How to Clean a Gun Barrel

If you are a gun owner, I am sure you love it very much. I see lots of people who love their gun very much like their pet. If you want to use over your age, you should take care of it properly. It is not wise to clean the whole gun. It may damage your gun or ruin its accuracy. That's why people usually clean its separate parts. Here we will describe how to clean a gun barrel. I have written another article on full gun cleaning process by ultrasonic gun cleaner. You can check here: best ultrasonic gun cleaner machine

What is Gun Barrel?

It is a crucial part of ranged weapons as example artillery pieces, small firearms, air guns etc. Gun barrel is like a straight-shooting tube. It is made of heavy metal. A high-pressure gas via propellant combustion is expanded behind a missile for launch at a high velocity.

Step by Step Gun Barrel Cleaning Technique

Gun barrel cleaning is not similar to a pistol barrel cleaning process. The rifle needs higher pressure than pistol Moreover it jacketed bullets at more high velocity. That's why it is more difficult to clean a gun barrel than most other pistol barrels. Whenever you are going to start the cleaning process, you should make sure the rifle is empty of cartridges and bolt. There are lots of quality solvents are available in the market. You can spray any good quality solvent to wash the bolt.

It is best that fouling is removing with few chemical. It is better for you to apply gun cleaner liquid. After that, keep the patch on the jag. Now what? Put the mixture on the patch. Continue this process through the bore from till chamber end. Now change the bore brush in the appropriate caliber and run a wet patch. In this process, the nasty stuff will push out. It is time to run another soaked patch through the bore. It will chemically dissolve the copper fouling in the bore.

At the bolt cleaning process, scrub it with solvent and toothbrush. Dry it with high air pressure to completely dry. The barrel cleaning process is not so much easy, hm? Ok, If you let the solution work and same time, wet another patch and push it on the bore, some time will save. All rifles barrel is not the same functionality. So keep patience and complete one by one cleaning process.

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