How to Make a Jewelry Box Out of Paper?

Making a box out of paper is a tricky but easy method. By following a few simple steps, anyone can learn how to make a jewelry box out of paper.

We do lots of things to Protect Valuable Jewelry as we clean precious gems regularly, store them in a secure place, etc. We do all the things to make them shiny forever.

Besides gold, diamond, etc. precious metals, everyday jewelry also deserve some care. If we can take a little care, you can use it for a long time. As you know, jewelry boxes are costly, so we can make our own jewelry box for these metals with paper.

Let's do it by following simple steps:

What Is The Jewelry Box?

The beautiful boxes which are made to hold jewelry are known as jewelry boxes. You will notice different kinds of boxes to have jewelry made with various types of elements. The purpose of those boxes to accommodate precious stones and keep them sparkly as the new one.

Usually, these boxes are beautiful to look at, and women love to fill the box with stylish and precious ornaments. Women know the value of it 😀

Here we will describe “how to make a jewelry box out of paper?” in the simple method.

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Make Your Own Jewelry Boxes

There are lots of beautiful boxes available in the market. So you can easily buy anytime from a market or online store. But if you can make your own jewelry boxes at home, will you enjoy it?

We hope so. So let's build a jewelry box following a few simple processes simple.

Before knowing more details, you should have an idea about different kinds of boxes. There are different kinds of boxes. We add some types to all in bellow:

Different Kinds of the Jewelry/ Gift Boxes

1. Lighted jewelry boxes
2. Musical jewelry boxes
3. Stack-able jewelry boxes
4. Mirrored jewelry boxes
5. Lockable jewelry boxes
6. Luxe ribbon jewelry boxes
7. Cotton-filled jewelry boxes

8. Lift top jewelry boxes
9. Individual jewelry storage box
10. Rotating jewelry boxes
11. Removable tray jewelry boxes
12. Velvet jewelry boxes
13. Leather/Faux leather jewelry boxes
14. Metal jewelry boxes etc.

How to Make a Jewelry Box out of Paper?

You can buy gorgeous jewelry boxes from an online shop or retails shop. Musical boxes, handmade wooden jewelry boxes, leather jewelry boxes, etc. are really very beautiful.

But if you want to build a jewelry box by yourself, you can easily make it using the paper box.

Last update on 2023-10-31

Materials You Need to Use

1. Velvety scrapbook paper,
2. Paper cutting tool,
3. Mod Podge (regular or matte),
4. Clippers,
5. Ruler,
6. Pencil,
7. Tissue paper,
8. Pretty ribbon.

Procedure To Make The Box With Paper And Other Elements

Do you ever make the gift box without of scrapbook paper? Actually, we will make a jewelry box following a similar technique. Here we will describe the whole method using several steps for your convenience.

STEP 1: Process the Paper

Jewelry is made of heavy metal, so you should use stiff paper to make the box. It is a nearly similar process to making a gift box with paper.

First, take a measurement of what size you want to make. Then measure the paper and draw an “X” across the paper in the backside and turn your paper into a diamond shape.

Note: If your paper is thin, make it thick by adding several papers with glue. You will not be capable of using this as a jewelry box if you don’t make it hard enough to hold ornaments.

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Last update on 2023-10-31

STEP 2: Fold Four Sides

Now leave left, and the right side turns in and folds all four sides. Folds the two sides (left and right) at the center point. Then unfold the whole paper and fold the bottom corner at the center point.

STEP 3: Finish the Process

By completing the first two steps, cut the fold and up the edge of the cornet side. Turn down the tips on the flaps and turn the side in. Follow the video, it will help to understand well. Done?

Now fold creased in the little side flap and mod podge side flaps, grab the two flaps.

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Will We Able To Make A Gift Box Following the Same Method?

You will found lots of ways to make a gift box out of paper or with paper. But it is the simplest way to make a gift box too. So you can follow this method also to make your Favorite gift box.

If you need further tips on making a colorful and attractive jewelry box, let us know this in the comment box. We will try to details published on this topic soon.

Wrapping It Up

Jewelry is always valuable to us. You can buy a gorgeous jewelry box, but sometimes people love to do something by themself. So you can have a try to make it at home because now you know "How to Make a Jewelry Box Out of Paper or with paper."

If you are willing to make a jewelry box at home, we think this guideline will help you to make it quickly at home.

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