How to Remove Heavy Rust from A Gun?

A gun is a unique weapon that many people keep with them for their protection. But it will not come to any use if it gets rust. And if it gets rust already, you have to clean it ASAP. So you need to know How To Remove Heavy Rust From A Gun?

This article will describe every possible way to remove your tension along with the heavy rust. But for that, you surely need to read the whole to get all the revealing information.

Before knowing the answer, let us first understand the reasons behind rust in a gun.

Why Does Heavy Rust Form in A Gun?

The other name of rust is iron oxide. It is actually a thin coating that is reddish-brown or burnt orange in color. It is formed due to the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of moisture in water or air.

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Therefore, if any material is kept in the presence of water and oxygen for a long time, it will convert entirely to rust.

Such a case is most commonly seen in steel, metal, iron, copper, etc. If the rust is not cleaned timely, it will slow down the gun's productivity. But it is very natural that one cannot avoid it. At one time, it is sure to happen. In this case, the gun owner should clean rust to prevent massive damage to it.

How to Remove Heavy Rust from A Gun?

As you have known the reason for forming rust on a gun, it is also very much essential to learn the procedure of removing those rust. There are lots of ways of removing rust from the weapon. Below we will describe the five best possible methods.

5 Best Way to Get Rust Off A Gun

Read the below points and apply any of the processes according to your desire.

1. Oil Should be Your Primary Gun Rust Remover

Though gun oil is slightly different from regular oil, the properties are the same. It is known as "Gun Oil." Oil is very much helpful in giving life to any rough substance. You undoubtedly understand when you apply oil into your hair.

First, apply gun oil on the rust part and avoid pouring too much of it. Let it be like that for a few moments, as this will ensure the proper removal of rust. Then wipe it off smoothly. You can use microfiber/ cotton cloth to do it correctly. If there is still some rust, repeat the same process.

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2. Clean Rust With the Help of Vinegar

Vinegar is a solution of 5 to 8% acetic acid. That means it has one of the fastest properties to remove massive rust.

Take a medium-size bowl and pour vinegar according to requirement. Deep the rusted gun into the solution for up to 15 minutes. Then use a brush to loosen up the bond of rust with the weapon.

After a total hour of repeating the whole procedure, you will see a deep orange layer on the vinegar. This proves that the rust has been removed gradually and thoroughly.

3. Get Rust off the Gun With the Help of Steel Wool

Steel wool is a particular type of wool. It is not so much costly. You will just have to scrub the steel wool on the gun. The most amazing part is that it doesn't harm the gun surface. You can keep a cotton cloth to wipe the rust after scrubbing so that it doesn't get stuck with the firearms again.

Try to choose soft steel wool and avoid the hard one.

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4. Cleaning Rust Off Gun by Using a Solid AP Brush

AP brush is different from regular brush, which we use to brush our teeth. But it alone cannot remove the rust. You will also need gun oil as a partner.

Therefore, gun oil and an AP brush will be a great combination to do it.

First, apply a required amount of oil on the rust portion and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Now brush it with the help of the AP brush. Pour some oil on to the brush so that it does not dry.

Go deeply in every possible corner with the brush to clean the hard rust.

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5. How to Remove Rust from A Gun With the Help of WD 40?

WD 40 is a spray that helps to remove the rust as it has the rust preventing properties. Cleaning rust with this is very simple.

First, put the gun on a flat surface. Then spray the WD 40 on the area with heavy rust.

Let it be like that for about a day. Finally, wipe the surface with a cloth the next day, and you will get a brand-new gun again.

How to Prevent a Firearm from Rusting?

So, to avoid heavy rust, you should take proper care of it. Like relationships, almost everything rusts at some point. If you don't clean it for a while, the corrosion will grow day by day.

You should follow some simple rules to prevent rusting as following:

1. Clean the Gun More Often

A clean object does not get rust easily as they remain free from dust most of the time. So it will help if you clean your gun more often. You can clean it with a dry cloth twice or thrice a month. As a result, it will always keep shining.

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2. Store It in The Right Place

The right place for storing a gun is cool and dry. It would be best if it is kept at 50% to 55% humidity. But it not possible for many places due to the variation in weather and temperature.

Therefore, as an alternative, store it in the driest place as long as possible. You can buy Gun Safe for Firearms; it will be best by means of any reason.

Note: You should avoid areas like garages, trunk, or roof space.

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Hopefully, from the above, you have known about How to Remove Rust from A Gun. Additionally, you have also learned the precautions to prevent rusting.

From now onward, your gun will be as new as the first day you bought it if you follow the above procedure.

Everything and everybody needs the care to sustain more. It is not true that a gun will only serve you, but you will not. As a gun has some duties towards you. You also have some responsibilities toward it.

Jonathon Rayan

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