Let’s See How to Organize Jewelry?

Do you know how to organize Jewelry decently? There are lots of ways and lots of products to keep Jewelry safe. In this article, we will discuss the 9 Best Ways to Organize Jewelry.

One's dressing corner tells how organized the person is! Indeed. It showcases how colorful you are! The dilemma comes when your jewelry collection becomes vast. It becomes hard to trace every single piece.

Imagine a situation, you are getting ready for an event, and suddenly, you forget where you kept the matching ornaments. At that moment, you are desperately looking for it here and there. Finally, what you get are a tangled necklace and damaged earrings.

Such situations are really frustrating. We understand. That's why we will guide you with some exciting tips for organizing your ornaments. You don't have to take too much hassle to organize your Jewelry.

How to Organize Jewelry?

With few equipment and techniques, you can make your jewelry easily reachable. Let’s know different ways to organize your jewelry.

1. Buy Jewelry Box

The easiest and best way to organize your jewelry is by buying a jewelry box. It has dedicated places to keep your jewelry. Jewelry boxes come in different sizes and designs with a variety of storage options.

You may want to keep all your rings, earrings, and necklace in separate sections. Also, jewelry boxes protect your ornaments from outside threats. The most jewelry box has a locking option so that you can lock your valuable jewels.

Once you become habituated to keep jewelry in boxes, it becomes easier to find when needed. Along with organizing, it enhances the lifespan of your valuable jewelry.

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Organize Jewelry at Jewelry Box

2. Use Wall Cabinet or DIY Wall-Tree

To organize jewelry more conveniently, you may want to use a ready-made wall cabinet. You'll find a range of options for wall cabinet in the market. These cabinets are sleek, and it has a hanging hook inside for storing bracelets or necklaces.

Or else, you can customize your own wall cabinet and wall tree as well. It will be the best option as you can customize according to your jewelry. Wall tree is also a good option for storing rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

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Organize Jewelry at Safe Box

3. Use Square Compartments

You may want to use square compartments to organize things in different compartments. Keep small earrings in a small chamber and bracelet, necklace in the large compartment.

These compartments are readily available inside the jewelry. Or else, you can make your own according to your needs.

4. Use Glass Bottle as a Bracelet or Watch Holder

One of the quick and stylish ways to organize your bracelet or watch is by using a glass bottle. Keep the bottle above the dressing table, so you can quickly get it.

Bottle Jewelry Organizer

5. Make DIY Chevron Earring Board

Try chevron earring board for organizing all your earrings. It looks trendy yet functional. You can make your own chevron board using only a few things. Take a photo frame and a heavy cloth piece.

Cut the fabric according to the size of the photo frame. Attach the fabric with the frame using glue. Now your chevron earring board is ready. In this way, you can keep all your earrings in one place.

6. Use Small Storage Drawer

You may also want to keep your jewelry in small storage drawers. These drawers have separate spaces. You can store individual ornaments in a particular drawer. Use craft store foam inside the drawer to insert earrings. Similarly, keep other jewelry in other boxes.

7. Use Metallic Muffin Dice

This idea seems weird but genuinely useful. You can use separate metallic muffin dice inside the drawer of the dressing table. Keep different ornaments in different dice.

To keep the dice stable, you may want to fix them with glue. Thus, your jewelry won’t spread all around. You can also use an ice cube tray inside the drawer for earrings and rings.

8. Keep Your Jewelry Visible

All your jewelry pieces deserve their own spot and slot. Keep them accordingly to avoid breakage, misplacement, tangle, and lost. Keep them in a place that is open and easy to view.

Also, you may want to use jewelry boxes with transparent covers. It provides easy access, and you can find your jewelry within seconds.

Protect Your Investment

Finally, it is better to store the most valuable jewelry into a locked jewelry box. Keep the box inside the cabinet. Thus, those sets of ornaments won’t mess up with regular-used ones.

Similarly, keep your everyday jewelry over the dressing table.

Final Words

In all the described ways, you can ensure the longest life of your jewelry. So, don’t panic about owning a vast collection of jewelry.

Every piece of jewelry is like a biography; it states a lot about you. So, keep it sorted, untangled, and ready for beautifying.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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