Ivation IVUC96W Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ivation ultrasonic cleaner is one of the cheap jewelry scrubbing devices. If you are searching for budget ornaments cleaning machine, you can check the overall performance of this device. It has a 17oz stainless steel tank and it can produce 42000 ultrasonic waves per second. Moreover, it has also other standard feature. So if you are looking for a ornaments cleaning machine for personal use, check details features of the Ivation IVUC96W.

It is a personal jewelry cleaner. It is low priced and easy to use. The Ivation is best for personal use though you will get all facility in professional grade. So if your budget is low then you can easily buy this ornaments scrubber.

Performance details

The Ivation IVUC96W digital ultrasonic jewelry scrubber can clean all kinds of germ and stains from all kinds of jewelry using only tap water. Moreover, it can clean other household items like watches, lenses, eyeglasses, CD’s, dentures items, shaver heads and many household items.

It has a quality water tank. The tank size is 17 OZ and made of stainless steel. We mostly like its outlook. Not only outlook, its finishing is fine with double safety structure. You will get a quality jewelry holding basket and ornaments holder. The water tank is removable and easy to carry. It is also detachable cover, carry handle and spout for easy filling and emptying.

Another important feature is its different time cycle. You can set 5 different time cycle within 90 seconds to 8 minutes. So you are getting all kinds of professional settings and convenience within your budget: D

It has three different power levels and it will not use much electricity. As it is built with the latest technology with enough ultrasonic power, it does not need any harsh chemical to clean your jewelry. So it has no chance to harm your valuable ornaments.

Why you buy this digital cleaner?

You should buy this digital ultrasonic device if you are looking for budget ornaments cleaner. But we are not telling that the only reason behind is its price. Its overall performance is great and we think it will satisfy you. You can set the machine in anywhere your room as it is the small device. So comparing overall performance and price, you can buy this ultrasonic device or check our reviewed 14 more devices. Further more, we also suggest 10 Best Steam Jewelry Cleaner In the Market

Key features

1. It can clean professionally with our using any cleaning solution,
2. It doesn’t use much electricity,
3. Power adjust with three different energy level,
4. It has the large removable water tank and it is made of stainless steel. The capacity of the tank is 17 OZ,
5. You can set it on any place at your room as it doesn’t need big space to set up,
6. You can clean all kinds of jewelry including small sized jewelry,
7. Its body construction is heavy. Its finishing quality is awesome with double safety structure.

Products description

1. Tank size: 5” x 6”,
2. Energy waves per seconds: 42, 000 Hz,
3. Auto shut on-off technology: Yes, it has,
4. Power: 35W AC100-120V, 60Hz,
5. Product Dimensions: 7.9” W x 7.7” D x 5.9”H,
6. Weight: 2.85lb (4.5 pounds)
7. Maintain system: manual,
8. This cleaning machine has the nontoxic technology.

What we liked

1. It has the changeable water tank with detachable cover, carry handle and spout,
2. It’s 5 different cleaning time periods (90 seconds to 8 minutes),
3. Though it is the small device, it can different kinds of products,
4. Buyer will get some accessories as jewelry basket, watch & earring holder,
5. It has a heavy duty double safety structure.


1. How deep the tank of this device?
Answer: Its about 2.5 inches.
2. Is it possible to clean eyeglasses?
Answer: Yes, you can clean your eyeglasses using this machine.
3. Does it clean the coin?
Answer: Yes, it can.
4. Can I put sterling jewelry on it?
Answer: Yes, you can put on it to clean.
5. Where it performs best?
Answer: We think it is best for diamond ring cleaning. But its overall performance is fine.

Final Words

If you are looking for a device for personal use, Ivation IVUC96W digital ultrasonic cleaner is one of the top suggested devices for you. Actually, we need jewelry scrubbing machine for clean our ornaments. So if we have the Ivation ultrasonic cleaner at home, we should not need to take professional service. Furthermore, we can clean many other items using it.

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