Jewelry Steam Cleaner vs. Ultrasonic Cleaner

Whenever we need to clean jewelry, there are mainly two options. No. 1 is taking professional service, and the 2nd option is using a professional cleaner at home. No matter what option you like, if you want to keep jewelry in good condition, you have to clean it regularly.

We recommend the 2nd option and having your own jewelry cleaner. It will save time and money. You only have to purchase one professional kit, that's it. But when you like to buy a cleaning kit, you will see several options.

The most popular items are the Ultrasonic Cleaner & Steam Cleaner. Although both are powerful tools, there is a little bit of difference in performance. Here we will describe the primary difference between these.

Let's see the analysis of Jewelry Steam Cleaner Vs. Ultrasonic Cleaner.

1. Functions of Steam Jewelry Cleaner

The cleaning kit which are produced high-pressure steam to clean stain, dirt, and other dirty elements from jewelry are known as a steam jewelry cleaner. Steam cleaner are environment friendly. Furthermore, it is powerful to clean any dirty components and spot from precious gems.

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Key Features

You will not require any other extra element to complete the cleaning process. Some professional jewelers use the iSonic Jewelry Cleaner Solution, but you will not need anything else for regular use. Steam system cleaners are great for restoring a bright outlook as new ornaments.


These types of devices have built-in heaters, water tanks, cleaning basket, etc. The heater produces high-pressure steam from the water of the container. Whenever you want to clean the jewelry pieces, put it in the basket, and turn the device.

It will automatically clean the dust and dirt from the ornaments.

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These types of devices are not recommended for soft stones jewelry. It is also harmful to that jewelry is heat-treated and has lots of inclusions.

2. Ultrasonic System Jewelry Cleaner

The ultrasonic system is safe and accessible in the lots of cleaning industry. Its working process is climbing and effective. It produces millions of bubbles using high-frequency sound waves. These bubbles scrub away the dirt, grime, spots, etc. from your desired object.

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Nowadays, it is mostly using in the jewelry cleaning industry. It is a safe cleaning process. You can get exceptional cleaned jewelry only using tap water whenever you have an ultrasonic device at home.

You also can put some liquid cleaner to achieve the perfect cleaning result. But ultrasonic technology is enough to clean most of the spots simply. You can clean the maximum precious jewelry using it as diamond, gold, silver, platinum, etc.

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Cleaning soft metals with ultrasonic sound wave like pearls is risky.

Difference Between Ultrasonic And Steam Jewelry Cleaner

1. Size

The size of the device is an important issue. It determines how many pieces of jewelry you can clean at once. But the excellent indication is that; different sizes are available in both types of devices. You need to select wisely.

But the ultrasonic device comes in more variable sizes than steam cleaners. Some equipment is small and portable.

2. Working Process

The main difference between both cleaners is in its working procedure. One device clean using sound wave and another one apply high steam pressure.

2. Eco-Friendliness

Both devices are environment-friendly.

3. Dirt and Spot Removing Capacity

We use the cleaning kit to remove dirt, spot, stain, etc. from the jewelry. In this case, both are quite good. But we like ultrasonic devices most. Cleaning many other household items with an ultrasonic kit is possible. That's why it is popular than a steam system device.

4. Controlling System

Different types of latest features have come to make out work easier. If you buy an ultrasonic instrument, the digital controlling system will allow you to control it automatically. By default time setting, it will shut off after complete the cleaning process.

The steam system device also has some great features.

5. Price

Comparably ultrasonic device price is high then steam devices. But there are lots of small devices which are low priced. You can afford a home using the tool under $40 to $70 easily. On the other side, it is quite impossible to offer a quality steam system device below $70.

Which One Should I Use?

It is a tough question. Both devices are well and can clean most of the jewelry correctly. Check all the products and select what you fit most with your demand. But if you like to clean other items like the coin, denture items, DVD, watch, etc., we will suggest the ultrasonic system. But we have another suggestion who loves both technologies.

It is a product that has both features at once. It is a trio shines cleaner.

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It is the best option among all. It has both ultrasonic and steam cleaning system. Furthermore, it has UV Sanitizing system, which makes it awesome.

Trio Shine is one of the best devices considering price, power, and feature and cleaning ability. Check its price and other details before select any other device.

Final Thoughts

Although there is a little difference between Jewelry Steam Cleaner and Ultrasonic devices, both tools are professional and dedicated to the jewelry cleaning industry.

You can use anyone you like most. There are many products else to clean our jewelry as jewelry polisher, liquid cleaner, etc. but you can only benefit from professional devices when your jewelry got heavy tarnish.

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