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The magnasonic scrubber can rub all kinds of precious and semi-precious gems like rubies, sapphire, emeralds, diamond, gold, quartz, citrines, etc. It is one among our suggested 15 jewelry cleaner device. Using its 4200Hz ultrasonic power, anyone can quickly get the professional result at home.

Do you know How Does the Ultrasonic Technology Works Against Spot? Ultrasonic cleaner's work very fine against all types of spot and stains. Magnasonic is a famous brand in this industry and this product is one of the best from them. It is an excellent product. It has all kinds of professional feature. This device can wash electric shaver, toothbrushes, etc. hygienic items. Not only that, but it is also useful to clean different kinds of tools, valves, nozzles, machine parts, etc. Let's check more details.

Performance Details

Its ultrasonic cleaning technology provides us a better and professional jewelry cleaning results at low cost. Using it as your personal device, you can easily avoid high cost for clean many household items.

If you don't like to use ultrasonic device, check best professional steam jewelry cleaner reviews in details.

Excellent Structure

One of the most excellent features of this device is its structure. Its body made of stainless steel. Undoubtedly it will long last. The water tank can hold 20 oz. or 600 ml water.

Consumes Low Electricity

Moreover, it consumes low power. So it will also save money because it will use little electricity. We confidently said that using its high power; you can remove all kinds of dirt and germs from any precious types of ornaments.

Take Care of Every Individual Parts

It will wash every part without damage any sensitive parts. So you will achieve beautiful and shiny jewelry as a new one. You don't need to use. Though it supports liquid jewelry cleaning solution, you may not need to use. But you for personal satisfaction or achieve a great result within a short time; you can put a few drop cleaning solutions throughout cleaning time. Check This Post to understand what liquid is best to use in this machine.

Used High-End Technology

Its smooth work process gently polishes our favorite jewelry. The best things about this device, it is easy to operate. The manufacturer uses high-end technology to achieve the best professional grade. Another great feature is that this device has sound waves technology, so it doesn’t make any noise.

Automatic Time-Cycle

It has 3 minutes’ timer. The automatic timer will control the cleaning time as what you set previously. After complete the time cycle, the device will automatically shut off using its auto shut off technology. Actually, it has all kinds of professional features.

No Heating Function

Furthermore, it has no heating function. You can scrub different types of watches, glasses, eyeglasses, denture, coins, different kinds of household items, DVD, CD, and many more things. In the jewelry section, it can clean diamonds, silver, gold, white gold, platinum and more types of jewelry.

Product Description

This device uses sound waves. So you don't need to get tensed for boarding noise. Other essential features are that they consume low electricity, we mentioned earlier.

It does not create any noise during cleaning work. You don't need to put chemical or any other elements. It has five preset cleaning cycle.

1. Item weight: 1.71 pounds,

2. Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.9 x 7.9 inches,

3. Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds,

4. Tanks Capacity: 20 oz,

5. Ultrasonic Power: 42,000 Hz.

You can use it also for professional work. Many jewelers use this model to provide cleaning service. Moreover, many dentists, opticians, artists use it for their professional work.

You will get a detailed manual about how to operate it. Furthermore, Magnasonic will provide one cleaning basket and lifetime support. Isn’t it enough to take the buying decision?

What We Like?

1. Three minutes’ auto run technology,

2. Generate sound waves which help to deep clean,

3. Consume low electricity,

4. Large tank capacity,

5. Standard price comparing features.

What We Didn't Like?

1. It cannot wash sun-glass, silver items, pearls, opal, etc.

Final Word

As jewelry is a great element of fashion. This device is a complete package to taking care of your ornaments. Undoubtedly it is one the best device for clean ornaments. We have tried to review everything of this product. But if you have to know something specific, hit in the comment box. We are here for you. Our expert team will keep you up to date with the latest jewelry cleaning industry.

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