How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Records

For vinyl record collectors, record scratches can be a bit frustrating. What if you inherited them from your father or got them from an auction at a high price, but they are not working well? This vintage item can cost a lot of money and hold precious memories. Surely you would want to repair them for the sake of them to play uninterrupted.

Read on to know How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Records.

Last update on 2023-09-19

What are the Reasons for Catching A Scratch in Vinyl Records?

Maybe you are wondering where this scratch came from? Know that it doesn't take a lot of energy to put a scratch on them. It simply can catch a scratch while taking it out or putting it back in the record sleeves or the record cover. If you stacked the vinyl records on top of each other, it could be a good cause too.

You can also put a scratch on it by putting them on a grungy surface. Moreover, if you don't be careful while handling the cueing lever, the vinyl can get damaged.

How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Records: 5 Easy Ways

Well, there are several ways to fix vinyl records. There are also some Record Cleaning Machines available on the market. But we want to focus on How Clean Vinyl Records on your own.

Some easy ways of How to Fix Scratches from Vinyl Records are given below:

1. Refinish the Surface of the Record by Sandpaper

You will need sandpaper and liquid soap for this method.

First, wet the vinyl record and the sandpaper. Then start sanding the record in the same direction of the grooves on it. You can use a bit of liquid soap as a lubricant for the sandpaper.

You don't need to put heavy pressure or do it for a long time. Just about 4 to 6 rubbing motion will be enough.

2. Deep Clean with Wood Glue:

We are sure you will have a lot of fun doing this! You need to put wood glue all over the vinyl surface. Use a small piece of cardboard or brush to even out the glue.

Wait at least for one day (24 hours) for the glue to dry. Then gently peel away the glue with your hand. Cleaning with wood glue will get rid of any stubborn dirt too.

3. Use A Professional Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Yes, that's right. You can also purchase a professional vinyl record cleaning kit. You can find them in your local music store or even online.

This kit usually will have a liquid cleaning solution and two brushes with it. You have to apply the solution and sweep away the dirt with the brush. The other small brush is there to clean the larger one. How cute!

4. Remove Scratches from Records Using A Toothpick

You don't have to spend money on this one. You probably already have toothpicks in your home. Grab one and start cleaning the vinyl.

You have to stroke the toothpick back and forth on the scratched surface. You can also use a microscope or a magnifying glass to inspect the damaged area carefully. If one cleaning session doesn't do the work, you can always repeat it, and it is the Best and Easy Way to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Records.

5. How To Clean Vinyl Records With Windex?

When you are using Windex, keep in mind that it's not like your regular liquid soap. It is a harsh chemical. You will have to prepare the record by cleaning it with a microfiber cloth first. Then spray a little amount of Windex on the surface. Then spared the solution with a microfiber cloth and wait for it to dry.

On the last step, wipe the record with a little warm water. The warm water will get rid of any remaining Windex on the record's surface.

Using Vinyl Record Cleaner Windex will give a polished finish to your vinyl record.

How Can You Prevent Scratches from Vinyl?

By now, as you have gained plenty of knowledge about how to fix scratches, it's time for you to learn other things. If you don't take good care of them, over time, they will get more damaged. Here are some ways to prevent scratches, like:

1. Obviously, by Carefully Handling Them:

Always touch and carry the records by picking them up by the edge. Be careful and try not to touch the surface of the record. Your hands and fingers have oil on them. When you transfer the oil on to the record, it will get more damaged by attracting more dust and dirt.

2. Store Them in a Proper Way

Stack up your records separately from each other. The room that you are storing them should be well ventilated and should have a low humidity level.

3. Maintain A Effective Cleaning Routine:

You should always clean your records from time to time. It's obvious that without maintaining a cleaning routine, they will get damaged.

You can use an anti-static microfiber cloth or brush to clean them regularly. Make a habit of cleaning them whenever you are taking them out to play.


What if you take good care only for the records, then suddenly your record player gets damaged and stops working? For the best upkeep, you have to take care of the whole vinyl record player set.  For example, you should also know about How to Clean Record Player Needle too.

Overall, vinyl record repair is an easy job if you can invest some time in it. We think this article of How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Records helped you gain some information for preserving your precious collection.

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