Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are the real deal; you won't understand unless you buy one. However, great music comes only from a fresh and clean vinyl record. You can't get the warm tone and nostalgic sound from a dirty recorder. Dust and dirt not only dilute sound quality, but it can also lead to permanent damages.

Hence, your recorder requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, there is some best way to clean vinyl records. Yes, you can clean your kit following these simple ways.

In this article, we'll discuss the most-used and efficient methods of cleaning vinyl records. You can try any of them which satisfy your needs. However, read on further to get a sparkling and fresh vinyl record.

Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records

Like we said before, there are plenty of options that are available for vinyl record cleaning. They all are not sufficient, though. How do you know which vinyl cleaning method lead to vinyl enlightenment and which to frustration?

No worries, we've analyzed lots of tried and tested cleaning methods. Finally, here we'll discuss some of the efficient ways of vinyl cleaning. Let's know them.

How To Clean Vinyl Records With Ultrasonic Cleaner?

One of the best and popular ways of cleaning vinyl cleaner is ultrasonic cleaning. It's a process where a high-frequency sound wave creates cavitation bubbles in a cleaning agent. The bubbles produce a high force that can effectively clean vinyl records.

Here is how to clean vinyl record with ultrasonic cleaner:

1. Fill the Ultrasonic Cleaner

At first, you need to fill the tank of your ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water. We recommend distilled water because it doesn't contain impurities, which may harm your record. Remember, the depth of the tank should be good enough to dip your vinyl record partially.

2. Free Excess Gases in the Cleaner

After filling the distilled water in the cleaner, you may want to degas your ultrasonic cleaner. Even distilled water can have stuck gases, which can lessen its effectiveness. So, run the degas-cycle in your ultrasonic cleaner, if any. Or else, you can turn on the ultrasonic cleaner for about 10 minutes.

3. Clean Your Record

It's time to wipe off your records. Before putting the vinyl record into the tank, wipe both sides of the vinyl record with a soft cloth. Then rotate the fabric around your vinyl records to clean the dirt from the grooves. The towel should be lint-free. You can also try a record cleaning brush at this point.

4. Dip Your Record

Now, dip the record in the tank and then run a pen over the hole in the center. When the vinyl record is placed in the center, rest the pen through the top of your tank.

Then turn on the cleaner. Leave the record for two minutes in a specific position and then rotate it to dip the next section. Do it until you cover the entire perimeter of your vinyl record. Repeat the same for another vinyl record.

5. Dip Dry Your Record

Once your vinyl records are cleaned, keep then separately in your dish rack. After a particular time, the water will vanish and see the magic!

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How To Clean Vinyl Records With Isopropyl Alcohol?

Do you need a deep cleaning? Here comes a great solution. We are talking about isopropyl alcohol, which is excellent to remove trapped dirt and gunk. But wait!

There is some contentious debate as well when it comes to using pure isopropyl alcohol. Yes! Using pure isopropyl alcohol can be harmful; we have got an excellent solution for it.

Instead of using pure isopropyl alcohol, you can make your solution. Then mix three-part of distilled water with one-part of isopropyl in a medium-sized bowl. Now mix a few drops of dishwashing soap with it.

Now place your record on a cleaning mat, which is made of cork. You can get them from record stores. Make sure the cleaning mat is designed to use with water.

Then sprinkle the solution over the surface of your record. Spread it with a soft and clean towel. Or else, you can take a few drops on the cloth and apply it on the surface of the record.

Finally, wipe it with a clean microfiber towel across the record and grooves. Make sure that the internal part of the slots is well-cleaned.

How to Clean Vinyl Record with Home Remedies?

You can also clean your vinyl record without breaking the budget. All you need is some home equipment for cleaning. To do so, you'll need:

  • Dish soap
  • Record cleaning brush/pad
  • Washcloths
  • Warm water
  • Rubber gloves

The Cleaning Steps

Whenever you have these elements, start following these steps:

1. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of detergent. Mix it well and make a soapy solution,

2. Put your record in the soapy solution and move the edges with your palm,

3. When your record is entirely wet with a soapy solution, then take the brush. Put the brush over the vinyl record and turn it in a circular motion. Do according to the grime in the vinyl record,

4. Once the record is cleaned on both sides, then put it in the sink. Rinse it with cold water. Don't touch the vinyl record with the hand; instead, use your palm to flip,

5. Now turn off the tap and take a washcloth in both hands. Hold the record with one hand and dry it off with another washcloth,

6. The surface is dry, and then presses the washcloth on the labels. Once both the exterior and label is dry, put it on the cardboard sleeve to let it dry completely.

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Best Way to Clean Vinyl Record With Windex

How To Clean Vinyl Records with Windex?

Windex is a worthwhile and stress-free option. It can efficiently clean your vinyl record. However, there is an argument between using and not using Windex. Some people say Windex is harmful to cleaning vinyl records; it may be abrasive to the record.

Well, they are partially correct. It can be sometimes harmful only if you use it directly. Or if you mix a curtained amount of distilled water, then it is safe for any recorder. Here's how:

  • Take a mixture of Windex and water solution in a bowl,
  • Use a soft record brush to clean the surface and grooves of the record,
  • Put your recording kit over the cleaning mat or turntable. Place the brush over the record surface with the mixture on it,
  • Once there is no dirt left, take a microfiber towel to mop it completely.

There you have it! Though it looks clean, there is a chance for crackles and pops. So, this is up to you as we won't recommend this with a guarantee.

Final Thoughts

In whichever way you are cleaning, make sure it suits your device. We describe all possible Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records need a fresh start to ensure the best sound quality. To avoid frequent cleaning, you can use a carbon fiber brush to remove dust.

However, be careful while cleaning to prevent any permanent damages.

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