How to Use a Gun Cleaning Kit

Taking care of a gun and gun parts is always important for a gun owner. That's why you may use different kinds of gun cleaner and different kinds of gun cleaning kits. You know, there are lots of tools and various process to clean and care. Do you know how to use those gun cleaning kit?

Different kinds of Gun Cleaning Tools

1. Cleaning Rod: Perfect rod depends on what firearms you are going to wash. You will find quality cleaning rod easily but don't take a rod which one is harder than guns steel. Moreover, use the different rod for pistol/ handgun is best practice,

2. Patches: Patches are also required to clean the grime of gun. It is easy to wipe the gun parts, and even the bore very quickly with a cleaning patch. It is best practice to get gun scrubbing patches in bulk,

3. Loop: Loop/ Jag is the attachment after Rod. It has a point to carry cleaning patch,

4. Brush: Brush is very essential elements in every cleaning procedure. Whenever you are purchasing a brush for the gun cleaning, check it wisely. It will be painful if it will be a reason of damage the internal part of the gun barrel,

5. Cleaning Solution and Lubricants: You can use quality lubricants or gun cleaning solution to clean your gun professionally.

Process to Use Gun Cleaning Kit

First of all, you should check that is your gun loaded or unloaded? Because if your gun is loaded, an accident can happen at any time. So at first discharge your weapon before starting the cleaning process. Now wash your hand and wear gloves. It reduces the risk of getting oily elements into your arms inner part. On the other hand, gloves will save your skin. Every professional shooter should use a glove during the gun cleaning period.

Now use a bore snake, it is time-consuming. You can apply the cleaning rod at first, but this can dislodge some gunk within 10 seconds. Then disassemble the weapons. You will get every detail in the product manual. So read the manual carefully. Somehow there is no manual; it may be uploaded on their website. You can check their YouTube channel also.
Now the time applies guns’ patch. Generally, everyone uses up to 20 patches. Whenever you pulled those, apply brushes and scrub it to achieving the best output.

After that, use gun swab attachment and remove all type of solvent. Now time to use some lubricant/ cleaning solution. It will clean quickly. It will protect firearms from gaining dust. For cleaning the outer gun part, the toothbrush is an easy solution. But it will be easier if you can use a little bit CLP. After completing the cleaning procedure, it is time to assemble all the parts.

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