How to Remove Earrings with Safety Backs?

Earrings can make you feel unique, even in its small size. In this era of modernity, people love to wear it every day – especially young girls. But, the most annoying thing about it is when earring back gets stuck.

Mostly, it happens when you pierce your ears for the first time and wear earrings with safety backs. Safety back earrings are also known as starter earrings. That's why children commonly use it.

When it stuck, you can feel the pain. We will discourse on how to remove earrings with safety backs in a fashion way. Here we come with some supportive tips to help you.

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How to Remove Earrings with Safety Backs?

Mostly, safety back earrings feature a locking clutch design with a rounded back. It designs in a way that holds the hoops securely in place. As the name implies, this type of earring back is the safest earring back.

The way it holds, it is just as challenging to confiscate.

Here we'll discuss some easy to follow tips.

Follow the instruction below to remove your earrings quickly and safely.

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Step 1: Hold your Earrings from Both Sides

At first, use both hands to hold the front of the earring and the back. Make sure you catch them tightly. Otherwise, the front of the stud may pull into your ear. It could hurt you more.

Also, do this in an open place where you can find the earrings if it gets lost. You mustn’t do this above the sink.

Step 2: Spin the Earring if It Gets Stuck

If the earring backing is stuck, spin it until it becomes easy to pull off. This step comes handy to remove earrings painlessly.

Step 3: Pull Off the Earring

Finally, keep a firm grip on the front of the stud and back. Gently pull off the safety back off the earring post. By now, the earring post should be out of the safety back.

You can also pull both safety backing and stud at a time in opposite directions. Once you safely remove it, you can remove the front of the earring from the piercing. Make sure you do not stretch your earlobe as it could hurt.

How to Remove Earrings with Butterfly Backs?

Butterfly back earrings are similar to safety back earrings. Its earring post and simple back design are quite identical to the safety back earrings. These are also known as push back studs.

These types earrings are used by people of all ages, including teens and adults. The way to remove is as similar as removing safety back.

Here is few tips how to remove butterfly back earrings:

  1. Hold the front of the stud and butterfly back firmly.
  2. Pull the butterfly back off the earring post. Or you can pull both the back and stud at a time.
  3. Remove the earrings once the butterfly back is removed.
  4. If the butterfly backing has become crooked, twist it becomes easy moveable.

Tips: If the butterfly back is stuck acutely, you can pull on the back with a bobby pin. Attach a bobby pin with the back and push the post with tweezers or anything hard.

Things to Keep in Mind While Removing Earrings

  • If you feel that you cannot remove the earrings yourself, get help from someone. They may be able to remove it more easily as they can see it.
  • If you still cannot remove it, visit the piercer from where you have pierced your ear.
  • After the first-time piercing, you may experience some fluids. Sometimes, excessive fluid may contain blood into it. If you feel any pain or itching, it means your body is reacting negatively with the metal. So, you should wear the back at the right angle.
  • Make sure the earring back is flat against the earring post. Do not force.
  • Sanitize your hands before wearing or removing a stuck back off the ear. Dirty hands can cause infection to the ear.
  • If your piercing causes any infection like swollen or oozing pus, you must visit a doctor.
  • Above all, you should ask the piercer about the type of backing you should wear. Also, which method you should use to remove it.

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We hope our guidelines on how to remove earrings with safety backs will help you. Removing studs could give you a tough time. However, the above methods and tips can make this task easier for you.

Now you can wear your favorite design with any safety backs.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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