TrioShine 3 in 1 Ultrasonic Steam & UV Jewelry Cleaner

TrioShine 3 in 1 ultrasonic, steam and UV jewelry cleaner is a marvelous cleaning machine. Undoubtedly it is one of the best appliance on the market. TrioShine is the best jewelry cleaner machine for diamonds and other precious metals. Here we are giving the product details and reviews of it. We hope it will help you to understand its quality or other features. If you have any further question, feel free to contact us or submit your question in the comment box.

TrioShine is a latest product with an ultrasonic, steam and UV Light Sanitizing power. You can put all of the technique on your ornaments and can ensure the best sterilization result. It has the jewel jet steam cleaner, sanitizing capacity with UV system and powerful ultrasonic wave generating capacity.

Performance Details

1. Smart Professional device: It is a smart device. TrioShine is not only best for professional use, you can easily use to at your home. It can erase any kinds of precious metals and grime easily within its powerful feature.

2. Ultrasonic Bath: We already informed you that it has all type of feature. Its ultrasonic system is as powerful as any other feature ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. Before using its built-in steam pressure, the ultrasonic cleaning process will help you to clean grime perfectly within 5 minutes. It can produce 43,000 ultrasonic waves per second.

3. Powerful steam pressure: It can contribute 55 PSI steam pressure and 11 watts of power. This power is more than enough for professional work. It is enough to residual dirt, oil, and stains from diamond, gold, and other precious metals. That's why you can use any cleaning method according to you or your customer requirement.

4. UV jewelry cleaner: It is the most attractive part of TrioShine jewelry cleaner. Generally, we use ultrasonic or steam cleaning device as these techniques are useful and accessible. But UV sanitization is more effective than these systems regarding killing germs. By using this feature, you can kill 99.9% of E.Coli, staph, salmonella and any other bacteria. So we recommend to buy it as you will get all of the features you need to clean your gorgeous jewelry.

5. Easy to operate: It is easy to operate and carry from one place to another.

Why you buy this Ultrasonic, Steam and UV Jewelry Cleaner Machine?

It is the first jewelry cleaner what has three technologies in one device. So that you are getting three in one. If you don't buy this device, you need to buy an ultrasonic device or commercial steam jewelry cleaner. But a combined power can work more smoothly.

You can clean all kinds of metal as diamond, silver, platinum, antique jewelry and sanitize glasses, toothbrushes, manicure sets, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, smartphone cases, etc. So it is a highly recommended device. You can check our other suggested jewelry cleaning machine reviews.

Why is it one of the best of all?

This device from Sienna Appliances comes with three combine technologies to provide the excellent ornaments sanitation experience. According to its latest combine technology, price, washing quality made it exceptional in the market and suggested for the user. The three techniques are steam cleaning system, ultrasonic cleaning system, and UV light sanitization. UV sanitization is best for remove bacteria from used gems.

Key Features

1. 99.99% bacteria-killing capacity,
2. It can produce 42000 ultrasonic waves per second,
3. It generates 55 PSI steam pressure,
4. Easy to maintain,
5. It is safe to clean all kinds of metals,
6. You don’t need to use any external cleaning solution.

Product Description

1. Product Dimensions: 17 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches,
2. Item Weight 8.5 pounds
3. Shipping Weight 9.65 pounds
4. Manufacturer: Anvid Products,
5. Steam Generating Capacity: 55 PSI,
6. Ultrasonic Power: 43,000 sonic vibrations per second.

TrioShine is best for professional use. You can use it at your home. It comes with lots of features. This jewelry cleaner is our no. One recommended product.


  • Tri cleaning formula,
  • It can generate 43000 waves per second,
  • Steam generating power is almost 55 PSI,
  • check
    Can clean 99.9% bacteria,


  • Little bit more water tank capacity would be great.


The user experience of this device is very high and comfortable. The average user rating of this machine is 4.6 out of 5 according to t o 30 users. People like it for its tri system and UV jewelry cleaner is really very accurate for remove germs


1. Will it remove tarnish from silver jewelry?
Answer: Yes it can remove tarnish. Its three active system can take best action against all kinds of problem in all kinds of jewelry. You can remove all kinds of tarnish from your silver and as well as gold, diamond etc metal.

2. Do I need to add cleaning fluid to Trioshine?
Answer: No. Usually, don't.

3. Will this machine clean fungus?
Answer: You can clan any kinds of bacteria by using this device. UV system is best against fungus, bacteria and that's why this UV Jewelry Cleaner is very popular on market.

4. Does it requires the cleaning solution?
Answer: Whenever you will use the steam system, you should only use water to complete the cleaning process. The ultrasonic system is also powerful enough but for the better result, But for better and quick process, you can add some solvent. It will make the process more professional.Check best ultrasonic jewelry cleaner solution

Deluxe Steam Dragon Jewelry Steamer W/ Gun

Trio-Shine is a great device. You can afford it for your home/personal use or professional use. If you like to check other device, check our reviews of Deluxe Steam Dragon. It is valuable and costly device but very effective.

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Wrapping It Up

Have you taken your buying decision? Or need to check other devices? If you want to do it, you can. We also provide 15 best lists of the ultrasonic apparatus, the ten best steam system device list. But actually, this one is our personal favorite.

Why? The main reason is, of course, its three in one feature. Generally, most of the device are ultrasonic or steam system in the market. We believe, if you don't buy this one, you are going to purchase among those systems.

Right? So you are going to miss the feature of the other two. Among those, the UV system is very capable of removing bacteria. So it is our personal recommendation that if you are looking for a cleaning device for jewelry, it is the best product on the present market. Check its price before select any other device.

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