How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling in the Jewelry box?

Untangling necklace or other jewelry is a hassle. Generally, we store our jewelry in drawer or jewelry boxes. In the small box, they tangled up easily. We can untangle jewelry, but it is better to avoid tangling them. You can untangle them (in a jewelry box) following few tricks. Do you know, how to keep necklaces from tangling in the jewelry box? If you don't know till now, let it know with us.

Few creative ideas to avoid tangling jewelry in jewelry box

Generally, jewelry tangled in a jewelry box when they wrap around each other. But it can be solved following a few tricks.

Plastic Bags: At first, you can use separate plastic bags. It is the most natural way to make sure that all jewelry is different from each other. But all types of plastic are not suitable for jewelry. For example, you can never store pearl jewelry in a plastic bag. It will damage the outer surface of your ornaments.

Plastic straws: It is also useful to separate one ornaments from another. Here we describe all things need to do to use plastic straws. At first, you have to cut a few straws in half. Then, feed necklaces, chain or bracelets through those straws. It is better if jewelry can be cliched shut. Finally, you can put the silver filled straws in a jewelry box. In this way, you can also store it in your drawer or other secure places.

By using a key holder: It is a very easy process. You can set it wardrobe inside or above the dresser. Put ornaments like the ring, chain, bracelet, necklace, etc. above individual key hooks. It is best practice for regular using ornaments. So you can put precious ornaments in jewelry box easily.

Use Unused teacups: It is best for keeping little items like bracelets, rings, etc. It is a pretty work. Take few unused teacups out of the cupboard and lining them on your unit. Then put jewelry in each and keep all item separate from each other

The jewelry box is costly. We pay a significant amount to buy jewelry box to keep our precious gems safe and untangled. But you can make your own jewelry box at home. Check This Article to know how to make a jewelry box at home.

How do you untangle layered necklaces?

There are lots of ways to untangle layered necklaces. But as usual, are here with the easiest method for our visitors. And it is lubricating oil. Yes, by using lubricating oil you can untangle layered necklaces. At first, clear the workstations and take something flat but hard surface. You can simply use a wood table. Then untie your favorite chain and extend out it. Then you need to add lubricant to the nub and put the knot with needles to clean correctly. Is it a hard process? Hope not for you.

How to Keep Necklaces from Tangling at Wearing?

There are a few simple solutions to keep necklaces from tangling while wearing them. But the solution for what? First, need to know how jewelry tangle while we wear them — it is mainly the reason themselves. Necklace or other jewelry got tangle when mixing each other. So the first things we need to apart them from each other. So what can we do?

We can wear necklaces in different lengths. It is the easiest method. So technically you can mix chain in different lengths like the long one with short one. Similarly, you can wear jewelry of different weights. You can buy a necklaces spacer too. It is a simple solution. You can use it without worry and can get the best result.

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