How to Test Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Measuring the performance of the cleaning device is essential. It can be difficult to measure other cleaning tools, but following a few steps, it is easy to measure the performance of your ultrasonic device.

In this article, we will describe how to test ultrasonic cleaner performance following a few steps.

Why Is Important to Measure the Performance?

You have no option to think it unnecessary work. By tracking your device performance, you can achieve the best output at your job.

We don’t know why you are looking for a device. You may need it for clean personal jewelry and other household items. But suppose you are doing business in the cleaning industry. In that case, tracking the performance of the ultrasonic device is a must for you.

Few devices don’t perform as the seller mention during selling time.

So that you can buy the best equipment at your next purchase by measuring the performance of the current one. Not only that, you may need to change it if the device is not doing the cleaning work properly.

So let’s know the process and understand your device performance.

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What is Determine the Performance?

If we shortly said, it is intensity, the strength of bubble, distribution of the cavitation in the fluid determines the machine performance. We can express the process by describing its working principle. But we already described in another article.

What is the Process of Testing?

The most popular process is the foil test. It is not only an important test but also useful. But you should know how to perform the foil test correctly.

If you make a mistake during the process, you may not determine the accurate result.

What is Foil Test?

It’s a general process of displaying the intensity. We can say, in which method the distribution of cavitation and its power shown in an ultrasonic bath is known as foil test.

You can take different foil test frames to execute proper foil test. The wide range of tank dimension is advised in the analysis.

What Should You Need to Perform a Foil Test?

1. You need to ensure the desired device is 2/3 filled with water,

2. If you like to measure the performance of the device without any solution, then you should not mix any external liquid with water. But generally, I mix liquid soap, as I always use it when I run the device to clean any object.

Especially I do it when I wash Diamond, Gold or other Valuable Jewelry. In the mean time I like to mix jewelry cleaner solution.

So If I run a foil test for my own, I will mix suitable soap what I mix regularly. Do what you usually do.

3. You need to have a wire frame inside the tank,

4. Domestic ten μm to 25 μm aluminum foil.

The Process of Test

At first, fill the water tank at the fill line. The mixture should be well degassed. Now turn the ultrasonic device switch on. Generally, it takes up to 30 minutes, but it may differ from device to device. You should check the user manual guide.

Then take the aluminum foil and lay it across the wire frame to fit the bath. At this point, you have to do the main work. You need to dip the foil into the water. You should hole the foil using tweezers before dip it on the liquid and hold it until it is just above the base of the inner basket.

You may get the result within 30 seconds, but it depends. After the period, remove the foil and time to take data.

Final Word

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology is using a clean different type of household item, coin, glass, denture items, etc. But it is most famous in the jewelry cleaning industry.

Nowadays, the Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Machine is going the best alternative of the traditional gun cleaning kit. It's not only example, you may see it most of the cleaning process. So it is not a topic to understand its value; it is the topic to understand which device performs best.

We tried to describe how to test ultrasonic cleaner. We hope you understand the process and it will help you to get best products (ultrasonic based cleaning tools), especially Jewelry cleaner Machine.

Elsa Leena

Elsa is the Editor at JewelryCleaningMachine.Com. She is a jewelry cleaning expert and owner of a local jewelry store. She now enjoys publishing the guides to help readers.

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