How Often Should You Clean Your Gun?

Firearms need maintenance and cleaning for better performance. Cleaning your firearms is part of taking care of your weapons. Nowadays, it is an effortless task with a gun cleaning kit. As there are varieties of gun cleaner, including ultrasonic devices, make the process easier. But the important question is how often we need to clean the gun.

Generally, you should clean the guns after every use, every trip to the shooting range. You are not allowed at all to keep unclean firearms for a long while. If your gun comes in contact with water or moisture or other damaging elements, you should clean it immediately. These elements (corrosive ammunition, salt, dirt/ dust, etc.) caused the rifle's early damage.

Besides, you should clean the firearms within every few months even you don't use it.

Let's know how often to clean guns and relevant information.

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Why Do I Need to Clean My Weapon?

We clean any objects to protect them from damage and ensure it's survival. Whenever your firearms get dirt, it destroys the firearm's outer surface and functionality. Concerning weapons, generally, it causes carbon. So if we don't clean our gun regularly, it will not work correctly.

Let's see what happens if you don't take care of your firearms.

What Happens if I Don’t Clean my Weapons?

During firing time, lead, carbon, copper, etc. residue in the gun chamber or barrel. So if you don't clean it after shooting, the fouling residue builds up.

From where this fouling comes? Commonly, these come from the wad, powder, and bullets.

By the way, these are not the only reason to destroy the overall performance of a gun. Moisture and sweat also the cause of corrosive rust to damage the gun's outer surface.

That's why we should clean our weapons regularly and try to prevent the gun from heavy rusting. And it is regular work for a professional shooter.

The Big Question: How Often Should I Clean My Gun?

It depends on many things. Suppose you have a personal firearm. Now how often you have to clean it mainly depends on how often you use, your shooting frequency, etc. issue. But remember the thing you should clean it after every use.

Let's see more details:

Why Do I Need To Clean Gun After Every Performance?

It depends on many subjects. Generally, we suggest shooters clean their weapons after every use. But depending on the quality of ammunition, you can wait till it looks dirty.

So, you can say it depends on which types of ammo you are using. Let's see some details with different kinds of ammunition.

1. Using Corrosive Ammunition

Ammunition quality is a sensitive issue for the gun condition. Whenever you use corrosive priming, you need to clean it frequently. It is better to avoid cheap ammo.

If you use cheap ammo, you need to clean your firearms after any use. Even if you don't use it for a while, you have to clean it regularly. It is another principal reason to avoid corrosive ammunition. But if you use it, then better clean it periodically and after every use.

2. Boxer Primed Ammo

It is most using ammo at present—most of the military use this ammo. The Boxer Primed Ammo came out in the 1800s and didn't take so much to become popular ammo.

Most indoor shootings ranged prefer boxer primed ammo. You don't need to clean the gun after every use when you use this kind of ammo.

3. Berden Primed Ammo

Berden Primed Ammo is designed in the USA, but this ammunition is generally not popular in the USA. It is not corrosive. Which gun use these types of ammo will not need to clean a lot more often.

4. Other Primers

Nowadays, most of the primers are Lead Styphnate based. This type of ammo is popular because it does not leave much debris on firearms. You don't need to clean immediately after practice or firing.

Generally, this is the main reason for its popularity over the USA and a whole over the present world.

Important Note:

Note: Be cautious and sincere at gun cleaning time. We recommend wearing safety gear while you are going to do this job. You need to take an eye protector, ear protector, and gloves.

Moreover, you have to ensure the place where you do this task is clean and well ventilated because some solvents are dangerous and unsafe for breath.

Also, you can check the Gun Cleaning Procedure with professional tools.

Final Word

Do you think it is an irritation work? Not at all. Cleaning firearm is easy to work. You need to be cautious.

People who don’t know how to clean it at home find the job difficult. But ultrasonic gun washer makes the process very easy. Hope it will be easy work for you.

Jonathon Rayan

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