Why do diamonds turn yellow? How can this be prevented or reserved?

Diamond is valuable metals and we like to wear diamond jewelry to look gorgeous. Everyone loves their personal using things. In addition, if the thing is diamond, it gets extra care of course.

Sometime you will find diamond jewelry turn the yellow color. You may have noticed. We will describe what that is. Furthermore, for our visitor circumstance, we will add some pro tips to keep the diamond looks like new for many years.

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Diamond doesn’t turn yellow in normal circumstances. You can easily wear a diamond regularly. Sometimes we see yellowish diamond but it didn’t happen in regular condition. When diamond jewelry made, crystal or other material used to form it. Yellowish transformations happen because of trace elements in those crystal materials.

So it is avoidable by washing in a proper way. It may transform into dark color by getting dirty if you use it regularly. But you should clean it regularly to avoid the discoloration.

Tips: There are lots of different ways to clean diamond. We recommend to use professional diamond cleaning device. Check Best Diamond Jewelry Cleaner List.


Why does my diamond look yellow in a certain light?

Diamond looks yellow in certain light. Do you ever notice a woman’s make-up in the mirror? It is controlled by lighting. Turning in yellow is a simple issue like this. Colorless diamonds are reflected with circumstance light and reflected back to the eye. However, a yellow tint is not desirable. So you don’t need to tense if you diamond looks yellow in a certain light.

Can Diamonds Turn Black?

Diamond is a colorless crystalline form of pure carbon. It’s a precious stone. This valuable metal doesn’t turn black. But it may look dark/ black if lost its brightness.

It happens if anyone uses his/ her diamond for a long time but don’t clean it properly. If your diamond piece looks black, it may need a professional cleaning service. It is also OK if you can wash it at home like professional cleaners. Liquid jewelry cleaner can help you in these terms.

How does a diamond become cloudy?

As usual diamond doesn’t become cloudy as it doesn’t turn into yellow color. It changes in lieu of circumstance and can turn into cloudy. If anyone keeps his diamond piece in the normal temperature and keeps it clean, it will remain unchanged.

Sometimes it can be cloudy temporary when you wore it. Diamond has nature to attract dirt and oil; that can be another reason to looks diamond cloudy. But by using a jewelry polisher cloth or scrubber machine, you can remove the things easily.

It may look cloudy for one more reason. If jewelers apply extreme heat during making time, it may look gloomy. That’s why expert jewelers take extra care during diamond repairing service. Inexperienced jewelers can do the mistakes. We recommend taking a diamond repairing service from only reputed and highly professional jewelers.

How do I keep my diamond ring shiny?

To keep any jewelry shiny, no way without cleaning it properly and regularly especially after every use. Clean it carefully. After every use, remove the skin oil from the outer surface of the diamond. Remove lotions, makeup, and other dirty elements and store it safely in a jewelry box. Hope it is enough to keep your diamond rings shiny for a long time.

Can you wear diamonds in the shower?

You can wear your diamond ring at the bathing time. Though it is safe not to wear any kinds of jewelry pieces at the shower. Soap can cause tarnish on it. It can be misplaced from finger and lost.

We don’t recommend to wear diamond or other jewelry in the shower or swimming. Personally, I pull apart it before entering into the bathroom. It is OK to wear if you wear not precious metals but is it essential? Hope it does not. We have published an article on a similar topic. You can check it here: Can You Shower with Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Do Diamonds scratch easily?

Diamond is a hard metal. It is safe in this issue. Diamond doesn’t scratch easily. It can be scratched by another diamond. It is one of the hardest metals and doesn’t scratch by other metal easily. So that anyone can wear it roughly.

How can a diamond be prevented or reserved in natural outlook?

Diamond is beautiful and precious. It cannot be scratched or discolored easily. But if you don’t clean it properly, it may lose its shiny outlook. Furthermore, the diamond may turn yellow in color. so what you need to do? Scrub it properly after every use and store in a safe place. By taking care of this valuable metal, you can reserve its natural outlook for a long time.

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