Best Record Cleaning Machine for Vinyl Recorders

When you love your vinyl recorders and want it last longer, you should take proper care of it. The recommended process is to clean it regularly by using the Suitable Record Cleaning Machine.

Do you know how important it is? If you are a regular record user, you may know that frequent playing of soiled orders can be the reason for damaging vinyl permanently. That's why you should clean it before damage forever. Whenever you clean recorders accurately, you will get excellent and decent sounds.

You may want to use a record cleaning fluid or brush to clean it. Still, our suggestion is to apply Ultrasonic Record Cleaner Kit as it is the safest technology. It will allow you to complete the cleaning process effortlessly.

Follow this article to get the Best Selling Record Cleaning Machine Reviews.

Let's have the details:

What Should You Use to Clean Vinyl Records?

There are lots of options for clean records as

  • Homemade solution,
  • Vinyl Disc Washer Liquid Solution,
  • Record Cleaner Brush,
  • Record Cleaning Machine etc.

You can apply a homemade solution, fluid, cleaning brush, etc. to scrub the recorder. It is also possible to use different types of home remedies. But if you ask us, we don't like to apply those elements as it is a sensitive device.

This article provides the 7 Best Record Cleaning Machine For The Money according to our in-depth research.

Recommended Record Cleaning Machines Short List

Best Overall
Record Doctor – High Performance Vacuum Cleaning...
Best Seller
Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Complete Kit
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Best Overall
Record Doctor – High Performance Vacuum Cleaning...
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Best Seller
Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Complete Kit
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Amazon Prime
Price Rating
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More Information

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Best Vinyl Record Cleaner Unbiased Reviews

Besides ultrasonic devices, steam controlled kits & vinyl vacuum cleaners are also ideal. So we are putting here the best tools among all.

Let's Check It Now:

1. Record Doctor V Review– Vinyl Record Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaning method is popular for safety issues. You can apply a vacuum cleaning system to clean your vinyl recorder without hesitation.

Record Doctor V is one of the best vinyl record vacuum cleaners. You can smoothly get the dirt, dust, or grime out of the grooves using it on your favorite recorder.

So you can hear the music again which one you have missing 😀

The Record Doctor Vinyl Record Cleaner helps improve the sound quality, keep the record's value, and extend the LPs life. Though it is enriched in powerful features, it is less expensive than other similar products. It doesn't have a costly motor, so you have to turn the record by hand what makes the device reasonable.

Powerful Features


Product Dimension: 12.5 x 7 x 7 inches

Item Weight: 11.09 Pounds

Free Shipping: Free


It has a powerful vacuum motor that will allow you smooth vacuum cleaning. You will able to maintain it quickly in a manual process. It has a hand record of Turner, roller bearing, and 6 ft power cord for user convenience.

Vinyl protective felt cleaning strips will help you remove grime, dust, grease, and other restricted elements from the record grooves.


1. It can completely clean the vinyl record within a short time,

2. Safe for vinyl records,

3. It helps to prolong the life of LPs,

4. The cleaner has vinyl-protecting cleaning strips.


1. It is not fully automatic cleaner,

2. The one-way cleaning process.

2. Best Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Reviews - iSonic P4875II+MVR5

Ultrasonic technology is doing well in the maximum cleaning industry. iSonic bring the technology into the record cleaning industry successfully. They get a robust product, which is a practical and easy way to clean records. It is the iSonic P4875II+MVR.

It can hold five 12" to 10" vinyl records. It rotates 5 RPM with label protectors.


Product Height: 10 inches

Item Weight: 26 Pound

Free Shipping: Free

Model: iSonic 41000000

No products found.


It has all types of standard convenience. The device's ultrasonic power is 35,000 Hz, which is decent to remove any dirt and germ from your record. The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel, and its size is 13" X 9.4" X 4.1". The six different time cycles of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes will allow you to automate the process.

It comes with two bottles of liquid solution. Although one bottle is for vinyl record cleaning, another one is for Kim wipe lab grade.


1. It is a powerful device and works safely,

2. iSonic vinyl record cleaner has automatic time cycle,

3. Ultrasonic power is enough to clean any germs from the record.


1. The price is a little bit high.

Note: Ultrasonic technology is a popular cleaning technology. If you use firearms, you can also check Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Reviews.

3. MKII Professional Kit, Best Budget Vinyl Record Cleaner

It is a great spin record cleaner since 1975. The main reason behind its popularity is the simplicity. The cleaning process is straightforward.

You only need to insert the record into the kit and turn the rotating on. As the MKII Record Cleaner can smoothly clean both sides of the record, you have to rotate the record three times one way and three times on the other way.

Then you should wipe it with a reusable drying towel. So much leisurely, doesn’t it? You don’t need to worry about power or ay installation process.


Product Dimension: 15 x 9 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 2.88 ounces

Free Shipping: Free

Model: 0837654769218


It is not a steam system cleaner, but you don’t need to worry about it. It can clean all types of vinyl records. You can wash the 33, 45, and 78 record with it.

The cleaning kit comes with the material which can clean up to 700 records. To increase the cleaning performance, you may need a quality liquid record cleaner. Considering this, it has a free 4oz—vinyl record cleaning fluid.

Furthermore, you will get a pair of RPMs and two soft liquid clothes with them. The kit’s basin and lid size ensure easy record inserting. So it is overall perfect for cleaning any vinyl records.


1. Very easy and comfortable to use and clean,

2. MKII Complete Pack can clean all types of record,

3. You can clean both sides of the recorder with it,

4. It comes in a bundle pack with all necessary accessories.


1. Some user reports the rollers seem pro.

4. VPI HW-16.5: Overall Best Record Cleaner

VPI is one of the best companies in the record cleaner industry.

HW-16.5 Record cleaner comes with many great features. You will get 8 Oz of cleaning solution and cleaning brush with it.

It can clean fast, which is the best feature of this item. The VPI HW-16.5 will take only 35-second to clean per side of your valuable records.

VPI HW is not only fast but also efficient. It is useful to clean if even the recorder has any buildup wreck.

Sometimes we don't see some stains with our eyes, but it can damage all hidden stains. You can not do it with most other cleaning processes. In this fact, the powerful VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaner works far better and increase the natural sound quality.


Product Dimension: 14.25 x 15.5 x 9 in

Item Weight: 33 Pounds

Free Shipping: Free

Model: HW16.5

You will Get: 8 Oz of Solution & Cleaning Brush with the Device


It has high torque, and it comes with a turntable motor (18 RPM). One of the latest features of the item is its self-aligning vacuum suction tube. It produces a high-quality vacuum, and it ensures a quick but deep cleaning process.

Moreover, it has an internal fluid collection system that is sufficient to prevent corrosion. It is durable and reliable in construction. Item weight is 33 Pound.

Overall it has a quality record cleaning system, and that's why it is in our recommended product list.


1. This gadget is very fast to complete the cleaning task,

2. It is capable of cleaning entirely within a couple of full rotation,

3. It has a vacuum suction tube,

4. Internal fluid collection system,

5. No liquid touches label, fully enclosed.


1. Not a wholly automated cleaner, as you'll still need to do part of the job yourself.

5. Okki Nokki Record Cleaner Kit Mk II

Okki Nokki is a Dutch company. Mk II is one of the best vinyl record cleaners in the market. It is a powerful, attractive, and full automatic record cleaner. The European design makes its outlook attractive. But you should not buy this product for its design only.

The award-winning Okki Nokki provides in this product a heavy-duty motor, which is a turntable. The vacuum system of this encased in a compact aluminum chassis.


Product Dimension: 13 x 16 x 13 inches

Item Weight: 18.85 Pounds

Free Shipping: Free

Model: RCM-B

Great Features

Among lots of features, an exciting part is it's forward and reverses motor. Using the hair cleaning brush, forward, and the reverse engine will allow you to effectively scrubbing.

OkkiNokki Mk II has suction arms. After scrubbing the recorder, you can vacuum it using the suction arm.

It has dedicated arms for 7" and 10". It is effortless to clean the dirt and fluid by using the suction arm. The dirt is stored in the liquid reservoir, which is emptied via a tube. You will get a 12" plastic vacuum arm, 1 aluminum record clamp, 50 mL bottle liquid fluid, 1 hair cleaning brush, Data cable, AC power cord, etc. with this device.


1. The full automatic controlling device,

2. A cool-running turntable allows for hours of use,

3. Quiet motor leaves sanity intact,

4. Forward and reverse engine ensures deep cleaning,

5. Eye-catching and robust design.


1. Price a little bit high.

6. Record Friend Vinyl Record Cleaner with Accessories

When it is a matter of taking care of vinyl records, Big Fudge Records Cleaner leads for many reasons. It works for the protection, storage, and display of your favorite recorder. This record cleaning kit is designed to handle 7", 10", and 12" vinyl records.


Product Dimension: 17.7 x 7.7 x 4.8 inches

Item Weight: 3.75 Pounds

Free Shipping: Free

Model: 8541716115

You will get: 2x 150ml Cleaning Fluid Concentrate


It is one of the best budget vinyl records cleaner, and it has everything you need. The great fudge has two adjustable rollers that let you clean a multi-sized record with a single label peeling. This cleaner also comes with two 150ml cleaning solution.

It can wash 30 to 50 vinyl records in each cycle. Besides, its ultra-soft microfiber brushes can lightly clean on both sides simultaneously. This vinyl record cleaner also comes with all-purpose cleaning cloths and a record dry rack.

All you need to do is clean and pop the records and leave them in the rack for bone-dry shine. The record cleaner features a vinyl sink with a lid to dip the record as well. Overall, it is easy and satisfying to use. So undoubtedly, it is one of the best record cleaning kits.


1. Alcohol-free cleaning solution,

2. Soft and original microfiber brushes,

3. Hold LPS nicely

4. Adjustable roller

5. Scratch-free clean


1. It cannot remove dirt in grooves,

2. The brush seems hard to remove.

7. Vinyl Vac 33 Vinyl Record Cleaner Reviews

Vinyl Vac 33 is a great deal to remove dirt and dust from the vinyl grooves. Unlike others, it includes a wand attached to a vacuum to provide a deep clean. It uses a highly effective method that provides access even to 1/10th size of human hair.

This vinyl record cleaner is connected to a wet/dry vacuum hose to lift dirt and grime. To minimize any pops and clicks, you can clean it with your favorite cleaning solution.


Product Height: 14.8 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 3.84 ounces

Free Shipping: Free

Model: FBA_VV01


The kit comes with two suction reducers, which help you to regulate the amount of suction needed. This suction has felt strips on both sides to remove any hard plastic from the record’s surface.

Moreover, it comes with an O-ring to ensure a snug fit between the wand and vacuum hose. The Vac 33 Vinyl Cleaner kit also includes replacement pads to clean numerous records. Besides, it has soft velvet pads to protect the vinyl records while vacuuming.

It is a very much affordable record vacuuming system that works the same as premium devices.


1. Secure and safe to use,

2. Quick dirt removal,

3. Highly scratch-resistant,

4. Deep cleaning,

5. Affordable price.


1. Requires manual operation,

2. Felt washer seems thick.

Best Record Cleaning Machine Buying Guide

What to Look for If Anyone Want to Buy Best Record Cleaning Machine- Buying Guide

If we check some functions before selecting our device, we can choose the best-suited kits. If you have used vinyl record cleaner before, you know better. So everyone should follow some checklist besides checking the product reviews.

Here we are indicating those points for our visitor's convenience.

1. Check the Power and Cleaning Capacity

You can buy any device among ultrasonic and vacuum record cleaner. If you purchase an ultrasonic instrument, check its wave generating capacity.

The cleaning capacity of an ultrasonic is a device directly related to its weave generating ability.

On the other hand, if you select a vacuum cleaner, check its vacuum generating capacity wisely.

2. Does It Capable to Clean Both Sides of Your Recorder at Once?

You can avoid this point in maintaining your budget. But if you have the funds, you should go with this feature. It will not only save your time; it provides better performance for your new vinyl.

Note: If you like to service professional service, it is one of your most essential features. Because it will save you a lot of time.

3. Is Your Vinyl Disk Washer Make Boring Noise?

It is a sensitive issue. If your cleaner generates too much noise during work, it may be break attention. Some device generates too much noise. Avoids those noisy products.

You can know the bad quality of the device by checking vinyl record cleaner reviews properly.

4. We Prefer Automatic Cleaner

The latest cleaners come with the feature of a fully automatic cleaning process. You can buy a manual or semi-manual device too, but automatic devices are undoubtedly the best record cleaning machine.

5. Check After Sell Service Commitment

Warranty and sale service is always essential for any electronic products. We suggest you buy a vinyl cleaner with at least a one-year service warranty.

What are the Popular Methods of Cleaning Vinyl Record?

You may have tried lots of methods to clean vinyl records, including traditional fluid and brush. Still, what happens?

It leaves the right amount of dirt behind.

Hence, here are some of the Best Ways of Cleaning the Vinyl Record:

1. Using Professional Cleaning Machines:

You can clean your vinyl record with an ultrasonic record cleaner. Vacuum system & Steam run record washers are also useful and perfect for vinyl as it requires zero contact with the vinyl record.

Also, it can quickly get deep into the grooves to clean the dirt.

2. Isopropyl alcohol Can Be a Good Option:

Isopropyl alcohol is also great to remove dirt from the vinyl record. But you cannot use pure isopropyl as it can strip away the protective coating on the record surface.

So, better, you mix three-part of distilled water, few drops of detergent with one part of isopropyl alcohol.

3. Clean Vinyl Record with Windex

Some people clean their vinyl record with Windex, which is a viable cleaning option. But, you cannot use pure Windex as well to avoid permanent damages. You may want to use Windex and water solution instead.

4. Vinegar

Though it sounds weird, you can also use vinegar for cleaning vinyl records. Like others, add distilled water with vinegar in a 50/50 split. Vinegar just picked up the stubborn from the vinyl record.

5. Regular Dish Washer with Water

If you want polished vinyl records but don't want to break the bank, there is another option. You can clean your vinyl record with regular dish soap and warm water. The process is different than others, but indeed, it is easy and worthwhile.

How to clean vinyl records with the methods mentioned above? Well, we've already covered them in another article; Read How To Clean Dirty Vinyl Records.

Why and How to use Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine?

Using the ultrasonic device for a clean vinyl recorder is easy. At first, you need to place it on the turntable and use canned air. You also can use a sticky roller to remove dust and other rubbish.

Sometimes microfiber cloth or carbon fiber brush also works better to remove the dirt. In this process, you have to use a liquid cleaner. We know there are lots of quality cleaning solutions are available in the market.

If you have an ultrasonic device, it is strong enough to eliminate all dust types from any deepest part. The cleaning solution can help you do it fast, and it will give you more professional feelings.

Pro Tips

You may try some home tricks. The mixture of 3 part distilled water, 1-part isopropyl alcohol, and a few drops of dish detergent work as a quality cleaning solution.

I hope you understand the process. By completing this process, place your record on a cleaning mat, drizzle your homemade solution onto your record and wipe using a microfiber cloth. See the magic!

Recommended Reading: Ultrasonic Cleaner How It Works


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Last update on 2023-11-29

1. What is Vinyl Record Scrubber?

Answer: A vinyl recorder also knows as the phonograph recording system. It is a recording system which can store sound in the form of a flat disc. Though it is an analog process, it is historically famous.

2. What Do You Clean Vinyl Records With?

Answer: Here, we reviewed the ultrasonic and vacuum vinyl record cleaning kit. But you have lots of more options. If you want to use a typical cleaning method, buy a quality record cleaning fluid and brush.

By using these, you can clean your records regularly. Vinegar can also be a great option.

3. Is it OK to Clean Vinyl Records With Alcohol?

Answer: We would not suggest you use alcohol as a record cleaner. It can damage PVC. Better you use a cleaning solution. You may see many experts are providing tips to clean with alcohol. Actually, it doesn’t work as you want. So avoid it.

4. Can You Clean Vinyl Records With Windex?

Answer: You can clean. It may work. But we think it is better than not cleaning. It may damage your record. So we don’t recommend using vinyl record cleaning with Windex. Better use a record cleaning fluid or professional device.

5. How Do You Dust Vinyl Records?

Answer: Wiping records is an easy solution to remove dust. If you remove dirt & dust regularly, you will not need clean records repeatedly. You can do it easily with a lint-free cloth. Simply wipe down the record with fabric from the top side.

6. Does Vinegar Harm Vinyl?

Answer: Yes, vinegar is not recommended. You may see many people suggesting it. But, it can damage the porous surfaces of your favorite recorder. Vinegar mostly destroys the surface o wood. So avoid it.

Final Word

Vinyl recorders are popular for many reasons. The sound quality gives listeners a great listening experience. But if you don’t clean it correctly, the sound quality will fall. That’s why everyone should have washed their recorder regularly.

In this article, we described the five best record cleaning machines. Use whatever you like to apply but ensure that you are cleaning it correctly.

If you have any cleaner at home, you don’t need to take a professional cleaning service. It is not essential whatever your device is ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner or vinyl vacuum record cleaner.

Select any device that seems the best vinyl record cleaner to you.

Do you need any further information about the record cleaning process? Comment below; we are here. You can ask us something about vinyl recording too.

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