Best Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner 2019

When you love your vinyl recorders and want it last longer, you should take care of it. The best process is to clean it regularly. When you clean vinyl recorders regularly and correctly it will provide the best quality sounds. We all know that repeated playing of soiled orders can be the reason of damaging vinyl permanently. You can clean basic tools and homemade solutions but as it is a sensitive device we suggest you to ultrasonic record cleaning machine. Here we are providing the best vinyl record cleaner reviews according to a deep research.

A vinyl recorder also knows as phonograph/ gramophone record is a system which can store sound in form of a flat disc. Vinyl recording system is an analog process though it is historically popular.

5 Best Ultrasonic & Steam Vinyl record cleaning machine reviews

1. VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine with 8 Oz of solution and cleaning brush

VPI is one of the best company in the record cleaner industry. We clean our recorder to keeps its condition at its best and for acquiring smooth sound quality. VPI HW-16.5 Record cleaner comes with many great features. You will get 8 Oz of cleaning solution and cleaning brush with it.

VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine

The best feature of this device we like most of its fast cleaning focus. It will take only 35-second for clean per side of your valuable record clearer. It is not only fast but also effective. Even it is useful to clean if the recorder has any buildup wreck. Sometimes we don't see few stains with our eyes but it can damage the quality of sounds. It is impossible to clean with the natural cleaning process. In this case, the powerful cleaner as VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaner works far better and increase the natural sound quality.

It has high torque and it comes with turntable motor (18 RPM). One of the latest feature of its self-aligning vacuum suction tube. It produces the high-quality vacuum and it ensures quick but deep cleaning process. Moreover, it has an internal fluid collection system which is effective to prevent corrosion. It is durable and reliable in construction. Item weight is 33 Pound.


  • This gadget is very fast to complete the cleaning task,
  • It is capable to clean completely within a couple of full rotation,
  • It has a vacuum suction tube,
  • check
    Internal fluid collection system,
  • check
    No liquid touches label, fully enclosed.


  • Not a completely automated cleaner, as you’ll still need to do part of the job yourself.

2. Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine Mk II (White)

Okki Nokki is a Dutch company. Mk II (White) is one of the best vinyl record cleaners in the market. It is a powerful, attractive and full automatic record cleaning machine. The European design makes its outlook attractive. But you should not buy this product for its design only. The award-winning Okki Nokki provides in this product a heavy duty motor which is a turntable. The vacuum system of this encased in a compact aluminum chassis.

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine Mk

Another great feature is its forward and reverses motor. By using the hair cleaning brush, forward and reverse motor will allow you to effective scrubbing. Okki Nokki Mk II has the suction arms and after scrubbing the recorder, you can be vacuumed it using the suction arm. It has dedicated arms for 7" and 10". It is very easy to clean the dirt and fluid by using the suction arm. The dirt is stored in the liquid reservoir which is emptied via a tube. You will get a 12" plastic vacuum arm, 1 aluminum record clamp, 50 mL bottle liquid fluid, 1 hair cleaning brush Data cable AC power cord etc. with this device.


  • The full automatic controlling device,
  • Cool running turntable allows for hours of use,
  • Quiet motor leaves sanity intact,
  • check
    Forward and reverse motor ensure deep cleaning,
  • check
    Eye-catching and strong design.


  • Price little bit high.

What to look for? Best record cleaners Buying Guide

If we check some function before select our device, we can select the best ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning machine undoubtedly. If you have used vinyl record cleaner before, you know better. Here we are indicating those points for our visitor's convenience.

1st of all check the power of your device:
You can buy an ultrasonic or vacuum system device. If you buy an ultrasonic device, check it wave generating capacity. Whenever you select vacuum cleaner, check its vacuum generating capacity wisely.

Does it capable to clean both sides at once?
You can avoid this point in maintaining your budget. But if you have the funds, you should go with this feature. It will not only save your time; it provides better performance for your new vinyl.

It is a sensitive issue. If your cleaner generates too much loud during work, it may be break attention. Some device generates too much noise. Avoids those noisy products.

Automatic Vinyl Cleaner:
Latest cleaners come with the feature of the fully automatic cleaning process. You can buy a manual or semi-manual device too but automatic devices are undoubtedly best record cleaning machine.

After Sale Service:
Warranty and sale service is always important for any electronic products. We suggest you buy a vinyl cleaner with the at least one-year service warranty.

Is it OK to clean vinyl records with alcohol?

We would not suggest you use alcohol as record cleaner. It can damage PVC. Better you use cleaning solution. You may see many experts are providing tips to clean with alcohol, actually, it doesn’t work as you want. So avoid it.

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