CharMiner 600ML Professional Jewelry, RIngs, Eyeglass etc Cleaner

Char Miner 600ML is a multipurpose cleaning device. It is one of the best jewelry cleaner considering the budget. By using this device, you can clean all kinds of valuable ornaments, eyeglasses, watches, necklace, rings, dentures items etc. and many more household items. In this article, we describe its feature. If you are looking for the professional ultrasonic cleaner, you should have to check the features of this device. For more information, check our all Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Reviews with the buying guide.

What is Char Miner Professional 600ML ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Char Miner is a 600ML professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaning device. You can purchase this device for different kinds of reason. Its cleaning performance is very well. Moreover, it does not only clean your valuable ornaments. It also can clean all types of ornaments and different kinds of household items. Char Miner this cleansing device doesn’t consume much electricity.


Performance details

This ornaments cleaning device can clean the jewelry without any harm. The jewelry looks shine and sparks again just after cleaning by this cleaning device. This professional cleaner use only taps water to complete the cleaning process. It has 18 pre-cleaning cycles for perfectly clean. This multipurpose cleansing device takes 90 seconds to 30 minutes for better cleaning. It’s cleaning time very on an item.  It has cooling technology if it got much heat after work.

The Charminer 600 ml professional cleaner has 20 oz. stainless tank capacity for better cleaning. It can clean all types of ornaments. It has steel, gold, diamond, silver, and others application cleaning technology. This cleaning machine can clean many types of household item beside any valuable ornaments. Its cleaning process can clean the jewelry properly.

It has high energy savings power technology. In this device, one of the special features is frequency sounds wave technology. So it does not make much noise. Another latest feature is auto on-off timer technology.

It is the eco-friendly machine. The model of this Char Miner professional cleaner is not much big so the users can set it in any convenient place. You can clean any sized ornaments using it. For better cleaning performance, you may need to add some detergent. Though you can clean without any kinds of cleaning solution.

This professional precious metal cleansing machine is really great for commercial and home use.  You can use this machine in the jewelry shop, hospital, home, office, laboratory, electric workshop, glass shop, clock and watch shop and also can use in a dental shop. It can wash your ornaments without damaging your valuable ornaments. It has digital cleaning mode.

Why you buy this 600ml Charminer professional ornaments cleaner?

Char Miner Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Washer works very well. It’s 20 oz. water capacity stainless steel can clean all size of rings, chain, necklace etc. So we confidently suggest our visitors buy this ultrasonic device. By using, this device, anyone can clean all relevant household items without extra expense. So you should consider this device before making the final decision of purchasing other ornaments cleaners.

Key features

  • Its body constructed with a stainless steel body and it does not make noise,
  • The tank capacity of this device is 20 Oz,
  • You can clean all size rings, diamonds necklace any precious metal and many household items using this cleaning device,
  • It can produce 42,000 ultrasonic power,
  • Its cleaning power can clean from 90 seconds to 30 minutes.

Products description

  1. Product Dimensions: 20.6*15.2*13.2cm,
  2. Manufacturer: CHARMINAR,
  3. Frequency: 42,000Hz,
  4. Tank capacity: 600ml,
  5. You will get one watch holder with a device,
  6. It has the cooling technology.

What did we like?

  1. Its body and tank constructed with the stainless steel,
  2. Big tank capacity. It has almost 20 oz. (600 ml) tank capacity,
  3. It has 35W ultrasonic power for better scrubbing,
  4. Latest off on reset technology for setting pre timer,
  5. You should not need to use the cleaning solution.

What don’t we like?

  1. It has no warranty time.
  2. Its manual measuring allows 1-3 cm error.


1. What are the holes in basket size?

Answer: It is perfect for all kinds of jewelry. You can clean small kinds of rings easily on this basket.

2. Can I use this item for tattoo tool?

Answer: Nope. It works great on diamond metal.


Final Word

You should check all the products in the market and select what suited to your demand. We suggest you check all of our suggested jewelry cleaner following 

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If you have any further query to know, please hit on the comment box. We will try to provide the reply soon.

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