GemOro Steamer Black Personal Jewelry Cleaner

Steamer Black is a steam system cleaning machine. Though it has sufficient professional features, it is best suitable for personal use at home. This one is small in size and easily portable. Its performance is very high in cleaning action. If you are willing to buy a steam controlled silver cleaner in this season, it will be a great choice; Especially, if you like to have it for personal use. In the bellow, you will get sufficient data to understand its quality. Even if you have any further query after reading our provided information, you can comment in below. We are committed to providing any relevant information according to your question. Moreover, you can check our other suggested products from, as this is one steam cleaner from our suggested ten best steam system silver/ jewels cleaner.

It is essentially home used ornaments cleaner. But you can clean many items applying its powerful steam pressure. So by owning it from GemOro, you can easily avoid to taking professional service from jewelers.

Powerful Steam Generating Capacity: We already said it, it is persuasive in action. It can produce 35 PSI steam pressure. It is not tremendous but enough to remove any kinds of spot and tarnish. Moreover, considering a small device which one is featured for personal use, the amount is more than sufficient. Isn't it? Hope so. We hope it will enough to clean all kinds of stain from your any kinds of ornaments or watches or any other relevant household items.

Small in Size: This steam system personal black jewels cleaner is simple and small in size. Being a personal using product, it may not require a significant size. Moreover, its other features are great and sufficient. You can carry it to one place to another place with less effort. As a personal user, you can select this device undoubtedly.

Auto LED Indicators: It is an advanced technology though now it is an essential feature. It has a built-in blue and green light indicator. Blue light indicates whenever the process is complete, and the green light is for reporting when the machine is ready to work. Hope it will make your work more professional at home.

High Tank Capacity: It has come with significant water holding capacity. Specially, considering its size, the tank capacity is enormous. It can hold 12.5 Oz. water so you can work smoothly.

Why You Buy It?

You can buy it for many reasons. Hope we already said almost all things and that’s enough to buy it, specially whenever you are looking for an individual using cleaner. And, yes its most important appliance as a home using a mini device. So if we ask, are you looking for a steam cleaner for home use and your answer is Yes. Then, this is enough to suggest you this one from our side. In most of the reason, we don't use our ornaments cleaner every day. So, it is ideal for home use.

The Key Features are at a Glance

  • 35 PSI Steam Generating Capacity,
  • Home used mini portable device,
  • 12.5 OZ. Tank Capacity,
  • Smart LED indicator.

Product Description

1. Weight: 3.5lbs
2. Shipping Weight: 5.9 Pounds
3. Manufacturer: GemOro,
4. Tank Capacity: 12.5oz,
5. Generate Steam: 35 PSI.

What We Liked

1. It is designed for concentrating individual’s consumer,
2. Generates 35 PSI steam pressure, enough as the personal jewelry cleaner,
3. Easy-lift handles for moving,
4. Lightweight machine.

What We Didn’t Like

1. It is tough to use this machine for professional purpose.


1. Does it support dual voltage system? 120 v and 240 v?
Answer: No. It supports only 120 volts.

2. Is it capable of washing small items? For example Finger Rings.
Answer: Yes. You can clean all your small jewelry using this device.

3. What's the difference between this one and a regular steam washer machine?
Answer: A household pressure steamer may need a little steam pressure to clean your jewelry. Moreover, you should need a cleaning solution. But it is made for cleaning jewelry, watches, dentures, etc items.

Wrapping It Up

Use a steam jewelry cleaner and clean all of your favorite jewelry carefully by yourself. It is risk free and effective. "You can check the method and risk of using jewelry cleaning by following this page From Wikipedia"

If you have any further question or doubt, please comment in below and let us know.

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