How to Clean Vinyl Records with Soap and Water?

The Vinyl record is basically a disc that is made for record music. It was a prevalent music recording method in the 20th Century. Whenever the digital optical disc data storage system has come in the 1980s, it superseded the vinyl recording system. Till the 1990s, Its fame was skyrocketed.

Although the process was in the manner of extinction in the 21st Century, Sony decided to make it again. They already proved, their decision was right. In 2007, 200 Billion vinyl recorders were sold worldwide. It is increasing day by day.

You can check this article to view a clear graph.

As a Cleaning Blog, we will describe how to clean a vinyl record. In this piece of content, we will discuss a few free methods. Let's have the details, how to clean vinyl records with soap and water.

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How Does Vinyl Record work?

If you know how does vinyl record works, you will quickly understand the cleaning processes. That's why we are talking at this point.

In the vinyl record, the sound travels in waves. The waves created are simply a vibration in a medium that is usually through the air, sometimes water, glass, and other mediums. Vinyl is an analog recording of those sound systems.

How Does Music Get Into the Vinyl Record?

The Vinyl record works through a needle which is usually tipped with a diamond or something very hard. Furthermore, it rests on the record as it spins on a turntable. In this recording system, the grooves contain the image of a sound.

As the record starts to spin, the needle moves across those little grooves. The moving needle actually, runs a small magnet inside the coil of wire which induces current, and the current travels through the speaker.

Cleaning Vinyl Records With Soap And Water

As the Vinyl record is a musical instrument, it needs proper cleaning. So that, the dirt on the disk, couldn’t able to make the record damaged. But in this cleaning process, one must keep in mind an important issue. A little scratch can ruin the whole music system by destroying the tiny grooves.

Note: There are lots of cleaning processes available. We describe our favorite record cleaning process in another article. Among all, check the Best Way To Clean Vinyl Records.

Cleaning Records With Soap And Water In A Sink

To clean a vinyl record with water, at first one must need a large clean sink where one can quickly dip the whole vinyl record properly.

Before starting the process, you should clean the sink. It is essential to take a little bit of washing liquid and should clean the sink first. A clean sink can save a vinyl record from getting damaged. Sink washing is important because it can wash off all the greasiness from the sink.

After applying the washing liquid in the sink, clean it with foam. At last, rinse it properly with lukewarm water.

How Does a Vinyl Cleaning Happen in the Sink?

Before started cleaning the vinyl record, medium storage of lukewarm water in the sink is needed. Then in the stored water, one needs to mix some washing liquid. Later, one should dip the vinyl record into the sink very cautiously so that no scratch can create accidentally.

To clean the vinyl record, one needs a soft, not so greasy, and neat and clean brush that can clean the record but not scratch it.

How to Use a Cleaning Scrubber?

After putting the dirty record in the sink, one should start cleaning the disc with velvety foam. But one should keep in mind that one only need to clean it thoroughly, but not to rub it. After cleaning one side of the vinyl record, turn it over and clean the other side. All one needs is to wipe it thoroughly.

Note: Professional device has a great feature of cleaning both sides of a vinyl record at once. It cans easier your cleaning process. Check such kinds of Best Record Cleaning Machine here.

How to Dry a Vinyl Record?

After cleaning the Vinyl record, drying is a vital process. A sizeable clean towel can be a good dryer for it. Cover the record with the towel. But instead of rubbing it, all one needs is to dab it thoroughly. It will take the entire watery element from it. Drying should be a long process. After drying, one should consider the vinyl disc in front of the cooler, which will help the record dry thoroughly.

So, the vinyl record is something that a pure music lover only can cherish. Many DJs’ are randomly using it at their parties.


Cleaning vinyl record is accessible especially if you apply the proper cleaning system. We described its cleaning process. Here we provide a correct answer to the question, How to Clean Vinyl Records with Soap and Water.

It is comfortable but sensitive. So keep calm during the cleaning time. A simple mistake can ruin your recorder. It is our last suggestion for you.

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