How To Clean White Gold Diamond Rings

The Cleaning Guide of White Gold Diamond Rings and other Jewelry Ornaments: White Gold and Diamond rings are the popular choices for the wedding, engagement rings etc. It is famous for its bright outlook. It is not difficult to care for white gold and diamond jewelry, but you need to pay extra attention when you go for clean it. In this article, we will describe how to care for white gold jewelry and the best possible cleaning methods.

Different kinds of way to Cleaning White Gold Rings

Not only white gold diamond rings but also all kinds of jewelry ornaments gets dull by using them on a regular basis. There are lots of techniques to clean the jewelry ornaments as

1. We can clean it at home by using the home remedy,
2. By taking professional service,
3. Using jewelry cleaning machine.

Clean White Gold Diamond Rings Using Home Remedy

People use lots of things like Vinegar, platinum soda, toothpaste, vodka to clean white gold rings. We don’t describe the method of cleaning your valuable jewelry rings by using these elements. Actually, most of the public don’t want to use these things on their precious ornaments. You can clean these using detergent and warm water. It is the simplest way and so useful in most of the general issue.

The steps are written in bellow:

1. In this method, we will use 5 ml of dish soap and one qt. (1.1 l) Warm water. By mixing these elements correctly, put your white gold, diamond rings or other jewelry on it and wait 10 to 15 minute.

2. Most of the jewelry will clean by following the 1st step. If your ornaments have heavy grime and tarnish, you need to do something more. A soft brush and cleaning solution can help in this occasion. It will work better if you brush on the tarnish by mixing cleaning solution on the spot.

3. After using all natural technique, clean it by hot water and dry it using the soft towel.

Check your jewelry carefully for loose stones. Each of the stone is valuable. If you see anything going wrong, stop the process immediately. You should do it on every cleaning occasion. You can use jewelry box. See How to make a jewelry box at home.

Clean Ornaments by taking Professional Jewelry Cleaning Service

Actually, it is the easiest method. 🙂 The only problem is money. Yes, it is effective and professional jewelers can clean your white gold diamond jewelry rings in a decent way. You will gain your ring back as the new one at most of the occasion. But it is very expensive because naturally we use jewelry especially rings on a regular basis. So it will be expensive to take the service on a regular basis.

We have another good solution as two kinds of jewelry cleaning machine are available in the market. They are Steam jewelry cleaning machine and Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. By using the jewelry cleaning machine you can clean any kind of jewelry including white gold diamond rings. You can buy it for $30 to $200. Check best Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine and Steam Jewelry Cleaning Machine. It is easy to use at home and you will get instant result. See how to use an ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner.

Clean White Gold Diamond Jewelry Using The Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution is also very useful. You can use it when you use cleaning machine. Moreover, when you wash your jewelry rings by following home remedy, it is much more effective than use detergent or other elements.

Clean Diamond Rings

What not to use during the cleaning procedure

It is a sensitive part of our view. There are lots of sites suggest many things. They are not stopped by suggesting; they are also making the video using these elements. Toothpaste, vinegar, Windex etc. are standard from these elements. At this point, we suggest you use your general knowledge. For example, Vinegar is acidic, and that can harm your jewelry badly. So why will you follow someone if he or she suggests you to use for cleaning your valuable jewelry? Don’t use these creepy elements. Furthermore, don’t boil your jewelry. It is also harmful to many kinds of ornaments.

Keep your white gold safe

White gold is sensitive, and it is best if can keep your white gold jewelry safe. Don’t use any rash chemical to clean it. Best practice: Use your ornaments carefully and don’t let it get dull. Don’t wear white gold during the bath. You can also avoid detergent during cleaning time. We recommended using a jewelry cleaning solution to clean your precious ornaments.

What to Do If You’re White Gold Ring Is Scratched

Scratch is the worst thing for any kinds of jewelry. It doesn’t vanish in a general way. The best way on this occasion is to take the professional service. Jewelers will polish on the scratch. It is an easy solution, and by plating on your white gold, it will look like as a new one.

We all love to wear jewelry ornaments. Jewelry ornaments make our fashion life smart, but dull jewelry kills that. If we use the ornaments safely, it is not easy to change the color or grow to tarnish on it. So use ornaments safely especially white gold and diamond jewelry.

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