, you must mount it correctly between studs in the wall. It doesn't need any space on the floor.

b. Floor Safes

If you are ready to make any modification to your home, floor jewelry safes are best for you. You don’t need to make a hole in the wall. Most floor safes can be secured to the floor for enhanced security.

Floor safes are movable and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You may want to keep it in your closet or basement and spare room.

c. Beside Safes

These are also known as gun safes. Besides, safes are easily accessible right when you need it. Instead of reliability and easy access, these are more secure than others. Most beside safes are built-in screw holes to mount to the bed or others.

Also, these are lightweight so that you can install them with ease.

2. Consider Locking Mechanism Wisely

An essential factor of jewelry safes is its locking mechanism. It ensures how secured it is and how easily you can access your jewelry. These come to a range of locking mechanisms available in today's safes.

Check their functionality and other details.

a. Power Source

Batteries or Wi-Fi or AC adapters are the power source of most safes. For these types of safes, make sure to check for low battery alert or backup keys.

b. Biometric Scanner

For enhanced security, look for safes with a biometric scanner. It scans and reads the owner's fingerprints. The lock opens only when the fingerprint gets matched.

c. Electronic Keypad

These locks are PIN-based authentication. It has an electronic keypad that requires a password. You can easily access these locks.

d. Backup key

A Backup key is a backup option for any locks. In case of dead battery or power-off or you forgot the password, backup keys are helpful.

e. Combination Locks

These locks are battery-free. You need to turn the dial to combine pass code and voila. But, these locks require frequent maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating.

3. Safes Size Is Important Consideration

Many people become confused when it comes to choosing the right size. The size is what affects the type of and amount of content it can hold. It also tells where you can place it.

4. Protection Type

Before making any decision, as yourself, thinks twice what type of protection do you need? Do you need protection from fire or water or tampering?

Fire-resistant safes protect the inner contents from high temperatures. It tells the safes internal maximum temperatures.

Similarly, water-resistant safes protect the inner contents from water. If you live in a flood-affected area, these are your options.

Tamper-proof safes can withstand tampering, impact, and other kinds of forces.

5. Inner Contents

The types and sizes of inner contents also decide what kind of safes you need. If you need it for an adequate amount of jewelry, then a small unit is good enough. For more cash and lots of documents, you'll surely need a giant safe.

We use Jewelry Safe to protect our valuable ornaments. We do a lot more work to keep jewelry sparkling for a long time.

In bellow, we listed a few relevant products that may be important for you:-

1. Jewelry Cleaner:

It is imperative to keep jewelry safe for a long time. You may use an ultrasonic device.

2. Weighing Scale

It is vital for jewelers. A quality Jewelry Weighing Scale will help you to measure the appropriate weight of valuable stone.

3. Polishing Cloth

Jewelry Polishing Clothes are easy to use and simple solution for soft spots. You can easily use it for daily use.

Why I Need a Safe Box for Jewelry?

You should use a jewelry safe to save your valuables from the factors that may cause loss or damage to your things. It is also essential to keep your jewelry away from other's reach.

It can be either at home or the office; anywhere you need protection from natural threats.

Here are a few reasons that you need to use jewelry safe:

1. A Good Quality Safe Can Protect Valuables from Naturals Disasters

If you live in a place where disasters can strike anytime, you must need to protect your valuable things. Natural disasters can be floods, storms, earthquakes, fire, burglary, and hurricanes. All these can cause temporary or permanent damage to your items. To protect your valuable belongings, you should use jewelry safe.

2. Most Secure Storage for Valuable Jewelry

When you are in a threat of robbery or theft, you may want to keep your things locked. That's where you need a safe to keep things away from robbers or theft's reach. Jewelry safe keep protected all your valuable items.

3. You can Keep Important Documents

You may have some documents that you don't want to go to the wrong hand. For instance, anyone can misuse them or stole the information. Also, you can keep documents that you don’t want to lose. Such as birth certificate, contracts, foreign currency, passports, and so on. In such a case, you should use a safe to protect all these things.

4. Protect Estate Documents

Sometimes you may need to handle others or your ownership deeds, wills, and trusts. Jewelry safe is an easily accessible way to keep the document separate. Thus, you may want to protect them from other threats, as well.

5. Peace of Mind

When all your essential things are well-secured, it gives you peace of mind. You know all your items are away from the reach of unauthorized people. It protects you from regular stress and frustrations. Also, your family members get that tranquility of not losing the things.

6. Storing Memories

You may also want to store your old memories like family photos, videos, and other memories. Disasters can damage all these valuable things within seconds. Jewelry safe securely protects all these from getting stolen or lost.

7. It is Cost-Effective from Security Locker Service

If you don’t have your own safe, you may look for alternative ways to preserve things. It can be either bank lockers or in another place, where you may need to pay for storing items. Owning jewelry safe can save you from this expense.

How to Hide a Safe in A Closet?

No one should know that you have a safe in your house, no one, only the ones who are supposed to access it and have a password for it. It means keeping safe is like owning a secret. You can keep it in the most unsuspected place so that people don't see it.

One of those places is the familiar places to hide it in the closet. Keep your clothes, as usual, arrange your shirts and ensure that you don't keep the closet open. Once the closet is organized and neat, you can then mount the safe on the wall of the closet.

If the safe is too small, you can hide it in the drawer. The drawer you can lock it with the regular key and open it when you want to use the safe.

Best Way To Keep Your Valuables Safe At Home

  • No matter what you are keeping inside, you should always keep your safe locked. You don’t know who will be roaming around the house, that's why it keeps it locked.
  • Make sure to keep your pass code as tricky as possible. In this way, it becomes difficult for the burglar to decode the pass code.
  • If your jewelry safe is fire resistant, check the specific UL fire rating. Make sure you know the maximum temperature to withstand integrity during fire incidents.
  • Never show off or advertise a safe location in front of unauthorized peoples.
  • Take proper environmental protection. Make sure the units are properly secured and sealed to prevent damage from the weather.
  • Whether you are buying a wall safe or floor safe, make sure to bolt your safe properly. It ensures the maximum output from the safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Size of Jewelry Safe Should I Purchase?

Answer: It depends on your needs. Though, according to most experts, the bigger is the better. It is because you may want to keep more things in the future.

Also, you should consider the size of things you will stay inside to decide the size of the safe.

Q: When Should I Use a Wall Safe?

Answer: You should wall safe when you need concealment and fire protection. These are not good choices for storing high-value items. Since these are mounted on the wall, it is easy to cut them out of the wall.

You may want to use a wall safe when you are storing things for a short period.

Q: Where Should I Place Jewelry Safe?

Answer: It is better to place the jewelry safe where you can quickly get access. The walk-in closet and dressing area are the best place to keep your jewelry safe. These are easily accessible locations. Or if you place it under the stairs or behind the clothes, it may not be easily accessible.

Q: What Kind of Lock is Better for Safe?

Answer: Different types of locks are suitable for different purposes, which we already discussed. As stated by most users, better-quality dial and electronic locks provide an excellent level of protection.

Q: Do I Need a Safe Even After Having a Home Security System?

Answer: The home security system may deter most burglars, but not completely. Sometime you may forget to arm the home system or electronics may breakdown.

Thus, the burglar may defeat the security system. That's why you must need safe.

Final Verdict

All in all, it is advisable to own a jewelry safe box considering all the issues we have discussed. A personal safe for home is essential for everyone. Furthermore, if there is an influx of outsiders into the home, it is mus. We consider the best safe brands and suggest you the best jewelry safe in the market.

Get yourself one from our recommended safes to ensure your valuable assets protection.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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