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How to Store Jewelry?

You can store jewelry in the jewelry box or DIY clay holder or drawer. There are lots more way to store jewelry. Whenever you like to keep it safe like the new one you need to consider the best way and here we are with tips and tricks about how to store jewelry most reliably. We […]

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Can You Shower with Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel/ low carbon steel widely used for jewelry whole over the world. We know it is comparably cheap, but it is not the only reason for its popularity. We can use it roughly. Though it is a common query that “Does stainless steel jewelry get wet?” The answer can be yes, can be no. It […]

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How do you Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry is fashionable and popular whole over the world. It is using to made wedding jewelry, watches, stylish daily ornaments, and many more items. It can last a long time, but you should take care of your stainless steel ornaments. Here we will describe how to clean stainless steel jewelry. We should clean […]

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Best Silver Polishing Cloth

Still now, lots of people don’t use Jewelry Cleaner. They follow a traditional process to clean tarnish from silver/ jewelry. So how they do it? They do it only with a soft cloth and detergent or soap. You can also do it by polishing the silver with a soft cloth. If you can avoid applying […]

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