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If we like to keep jewelry safe for a long time, we cannot keep them in the usual place. We have many options to store valuable metals. But we have to consider the safety issue.

There are lots of options like a jewelry box, drawer in our Altamira/ wardrobe, DIY clay holder etc. to store jewelry. We have to find out the best-suited options among all for specific metals. In this article, we will describe some popular method. SO lets check how to store jewelry following popular and effective method:

It is always best to select jewelry box for store valuable ornaments. But jewelry boxes are costly. SO If we use traditional methods for less valuable metals, then it could be best. As usual we don't take same care for antique and diamond jewelry, isn't it?

Moreover, if we keep diamond/ gold with silver or antique jewelry, it can be harmful. But we are doing a lot for only protect jewelry from tarnishing and keep them safe. We don't need to put all jewelry in the jewelry boxes too. We have drawer, Ziploc bags etc to store other metals.

Use Jewelry Box to Store Jewelry

I love to use jewelry box for store diamond and gold jewelry. I never mix-up diamond/ gold with other antique ornaments. If you have budget, then you can put all of your ornaments into jewelry box. Jewelry box are gorgeous and high priced! But you can make your custom jewelry box at home. Check How to make a jewelry box out of paper?

Putting your Jewelry at Personal Drawer

Your personal drawer can be an excellent place to store valuable metals. If you store gems in a drawer, keep them in an individual container in different categories.

If I need to store ornaments in the drawer, I use the cheap jewelry box and arrange them in a drawer. You can do it too. Place the same kinds of jewelry as rings in one box and necklace are in one box.

How to Store Jewelry

Storing Jewelry in Ziploc Bags

You can buy the Zip Lock bag from the market to protect jewelry. It keeps jewelry from being tarnishing. It interrupted air to get in, and that's why silver jewelry will remain safe for a long while. If you buy a jewelry box (high-grade), you may get a zip-lock bag free.

Best Way to Store Necklaces

If you put the necklace in the traditional way, then a jewelry box cannot be great to store necklace all the time. But don't need to panic. We have alternative ways.

By using pegboard and hooks, we can display the necklace perfectly. It reduces the risk of tarnishing too.

Did you use felt line trays? It is effective too. Sometimes on some occasions, it is better than a jewelry box. If you have lots of silver jewelry collection, custom mill-work is another thing you can use.

Few Tips

1. Divide your jewelry collection by style before setting it for the store,

2. Wrap each one piece over the individual dowel. Best practice is to use vertical space on the wall,

3. If you can choose the jewelry box according to room decoration, painting, it can add a new addition to your room.

How to Store Jewelry to Travel?

It is always important to select jewelry according to the season, fashion and tourist spot while having a long tout. You should select best-suited ornaments among all. You can purchase a travel jewelry box from an online store. It will reduce lots of pain. Someone carry lots of things so they take small bags with them.

Now I am telling what I do. I take a jewelry box and hold selected item on it and if need to carry other fashion jewelry, I surround them in a soft cloth. Oh, sometimes I use pill organizer too.

Few Caution

1. Choose less expensive gems metals while traveling,

2. Keep valuable metals on in carry-on-bags,

3. Take a quality jewelry box while traveling on a long tour.

How to Store Silver Jewelry?

Each metal has several types of property. You can follow bellow activities while you store silver jewelry:

1. You should always store silver jewelry in an anti-tarnishing box,

2. Storing silver pieces with silica gel is best practice. You can also use plain blackboard chalk instead of silica gel,

3. You can also use charcoal. Charcoal absorbs gases. So it reduces the risk of tarnishing,

4. Wrap silver ornaments with a soft cloth before storing,

5. Un-coated wood can create heavy tarnish on silver. Don't use uncoated wood or rubber or newspaper. Instead of that, you can use Ziploc Bags while storing them.

Is it Safe to Store Jewelry in Plastic?

Plastics bags produce vapors. Whenever you put jewelry in bags, your jewelry will lose its natural color. That's why we don't recommend to store jewelry in plastics bags. It is true for all types of gems including pearls and stainless steel.

Few Tips to Protect Jewelry

1. Store different type of jewelry differently. For Example: While you store gold, you should not mix it up with silver,

2. While you need to store silver jewelry, the best practice is using zip lock bags. Otherwise, you can wrap silver in the cloth,

3. Do you like to store pearl jewelry? Pearl is sensitive. So don't store pearl jewelry in plastic bags. It is not recommended for any type of ornaments,

4. Don't keep your jewelry at high temperature. Also, avoid low humidity weather,

5. Clean all kinds of jewelry in a regular way. We suggest Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner use jewelry safely.

Final Words

There are lots more way to store ornaments. But you should keep in mind, you need to store it to keep jewelry safe.

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