Best Way to Store Costume Jewelry to Keep from Tarnishing

Having different types of jewelry means you need extra care to store them. We should not mix up gold with silver or antique jewelry. Naturally, we take extra care of valuable metals. But we should also take care of other jewelry too.

If you observe, you will see Costume Jewelry tarnishes quickly. Do you think about why it happened? Generally, we don’t take it seriously like gold or other valuable metals. Though we like it and love it to wear. Costume/ fake jewelry is known as fashion jewelry.

This article will describe the Best Way To Store Costume Jewelry and how to keep costume jewelry from tarnishing.

What is Costume Jewelry?

Costume Jewelry made with inexpensive gems. There is a wide range of materials are used for making costume jewelry. We can called which jewelry is made with cheap metals as imitation, crystals, semi-precious stones, cubic zircon simulated diamonds etc. are costume jewelry.

How Important is Storing Costume Jewelry?

In some terms, costume jewelry is useful than valuable metals. We can wear them regularly. Fake ornaments are cool. It helps us to be fashionable at a lower price. So isn't it useful? Isn't it essential to taking care of costume jewelry?

Yes, costume gems are better considering a few terms, and we cannot neglect them at all. If we don't store it properly, it will lose its original color. It will get tarnish and lose a shiny outlook.

So if you love your silver piece, you should keep it properly in a safe place. You also need to clean your costume jewelry. Actually, we should clean and store every kind of metal in a safe place. Here in this article, we will see how to store fake jewelry.

Pro Tips: Costume jewelry does not tarnish or lose color if you spray a light coating clear gloss on these metals. So you can stream it on the jewelry before store your costume piece for the best result.

How to Take Care of Fashion Jewelry?

Taking care of these types of metal is easy. You only need to wash it regularly and store it in a safe place. You have to sensible about a scratch during the manual cleaning process.

For cleaning these types of metal, you can follow traditional methods.

But we always suggested an automatic cleaning device to clean any type of jewelry.

You can also follow the subsequent process. This method needs a bowl with warm water, pH balanced and Homemade ultrasonic cleaning solution for jewelry. You should avoid those solutions which contain alcohol, vinegar or acid.


Soak the piece of costume in the bowl for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you can use a silver scrubbing cloth or soft fabric to wipe it completely.

Dryness is crucial. You also can use a microfiber cloth or thick cotton towels. You have to ensure your costume jewels are fully dry before store it.

The Perfect way to Store Safely

You can follow the different idea to store fake ornaments. You can also store these metals like other gems storing method. We write another piece of content about How To Store Jewelry. You can also take an idea from there. In bellow we share a specific idea, let’s check it.

Storing Fake Ornaments

Suppose you choose a container to store your fake jewelry. Line it with anti-tarnish paper. Now put your costume piece in it. I like to suggest you use an anti-tarnish paper and don’t put multiple pieces in one container. It causes discoloration and sometime tarnish.

Can you use a Classic Jewelry Box? It is safe to use a specific box to store any kinds of metals. If you have a limited budget, you can make your own jewelry box using paper.

Caution: When you don’t use them, keep the lid closed and store the box/ other kinds of the container in a safe place.


It protects costume silver from dust and keeps them safe from sun ray. Moreover, there is very little risk to break your favorite piece if you put them in covering the box.

Pro TipsYou do a lot to keep ornaments safe. Don’t clean it with baking soda. You can use baking soda to clean other metals like gold but don’t apply it on costume metals.


Hope by reading these pieces of information, you found the right way to store costume jewelry. So keep smart and become more fashionable with your favorite gems.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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