How to Store Jewelry?

You can store jewelry in the jewelry box or DIY clay holder or drawer. There are lots more way to store jewelry. Whenever you like to keep it safe like the new one you need to consider the best way and here we are with tips and tricks about how to store jewelry most reliably.

We will not describe a specific method. Let's move with us to know details. Why are we describing different kinds of approaches? Will you like to have the same care for antique and diamond jewelry? I will not. Moreover, we can save space on valuable jewelry box using a different box for necklace or ring and for other jewelry.

Jewelry Box Are High Priced! But you can make your custom jewelry box at home. Check How to make a jewelry box out of paper?

The main reason is to protect them from tarnishing. Who likes to lose their favorite jewelry?  But due to tarnishing, we may lose any valuable ornaments. So we should keep our ornaments in a safe place.

Method of Protecting Jewelry

1. Store each type of jewelry separately. While store diamonds, you should keep separate each diamond ornaments,

2. Use zip lock bags to store silver jewelry. You can also wrap silver jewelry in silver cloth,

3. Pearl jewelry are sensitive. Don't use plastic bags while storing pearl jewelry. Actually, plastic bags are not recommended for storing any kinds of jewelry,

4. Don't keep your jewelry in high temperature. Also, avoid low humidity weather,

5. Clean your all kinds of jewelry in a regular way. We suggest Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to use for clean ornaments.

Putting your Jewelry at Personal Drawer

Your personal drawer can be an excellent place to store all kinds of precious metals. It will fine if you can use containers to divide them into different types of categories. Personally, I like to put the similar jewelry in one box. You can do it too. Place same kinds of jewelry as rings in one box and necklace are in one box. If you use different types of metals as diamond, antique, silver, gold, etc., quality of value can be another category.

Best way to store necklaces

The jewelry box is not always great to store necklace. For an alternative, we can use pegboards and hooks. Using these, we can display a chain to keep ornaments tangle free. Another essential way to store necklaces is using felt line trays. Even it is better to store any kinds of jewelry than a jewelry box. If you have lots of silver in different types, you can use custom mill-work. There are lots more way to store jewelry, but personally, I like to use anyone method among these.

Few Tips

1. Divide by style all collection before setting it to any box,

2. Whenever you are going to roundabout your jewelry, wrap each one over the individual dowel. Moreover, wise things are to using vertical space on the wall,

3. A jewelry box can be a great decor for your room. So select a nice one which can add a new addition to your room.

Is it safe to store jewelry in plastic?

Some plastics produce vapors. If you put jewelry on those plastic bags, the ornaments will lose its color. I hope anyone will not like to use plastic bags to store diamond or gold. But we don’t recommend to store any other metals. Pearls and stainless steel can be effected on the plastic bags.

How to store jewelry to travel?

While you like to have a long tour, choosing perfect jewelry is also important as you select outfits and other accessories. Select best-suited ornaments among all.

If you have a jewelry box, hold all selected items on it. If you need to carry a lot of things, you can small bags for bracelets and earrings. Pill organizer can be another excellent solution. Surround the jewelry with soft clothing while carrying it outside of the box.

Few Caution

1. Choose less expensive while traveling,

2. Keep valuable on in carry-on-bags,

3. Take a quality case.

How to store silver jewelry?

All metals have different kinds of property. You can practice the following actions while you store silver jewelry.

1. Always store silver jewelry in anti-tarnishing (coated wooden) box,

2. Storing silver pieces with silica gel is best practice. You can also use plain blackboard chalk instead of silica gel,

3. I use charcoal while storing silver jewelry in any box. It absorbs gases that decrease the risk of tarnishing.

4. Wrap jewelry piece with a soft cloth before storing,

5. Don't use uncoated wood or rubber or newspaper. It can create tarnish.

I like to use Ziploc Bags while storing my favorite silver jewelry.

Storing Jewelry in Ziploc Bags

While you purchase high-grade jewelry box, it may come with zip lock system. If you don't, you can use a zip lock bag within your box. This bag will keep it from being tarnishing. The main reason of that, zip lock bag interrupted air to get in, and that's why silver jewelry will remain safe for a long while.

Final Words

There are lots more way to store ornaments. Apply your witness to keep jewelry safe for a long time. Suppose, we suggested storing jewelry in the separate box especially valuable one like a diamond. But why? The hard element can scratch softer one and each other. In most of the case, it causes a scratch on gold or silver jewelry.

Don't use plastic bags, it is too extremely inadequate. That's all here. If you have any suggestions or query, let us know.

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