Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine Reviews

Buying Guide of best jewelry steam cleaner and top 10 list: Are you fanatic with ornaments? However, experience with its dull outlook after using a few days? If so, quality steam jewelry cleaner machine can solve your problem. You may use the Ultrasonic Device, but the Steam device is also effective. There are lots of quality steam producing device on the market. By using them, you can quickly recover the shininess of your precious rings, necklace, chain and other ornaments. Here, we are providing the list of ten best steam jewelry cleaner. You will love to know professional jewelers are also using the steam generative device to clean precious ornaments.

Note: If you are professional jewelers and searching best professional jewelry steam cleaner machine, this is also the helpful article for you.

Cleaning any kinds of precious ornaments by home remedy is not a wise decision at all. Older systems are not enough to regain the first shiny outlook of ornaments. But you can easily afford a budget steam jewelry cleaning machine to complete this work easily. Here we are providing 10 best steam jewelry cleaner in 2018. We hope our provided list will help you to find out the best and suitable ornaments cleaner.

Note: Our listed product can be used as both professional and personal jewelry cleaner.

1. GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Sized Steam Cleaner​​​​

GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Sized Steam Cleaner is a fast and one of the Best Professional Jewelry Steamer Machine This device can generate efficacious steam to clean jewelry properly. It is actually a personal/ home used device but you will be amazed by its steam power. It can generate 50PSI steam pressure.

Black Diamond Brilliant Spa commercial steam jewelry cleaner machine has the 1-pint/ 16OZ tank capacity. By using its powerful steam power and the large tank you can clean very accurately all of your valuable ornaments. Yes by using it you can clean all of your diamonds, gold’s, silver or platinum ornaments by using this reliable jewelry steamer.

It can perfectly clean every single part of your smallest ornaments by using steam pressure and regular tap water. You can clean dirt, grime, body oil etc easily from your jewelry. It is a smart device. It has advance LED indicator lights. This light indicates when it is heating and before start the cleaning process.

You will be alarmed by blue light illuminates whenever the cleaning process is done. GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa can clean your softer stones by using it as sapphires. Its weight is 3.9Ibs and Dimensions 6 X 10 X 10 inches. Most importantly, you don't need to use any external solution with it.


  • It is totally non-toxic, so it is environment-friendly,
  • It is really affordable than the others solvent,
  • You can clean all kinds of jewelry using it,
  • It has a brush set which can clean large particles of valuable stone,
  • It is easy to turn odd jewelry into a bright outlook by using its natural capability.


  • It can't clean too many items at a time.

2. GemOro UltrasSpa Dual, Steam & Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOro 0377 UltraSpa is a perfect device for anyone as it comes with the dual cleansing system. Yes, it has both the steam and ultrasonic cleaning system. It is the first jewelry cleaner which supports both ultrasonic and steam cleaning for jewelry and other relevant household items. Its steam generating power is 50 PSI.

This professional cleaner can be your ornaments cleaning partner for many reasons. Its tank capacity is also perfect as it is 1-pint tank capacity steam cleanser. You can clean all your jewelry in two stages.

By using GemOro 0377 UltraSpa, you can clean your diamond, gold, platinum or any kinds of jewelry by using its Ultrasonic system. Furthermore, its steam cleaning system will help you to remove hidden grime or anything else. Its ultrasonic system can generate 42000 waves per second.

It is easy to maintain. The ultrasonic cleaners come with blue built-in LED tank, basket. The ultrasonic cleaning cycle is about 6 minutes. It has built-in water fill funnel.  It has two sizes of handheld mesh baskets for holding different kinds of diamond ear studs, rings, bracelets etc. The product dimension is 12 x 10.75 x 11 Inches. You can use it for the personal and professional purpose.


  • It supports both ultrasonic and steam cleaning system,
  • Big tank size,
  • It generates 50 PSI Steam power,
  • The ultrasonic system can generate 42000 waves per second,


  • It may leaks steam,
  • Cleans excellent but a little slovenly.

3. GemOro Personal Steamer Black

Are you looking a device for your personal use? GemOro Personal Steamer Black can be your best option as a steam scrubber machine for jewelry products. It has enough power to clean your any kinds of ornaments. It is small in size but generates enough steam to safely shatter all dirt, grime, makeup, body oil and more from your jewelry.

GemOro Personal Steamer Black can generate 35PSI steam pressure. It is enough for clean gold, diamonds or platinum jewelry in a professional way. The tank capacity is 12.5 OZ… Considering its design and using motive as a personal device, the tank capacity is enough. This gadget has the bright blue LED light indicator, removable cleaning basket, easy lift handle for moving. Moreover, its ornaments containing tweezers, basket, water funnel, fill cup are standard. The dimension of the this product is 6 x 10 x 10 Inches and weight 3.5 Ibs.


  • It is designed for concentrating individual consumer,
  • Generates 35PSI steam pressure, enough as a personal steam cleaning jewelry,
  • Easy-lift handles for moving,
  • check
    Lightweight machine,


  • It is tough to use this machine for professional purpose.

4. X-Tronic Commercial Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine

X-Tronic Model #1600-XR3 - 2 Liter is a multifunctional cleaning device. You can clean it as commercial or Professional jewelry steamer. The X-Tronic generates 70 PSI steam pressure. It has almost 1600 watt main steamer heating power. The boiler can contain 2-liter water. The full body construction is made of stainless steel including boiler tank. It can clean any kinds of jewelry.

You will get 1 steam gun, gun holder, small parts cleaner basket and one funnel for the filling unit with the main steamer. It takes up to 15 minutes to heat up. It has the low water level indicator with heating light and ready light indicator. It is rated 8 hours of per day use, much perfect for professional use than many others commercial jewelry steamer. It will easy to use for anyone because it has easy lift carrying handles on both sides of the main unit. You can check it from the bellow link.


  • It has the steam gun with 48” Hose,
  • Steam power is 1600 Watt/ 70 PSI,
  • It can continuously generate steam up to 4 hours,
  • check
    Easy lift carrying handles,


  • It is a little bit expensive device.

5 . GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa

Black Diamond Brilliant Spa is featured product in ornament scrubbing industry from GemOro. It is the personal sized device in matte black. This special Black Spa comes with 50 PSI steam power. It is perfect for remove grime, makeup or anything else from your ornaments. GemOro 0362 is reliable jewelry steamer for any kinds of personal use.

The tank capacity of this device is 16 OZ. This capacity is enough for personal sized jewelry cleaner. Its steam power can clean any kinds of dirt from your ornaments within little time. Black Diamond Brilliant Spa can clean your precious gold, diamond or any precious metal by using only the tap water. It has the heavy drying basket, jewelry holding tweezers, heavy basket, steam residue mat and water funnel etc. It has bright blue light to symbolize the duty is done. Its body dimension is 6 x 10 x 10 Inches and weight is 3.9 Ibs.


  • Small in size and 50 PSI steam generating capacity,
  • Easy lift handle for moving,
  • Heavy cabinet,
  • check
    1-pint tank capacity.


  • The steam runs out fast. Sometimes spray hot water too.

6. Deluxe Steam Dragon Jewelry Steam Cleaner w/ Gun

Deluxe steam dragon is the perfect professional category steam jewelry cleaning machine. It is strong enough steam cleaner to clean instantly any kinds of jewelry. This benchtop portable device can produce fresh steam instantly. It can generate 90-125 PSI steam, much better than most other commercial steam cleaning machine. It can clean away wax from plaster molds with other general cleaning work.

This professional grade device has 20 gauge stainless steel cabinets. It runs on flash boiler steam generation technique. When you start to clean with this, it starts to sucking distilled water via an intake hose. The steam travels out the nozzle at a rate of 100-125 PSI. Moreover, it always generates dry steam and it stores only heat, not pressure. This device is safe to run in any industry or other professional places. It may long last if you use distill water. Its shipping weight is 32 Ibs and body dimension 12" x 15" x 11.


  • Fully professional grade,
  • It can generate steam instant,
  • Large heating chamber,
  • check
    It can generate 90-125 PSI steam power,
  • check
    The operating system is safe and adjustable in any working place.


  • This device is highly prized.

7. GemOro 0375 Spa Slate Gray Steam Jewelry Cleaner Machine

GemOro 0375 Black diamond brilliant spa slate gray steam cleaning machine comes with a perfect package. In this package you will get Gamero Black diamond brilliant spa steam cleaner in slate color, liquid cleaner (sparkle bright) with 4 Oz out tray, 2 Oz brush, polishing cream, tarnish remover, cotton flannel drying cloth and the soft toothbrush. The black diamond brilliant spa can clean diamond, gold, platinum, silver any kind of stone. It tanks capacity is 1-pint. This one can generate 50 PSI pressurized steam and clean jewelry using simple tap water.

Its durable cabinet is made of long life abs. The sparkle bright liquid is perfect for every kind of jewelry. It is 100% natural cleaning solution and doesn't have any toxic elements. You will get sparkle bright polishing cream which can remove tarnish and restore the shine to your all jewelry. You can use any kinds of metals as white gold, black hills gold or silver etc. Caution: Don't use it to plated metals, costume or fashion jewelry. It is ultimate personal jewelry cleaning device and perfect packages for personal use.


  • Perfect personal jewelry cleaning package,
  • Powerful steam pressure,
  • Price is perfect for the package.


  • It is not perfect for professional use

8. Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel 2/3-Gallon, Made in Italy

Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel Steamer Jewelry Cleaner has been designed to deliver quality dry steam cleaning. This device has 4 protection systems. This built-in system can protect pressure switch, safety thermostat on the heating element. Including these, it has the safety valve and low water indicator. It generates 50 PSI steam pressure to clean all kinds of jewelry.

Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel reliable jewelry steamer has perfect tank size and made up stainless steel including its casing. It takes 10-15 minutes to heat up and can continuously generate steam up to 4 hours. It has 12-gauge heavy duty wiring which helps by indicating the internal boiler pressure. The accessories kit of 5000CJ comes with water funnel and water level determination stick. It uses regular tap water to clean up your any kinds of ornaments. This dimension of this product is 9.2 x 16 x 10.5 inches and item weight is 16 pound.


  • Powerful steam generating capacity,
  • High water containing capacity and tank is made of stainless steel,
  • Continuously 4 hours steam generating capacity,
  • check
    Free water kit,
  • check
    10-15 minutes heating time.


  • It is little bit expensive.

9. GemOro 1 Pint Brilliant Spa Red Diamond Jewelry Steam Cleansing Machine

GemOro 1 Pint Brilliant Spa Red Diamond Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine is not only clean diamond jewelry. 🙂 It can clean others precious metal too. It is beautiful and little steam generating machine for ideally home use. This little gadget can generate 50 PSI steam pressure. Perfect for most of the cleaning work of removing dirt, grime, body oil or makeup and many more.

Water tank capacity of this product is almost 1-pint. It has advanced LED indicator lights when the device is ready to run and also when it is heating. This 6-pound jewelry steam cleaning machine can be your perfect jewelry cleaner.


  • It is a home using device,
  • It can generate 50 PSI steam pressure,
  • Advanced LED indicator.


  • It does not have the warranty.

10. TrioShine 3 in 1 Ultrasonic, Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner, UV Light Sanitizer

TrioShine of Sienna Appliances is an extraordinary and very much effective jewelry cleaner. It come in advance ultrasonic, steam and UV light sanitizer technology. It can be clean almost any kinds of jewelry to make it shiny and for remove bacteria or anything else. This steam cleaning jewelry cleaner is easy to operate.

It can produce 43000 ultrasonic waves per second and can generate 55 PSI steam power. So anyone can clean their jewelry with both ultrasonic and steam power. Moreover, the ultraviolet UV sanitizer can destroy 99.9% bacteria. That's how the tri shine cleaning can system combined together perfectly. By using it's you can clean the bacteria from your kitchen appliances, baby products, dentures etc.

You will get a stone cleaning guide. It shows clearly the guideline to use this device. Its basket is made of stainless steel, it has funnel measuring cup, microfiber towel etc. The dimension of this device is 17 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches.


  • Tri cleaning formula,
  • It can generate 43000 waves per second,
  • Steam generating power is almost 55 PSI,
  • check
    Can clean 99.9% bacteria,


  • Little bit more water tank capacity would be great.
Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine

What should you judge for pick the Best Steam Jewelry Cleaner

A jewelry lover can own a steam jewelry cleaning machine for many reasons. Jewelry is always sensitive. They are made of precious metal. Will you clean your precious ornaments as the diamond ring or necklace in an ordinary way? We think not. Every stone is special. A gentlewoman knows better 🙂 So that steam jewelry cleaning machine can be your best choice because it is safe. They are very beneficial to clean your ornaments. No need the harmful solution to bring back their charming outlook. They can easily remove the layer of grime from any kinds of jewelry.

What should you consider for selecting the Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Though we provide the list of top 10 steam system precious ornaments cleanser, every device will not perfect for you. You should buy according to your requirement. But you should know something basic about jewelry cleaner especially steam cleaner to select the best one for you. Here we are providing some tips and hope these tips will help you to find the best home or professional jewelry steam cleaner machine.

1. 1st check the property of that device: Very basic ideas before purchasing anything. Important note: Ornaments platting are very thin especially diamonds and gold jewelry. Every device is not compatible with all type of devices. So check it deeply.

2. Consider your budget: Jewelry cleaners have come in a huge diversity. There are lots of model, lots of functions and varieties pricing. Everyone should select the gadget according to his budget and choice.

3. Operation Process: Please don't look features only. Check it deep. Consider operating process, tools quality, the speed of operation and many more things.

How to use jewelry steam system cleaning machine in the proper way

This is the very easy process. First, you should need to fill your tools with fresh water. After switch on, let your gadget's tank for a complete cycle before adding your ornaments.

Then, simply put your items in the cleaning basket and put the basket into cleaning tank.

Now run a complete cleaning cycle. But if you are cleaning heavy germ, you may need to run two cleaning cycles. Most of the time, your work will complete within one cycle.

After completing this process, actually, your jewelry cleaning process is complete. Now remove basket from the tank to take your ornaments.

Finally, wash your jewelry with clean water to remove anything else. Dry your jewelry with fresh air and get shiny jewelry ornaments as a new one.

Jewelry steam cleaning machine is easy to operate. It is fast ornaments cleaning process and does not require much time to run.

The Benefits of Using a Jewelry Steam Cleaner

You will get some extra opportunity to clean your jewels by using steam generating deviec. The summary describing in bellow:

1. During the steam cleaning process, you don't need any chemical. So you have no risk to damage any part of your jewelry by rush chemical or others cleaning solution.

2. Very fast cleaning process. The whole cleaning process with steam cleaner takes just a few minutes after reserve water into the water tank.

3. By using a steam generating jewelry cleaner, you can easily increase the value of your old pieces jewelry and can sell them at the valuable price.

4. This process is very effective to destroy most common germs and bacteria. But there is nothing harmful to your jewelry.

5. It is also environment-friendly. It is the chemical-free process and doesn't discharge anything bad. So it is highly recommended jewelry cleaning process. Even steam cleaning process is strong enough to clean others stuff like carpet cleaning or floor cleaning etc.

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