Gem Oro Sparkle Spa Pro 750ml Professional Cleaning Device

The GemOro’s is a well re-known company in Jewelry Cleaning industry. GemOro Pro Sparkle Jewelry Cleaner is one of the best product on the market, and the overall review is very high according to the real users. You can get the professional touch at home using the GemOro Sparkle Spa.

It has five cleaning cycle and digital time setting feature. Generally, it has all kinds of the latest feature like auto shun on-off technology, auto fill up water tank capacity and lot more function.

The water tank capacity is approximately 750ml. Here we are providing all the information about it in details. You can also check the others ultrasonic jewelry cleaner alongside it.

First of all, it is a great product according to its price, feature and overall performance. Moreover, it is costly to take professional service in jewelry cleaning. But you will get all kinds of the professional function on it. So using this product, you can clean your ornaments easily at home.

If you like to have budget ultrasonic device, then it is perfect for you. You can also check jewelry steam cleaner, if your budget is low.

The GemOro 1790 can provide accurate and perfect jewelry cleaning assistance. By using this machine, jewelry will look shiny as the new one. It is no not much large size, so it is easy to keep it in any suitable place. You can use it in your working place too.

By using this cleaning machine, we can clean many household items and also can clean various workshops item. So this machine can help to clean multiple items.

Why You Buy It?

At this modern age, we need a personal jewelry cleaner at our home. If you don't need an industrial grade device, we think you should check it feature.

GemOro Sparkle Spa is an excellent device for home use though you can also use it in your workplace. Let’s see its key features at a glance.

Key features

1. It has five different cleaning cycles and digital timer technology,

2. All essential element as a professional device,

3. It has automatically shut off technology,

4. This machine has approximate 25 oz (750 ml) water tank capacity,

5. The price is very standard within the low budget.

Products Description

1. This professional jewelry cleaning machine has an approximate 25 oz (750 ml) water tank capacity,

2. It produces 42000 Hz waves per second,

3. This machine’s dimension is 9 x 6.5 x 6.2 inches,

4. It’s shipping weight 3.2 pounds,

5. It has bright blue stainless LED tank.

It is Best for Home use. You also can apply this one for professional use. Here we are providing the date what we liked about it and what we didn't like of it on the chart table.


1. It will give you professional experience,

2. It has five automatic cleaning cycles,

3. This device has 25 oz. water tank capacity,

4. Its 42,000 Hz waves can reduce noise,

5. This device is suitable to clean all types of valuable ornaments,

6. You don't need to put jewelry cleaning solution.


1. It has no refund system.

Wrapping It Up

That's all about it. You have seen all the important things to consider is you buying it or not. But overall it is an excellent jewelry sterilization device. If you like its feature, check its price and make your decision.

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