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The shooters know how vital is cleaning gun and gun accessories regularly. There are lots of quality ultrasonic gun cleaner in the market to reduce the burden of professional shooters. By using these products, anyone can wash their gun quickly and correctly at home. There are different products, but you know better how you need to maintain your firearms. We are here help you with some information. You will get here the list of best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. You may not like to use the ultrasonic device, don't worry. We suggested you the best gun cleaning solution and set of the gun cleaning kit.

You can clean firearms following different method. Besides ultrasonic devices, gun parts cleaner kits are also popular. Though we like to use ultrasonic technology, these kits are also valuable. Moreover, the liquid solution is also crucial and helps to get the best possible results. That's why here we include these products too. We listed the best products among all. Hope you will find it best at your work.

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Editors Rating

Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load

Best Budget Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

iSonic P4820-WSB

Overall Best Gun Cleaner

Hornady 043310 Lock-N-Load

Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner for Professional Use

Sonic System HG575

Best High End

Gunslick Ultrasonic Cleaner 3.2 Quart

Best Professional Grade

BOOSTEADY Universal Handgun Cleaning kit

Best Professional

Otis Technologies FG-645

Best Budget

GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Best Overall

Lyman Turbo Sonic Gun Parts Cleaning Solution

Best Budget

Hornady 0433609 Gun Parts Cleaner Solution

Gun Parts Cleaning Solution

Best Overall

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns and Gun Parts

As we said, we like ultrasonic technology most. Here we listed five best ultrasonic cleaner for gun parts and gun in below. We regularly update the list and check all possible things to make our suggested list.

1. Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner

Hornady 043320 Lock-N-Load cleaner is a perfect ultrasonic device to clean gun parts. It makes cartridge case cleaning and trimming easy. By using this device, you can save your valuable time and increase working efficiency. That means, you can scrub your gun and its parts efficiently utilizing this device at home.

It has an 80-watt ceramic heater which is most efficient for gun parts vacuuming work. The difference between an ultrasonic firearms cleaner/ sonic cleaner for guns with other devices that you can clean your guns without using any liquid solution. Although, there are lots of ultrasonic cleaner solution for weapons.
It can take strong action against carbon residue and all other trash. If you use the little sonic gun cleaning solution, it works far better to removes carbon residue from both outer and inner surfaces.
This device comes with a large tank. Its dimension is 7.25" x 6" x 3". This device features an 80-Watt ceramic heater. Tank capacity is standard, and it is made of stainless steel. It has five to thirty-minute timer which option allows to select perfect time cycle for right gun parts.

2. iSonic Commercial Gun Cleaner

iSonic P4820-WSB is a popular device in gun parts cleaning industry. You can use it for commercial gun cleaning service. It has an industrial grade ultrasonic stack transducer. It's 2.5 L water capacity, 110 V, stainless steel wire mesh basket, different time cycle, etc. make it more professional. 35000 Hz ultrasonic frequency makes it powerful gun cleaner. It is easy to transform from one place to another place as it is a small device. The iSonic device runs independently at preset 149 F. But it has to overheat protector which option help you to know either device is overusing or not. You can preset it at five different time cycle as 90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds.

3. Hornady 043310 Lock-N-Load Hot Tub Sonic Cleaners

Hornady 043310 Sonic Lock-N-Load device comes with long enough accommodation to scrub a 16 inch AR-15 upper. It is emphasizing almost 9+ liter capacity. It is equipped with other standard facilities likes four transducers, auto time cycling, microjet action, etc. The heating element enhances the cleaning, and it is best for scrub your firearm parts.

It has come with one inner tank. That's why it will be easy to wash smaller parts comfortably. Internal divider tank dimensions 6.7" x 4.7" x 3.2". The main tank can hold almost nine-liter.

Hornady 043310 combined with one shot sonic cleaner solution. At internal divider, you can put separate solutions at the same time to scrub other small parts. Its De-gas function and different temperature setting (almost five from 100-140°F.) makes it more user-friendly.

4. Sonic System Sales Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner

It is another high-end sonic system gun and gun parts cleaning device. Sonic HG575 comes with two wire baskets, one lube pan, and two covers. Wire Baskets and Lube pan are made of stainless steel.

You will get a rifle cleaning concentrate and one-gallon gun lube which is enough for more than enough to wash 150 guns. So it is a complete package for scrub your weapon. Oh, you will also get three industrial-grade transducers with it. This device comes with three industrial-grade sensors. Anyone can clean every part of gun and lubrication of gun parts like a pro. It is perfect gun cleaner for professional shooter and firearms owners. This device cleans the dirty object fast, within ten minutes (approximately). You will get 1 gallon of lubricant for clean gun parts with an ultrasonic device with it.

It's carry handles are comfortable to hold. You can clean up to two pistols or revolvers at once using it. The tank's size of it is 11” L X 6” W X 6” H. You can set a timer up to 20 minutes. So undoubtedly, it is one of the latest and quality ultrasonic cleaner for gun and gun parts.

5. Gunslick Ultrasonic Gun Parts Cleaner 3.2 Quart 49000

Gunslick 3.2 Quart 49000 is pro-firearms cleaners. It has 3.2-quart stainless steel tanks. This tank can hold every single part of your firearms to remove all dirt, fouling, grease, etc. Gunslick Pro has five preset temperature level. By using only, the keypad and display, you can set the timer from five to thirty minutes. So it will automatically match with the required dirty part which needs to wash. They have weapons cleaning solutions too. Their cleaning device and cleaning solution take the best action against any kinds of dirt together. You have to buy it separately. It comes with a plastic tray (9.5/ 7in), a cleaning baskets, etc. This product is an excellent gun cleaner device.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun cleaning kits are very popular in this industry. If you have the proper equipment in your hand, it is easy for you to remove any kinds of dirt from your firearms. Let's see our recommended list below. Here our expert team do in-depth research and select top 3 product for you.

6. Best Handgun Cleaning Kit

Though we suggest the ultrasonic cleaner for guns, few kits are really impressive to remove dirt from firearms. BOOSTEADY Handgun Cleaning kit is one among them. It is one of the best gun cleaner kits and has lots of options and features. The best thing about this kit, you don't feel worried about your firearms. It can clean striker-fire or revolver, whatever you have.

This professional kit is small in size, so that doesn't take much space. You can carry it on your range bag easily. You will get lots of things in this package like one handle, zippered tool case, brush and jag in a different size, one large and one small brass slotted tip, 100 gun cleaning patches, stainless steel pick, and one nylon brush, etc.

The gun cleaning rod is stable in 10.5 inches. So you can quickly brush, scrape and pick all types of handgun. Here the pick is used to remove harmful elements effectively. This feature helps firearms to perform it's best. These three materials have a lifetime guarantee too.

7. Otis Gun Cleaning Kit, Professional Package

For cleaning pistols, Otis Technologies FG-645 is universal gun cleaning kit. Otis is a proud USA based company. It covers proper maintenance for pistols including precision cleaning tools. It has cotton patches to create swabs to ensure 360-degree coverage. Two bores (.38cal-.45cal) brushes including with this kit pack.

FG-645 firearms cleaner is lightweight and comes in compact soft pack case. If you are a professional hunter, you will like it most because it will save your valuable times. Its small and large obstruction will smoothly remove mud, stuck casings, snow easily.

8. Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Universal gun cleaning kit comes in a 159pcs package including cleaning patches, accessory adapters, polishing cloths, solid brass rods for different rifles caliber, empty oil bottle, muzzleloader, mops, slotted patch loops, etc. It is the best alternative of ultrasonic device.

Where other(maximum) jags use plastic, this cleaning jags made of quality brass. So it will not break easily after a few uses. Rods are durable and can handle excessive bending within the proper amount of force. You can use this kit to clean all kinds of shotguns, rifles, and pistol. If you face any problem, you can replace the item within two years.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution

The liquid solution is always useful. You can use these gun cleaning solution with both ultrasonic gun cleaner and gun cleaning kits. Hope our suggested two products are best among all in any consideration. Check and let us know what you think in the comment section.

9. Best Gun Cleaning Solvent - Lyman Sonic

Lyman Sonic Cleaner is the famous brand in the gun cleaning industry. Lyman Turbo produces quality ultrasonic gun cleaning solution. Turbo Sonic 16 oz is perfect enough to scrub any standard or stainless steel parts in your gun as cylinders or barrels etc. It can achieve the best result for you. It is formulated and produced in the USA.

Turbo Sonic is specially formulated to remove oily outer surface, powder residue from gun steels. So it will correctly clean barrels, slides, cylinders, etc.

10. Hornady Sonic Cleaner for Gun and Gun Parts

Hornady Sonic Cleaner is one of the best ultrasonic gun cleaner solutions in the market. It comes with 10 gallons of working solution. If you have this, you don't need to a different solution to clean different parts. It works best as it is a water-based cleaning process. Hornady sonic gun cleaning solution removes dirt from all parts safely. This one is an excellent device to remove carbon, grease, powder residue, all kinds of soil. It works best with an ultrasonic apparatus, but If you use Hornady Sonic Cleaner, it will provide the best result.

Why is Gun Cleaning Important?

Shooting is an exciting and favorite sport, and it means a lot to many people all over the world. It is more than a hobby for many personalities. However, you need to take care of your gun and other accessories for keeping smooth your hobby. Though, a passionate shooter knows how he spends his weekend! It takes lots of time to clean firearms and its parts manually. Many shooters find it so much difficult to clean his weapon at home. So they need to take professional service.

You may also take service, but we suggest you use a professional gun cleaner instead of taking professional service.

The ultrasonic gun cleaner is best for the clean gun and gun parts. This technology is so much practical and can work fast. You may wash your valuable ornaments using ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine or applied same technology device to clean carburetors. Actually, it was using for clean different kinds of household items for a long while but nowadays it is widely asking in the industrial sector, and we can clean lots of heavy machinery using it. Here we are providing data about 10 best ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews, their buying guide and relevant, essential data in below. Lets talk about best ultrasonic cleaner for guns:

What to Look for in an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner?

Whenever you need to buy a gun cleaner, this guideline will help you to select the best one. Let's have a look at what to look in your gun cleaning kit especially when it is an ultrasonic device.

Tank Heater

All ultrasonic gun cleaning kit doesn't have a tank heater. Although it will help a lot to wash your weapon entirely. So why you select a cleanser without this feature?

Gun parts need a lot cleaner, and it is better to use the solution with warm water. That's why most of the device made with a tank heater for a smoother process. That why most of the gun cleaner especially ultrasonic devices are going to have a built-in heater and you should buy your device with this feature. When you mix warm solvent on the device, it is become more useful to dissolve dirt, gunk, etc. You will also find this process comfortable during clean up grease and oils. Some cheap and old model doesn't have this feature.


We recommended you to select a device with the basket. It is not good practice to put the parts on the bottom of the tank.

Frequency Range

It is vital to know how the frequency range effect on gun cleaning and what should be the required range. If your gun cleaner can generate 40 KHz frequency, it is standard for the useful result. But more spectrum, more effective. As it goes up, it can produce more small bubbles. So you can say more frequency means more small but frequent bubbles can take action against more intricate and tiny parts of your weapon. That's how and why the level of frequency is essential for your gun cleaner.

So what are you thinking? Is it essential for cleanup eyeglass or as the jewelry cleaner? Yes, you are right. As a large object, you don't need to generate lots of tiny bubbles for the clean weapon. It may be perfect for the diamond cleaner or eye-glass cleaning machine.

So you can take any frequency generator device. If it can clean the pin holes and primer pockets, it is enough. That's all.

Tank Size

Tank size is a significant factor for gun cleaning. If you select a device with a big tank, you will feel comfortable during washing time. You will find many pieces of equipment are available with large square baskets. Long, a skinny and shallow basin will help you to clean gun parts easily.


Ultrasonic is fast technology, so we don't need to conscious about the timer. But timer is an excellent feature. It will not be a great idea to put the parts in the solvent overnight.

Most importantly, there are different kinds of device and require different types of time to clean up. So by using the timer, you can do it accurately. It will save your time.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Gun

Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Buying Guide

Have you checked well what we suggested to check before buying your gun scrubber? If you did, you already acquire most among the necessary knowledge. If you didn't, recheck it and move on...

We know that you cannot take a buying decision by checking only those things. You need to consider price & quality of the product, reviews from the buyer and some other product information.

Price is always important. Better you check all of the price from our suggested top ten list. We didn't mention the price here because it frequently changes. Moreover, you could miss the promotional price so check it manually and select the best suitable one from the list.

I think that's all for select the best ultrasonic gun cleaner machine. Have I missed anything? If I forgot to include any relevant information, you could ask me in the comment box. I will update it soon.

How Does an Ultrasonic Gun Sanitizer Work?

It is undoubtedly effective process and it uses the power of sound waves to achieve its incredible effects. You can check here how ultrasonic cleaning technology work. The device generates sound waves and passes through a liquid bath, which is often a detergent or oil solution. When the sound waves impact the immersed object to be cleaned, they produce millions of tiny bubbles. When these cavitation bubbles collapse, they release jets of intense energy, dislodging dirt and grime from every surface of the object to be cleaned. Ultrasonic purification is used across many industries throughout the world, and it has reformed gun cleaning industry.

How to Clean Your Gun Using this latest technology?

Many people still doubt how the sound wave can scrub rubber and plastic parts of the gun. The hard polymer is safe in a sound wave. For a stay on the safe side, you can avoid cleaning rubberized items, but we think it is OK. And, using sound wave cleaner is much comfortable than other vacuuming systems. By following the manual guide, you can clean professionally.

Final Word

We are confident that you will get your best ultrasonic cleaner for guns. Whatever you are the professional shooter or not, a best cleaning equipment will help you to wash your firearms comfortably at your home. You will no more need to go for professional service. We tried to provide all the necessary information related to this topic. But if we miss some point or you need any subject more specifically, please hit in the comment box and let us know. Thanks.

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