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If you are looking for a jewelry cleaner for home use only, Mini Magnasonic can be the best choice. It is a small but perfect low budget device. Here we are providing its performance details, reviews- ratings in details.

Note: We recommend to check out all suggested products. See others Best Jewelry Cleaner. Maybe you can see the best alternatives.

Magnasonic is a famous electronics products producing company. Mini magnasonic is one of their produced devices. It is renowned as home used mini magnasonic jewelry cleaner. Though it is a powerful device, this one is mainly made for home use.

Its performance details and other necessary information is written below. There are lots of more popular products from them. Another favorite product you can check, Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner.

Performance Details

Though it is a small home used the mini device, but it has all convenience as a pro device.

Professional Feature in Small Device

This small device has all the professional feature, and you will feel a professional touch using it. Mini magnasonic is a popular device.

Though it is small, it can work appropriately against all kinds of germs and stains. You can remove all types of dirt, grime, and spots efficiently using it. Moreover, you also can clean other items using this mini portable device.

It Can Clean Lots of Items

It can scrub eyeglasses, expensive watches, household items easily. The ultrasonic wave generating capacity is 42000 Hz, and it can clean without damaging the precious metals. You will enjoy proficient touch by using its 3 minutes cleaning cycle. So who loves to make their old jewelry shiny again can use it at their home.

Latest Technology

Auto shut on/off technology is another smart feature of it. You can use a liquid solution, but we think you don’t need to use an external solution or anything. The tank capacity of its 20 Oz. (600 ml). So within a short budget, we recommended this one for your home use.

Why You Buy This Feature Product?

For cleaning all types of jewelry, this mini device will be one of the best options. By using this cleaning machine, the buyers can clean all kinds of jewelry by him/ herself. It has ultrasonic power for perfect cleaning. Its large tank capacity can clean all sizes jewelry. So you can confidently own this.

Key Features

1. It is small but it has all professional features,

2. Mini Magnasonic can generate enough ultrasonic wave for clean all kinds of spot,

3. Its performance against all types of dirt, dust, and grimes will satisfy you,

4. You can clean other relevant items using it as watches, glasses, eyeglasses, and others precious metals,

5. It produces 42000 Hz ultrasonic wave per second,

6. This device equipped with all latest features as auto cleaning cycle, shut off technology,

7. Its stainless tank has 600 ml water capacity,

8. You don’t need to not use any harsh chemical or liquid jewelry cleaner,

9. It ultrasonic cleaning technology can clean all types and all shaped of jewelry.

Products Description

1. Its body makes plastic so easy to carry anywhere,

2. Its timer has 3-59 minutes adjustable,

3. Its Power Supply: AC 100-120V, 60Hz; AC 200-240V, 50Hz,

4. Tank Size: 155 x 95 x 52mm,

5. It generates 42,000 Hz energy waves per seconds,

6. It has auto shut of technology,

7. Its stainless tank has 20 oz. (600 ml) water capacity,

8. You will get some accessories with it as:

8.1 Ultrasonic Cleaner

8.2 Plastic Basket

8.3 Plastic Watch Stand

What Are the Popular Feature of This Product?

This device is suggested for home use only. Its overall rating is 3.7 (It may vary on extensive research). Its global editor's scores from us 87. Check its price and other convenience form the seller. Let's see what we liked and what we didn't like. It has no replacement warranty from the manufacturer and seller. But as a buyer, you can contact the seller for all types of manufacture support from the manufacturing company.


1. This magnasonic cleaner is not much significant, so it can be set in any place,

2. No need to use any harsh chemicals to complete the cleaning process,

3. It has 3 minutes cleaning cycle,

4. Its body made of plastic so easy to carry anywhere,

5. It has 3-59 minutes’ adjustable timer.


1. It has no warranty from Manufacture Company,

2. This device has no replacement warranty.


1. Does it require a cleaning solution?

Answer: You can add liquid solution but hope you don’t need any external solution.

2. Can I use it in my professional work?

Answer: We don’t recommend it for professional service. You can clean it for personal use.

Final Word

Within the low budget, Mini magnasonic jewelry cleaner perfect. Jewelry cleaner is now essential products. We can clean our coin, watches, gold or diamond jewelry using these devices. So if it meets your demand, check in details. You can also check 10 Best Steam Jewelry Cleaner.

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