GemOro brilliant spa reviews | Personal Size Jewelry Steam Cleaner

GemOro brilliant spa (Diamond Spa) personal sized Steam jewelry cleaner machine effective jewelry cleaning machine. By using this jewelry cleaning machine you can easily complete your cleaning workout at your home. You also can select this machine if you are searching steam jewelry cleaner for professional work. It can generate fairly 50 PSI steam pressure which is enough for clean any kinds of ornaments. You may know that cleaning the precious stones by the steam system is the reliable system. The GemOro brilliant spa can be your perfect steam jewelry cleaner considering its application and performance. We are describing is every single details and review. We expect our discussion on this product will help you to select best steam ornaments cleaners.

What is GemOro brilliant spa?

Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Sized Steam Cleaner is a jewelry washing device which can clean all kinds of ornaments in a decent way. This machine has all kinds of latest feature to make the cleaning process easier. If you intend to purchase a machine for cleansing your ornaments at home, you can select this machine.

Performance Details:

Powerful Steam Generating Capacity: Though it is best for home use, it comes with 50 PSI steam generating capacity. It is easy to clean any kinds of ornaments using this steam pressure. So its 50 PSI steam generating capacity makes the performance of this machine enough.

Suitable Tank Capacity: GemOro brilliant spa comes with 1-pint water holding capacity. You can clean small to large ornaments using this tank capacity.

LED light indicator: In this smart device, there is blue LED light to indicate when the machine is ready to start and when the cleaning process is completed.

Strong Construction: It is made of improved stainless steel accent panels. Baskets, water funnel, measuring cup everything is influential on this device.

Why you buy GemOro brilliant spa steam jewelry cleaner?

Though it is perfect for home use it is possible to use as the professional jewelry steam cleaner. By using GemOro brilliant spa device, your work will easy. It is easy to use.

Key Feature of the product:

  1. 50 PSI Steam Pressure producing capacity,
  2. 1 Pint water tank capability,
  3. Blue LED light indicator,
  4. Contemporary stainless steel accent panels,
  5. Simple lifting handles for moving,
  6. Perfect for cleans diamonds, gold, silver etc metals.

Product Description:

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 10 x 10 inches,
  • Item Weight: 3.9 pounds/ Ibs,
  • Shipping Weight: 12 pounds,
  • Manufacturer: GemOro,
  • Tank capacity: 1-Pint,
  • Steam Generating Capacity: 50 PSI.

What we liked:

1. This machine can generate very powerful steam,
2. It can clean everything from Jewelry,
3. Larger tank capacity.
4. Smart LED indicator.

What we didn’t like

1. It can't clean too many items at a time.


1. Is it safe for soft stone as sapphires?
Answer: Yes, you can clean these soft stone.
2. Would this be good for a diamond ring??
Answer: Yes, this device would be fine for any kinds of ring cleaning.
3. Can it clean costume jewelry?
Answer: No it is not recommended.
4. Can I clean my watch band?
Answer: Yes you can.
5. Will it work on tarnished silver?
Answer: If it has minor tarnish, you can clean those by using this steam cleaner. To protect your silver, you should use liquid silver cleaner.

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